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Friday, April 27, 2018

Now is the time for militant Christianity and Conservatism.

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( I know, I know …..when we hear the word militant today it conjures up negative images of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda,or hate groups like white supremacist, or black nationalist.

Unfortunately, groups like these have given the word a bad name. A militant by definition is simply a person or group who is vigorously active and aggressive, in support of a cause.

I would add non-violent to that definition. Because to win this culture war we must first understand that our fight is not against a liberal, a progressive, an atheist, or a secularist, but against the misguided interpretations and christian-cross implementations of these philosophies and ideologies into our culture.

Ideological and philosophical warfare must never be personal…But always about policy!

Although most leftist ideologues would not define themselves as militant, at least not in public; an examination of what they have been doing especially over the last 60 years, reveals that they have been vigorously active and aggressive, in support of their causes.    They have searched tirelessly for weaknesses in certain institutions in order to erect their worldview, a view that often results in erosion, dysfunction and destabilization of those institutions.

One would be foolish not to recognized that Christendom and Conservatism has ceded tremendous ground in American society. There are a plethora of reasons for this, but I will only examine a few.

First….Western Christianity and specifically American Christianity has suffered with the diseases of passivity and complacency. Because we have enjoyed the constitutional guarantees of religious freedom over the last 200 years in America, the fear of religious persecution has been virtually non-existent.

The quiet pleasures of being a Christian in America has lulled us into a deceptive societal sleep. Allowing Christianity to focus on linear or one dimensional “after-life”agendas. All the while not realizing that other ideologies have been feverishly working at our “here and now” societal core in order to fundamentally shift this Nation into something it was never intended to be.

We have ignored an all important lesson that other civilizations have made clear through their failures; a repetitious enigma of human existence. That being…we ultimately lose what we often take for granted!

Just because something has been…doesn’t mean it will always be!

Christians and by default Christianity has succumb to this mentality in regards to religious freedom in America. Passively responding when religious freedoms are threatened, or worse we have simply picked up our beliefs like a ball and have gone to play somewhere else. Believing our religious freedoms will just be there!

So instead of fighting; we have become cultural and societal isolationist and created christian sub-cultures or quasi-communes, not understanding we just gave up a strategic societal beachhead.

While that may have been okay 75 years ago, it is has become unacceptable in our day and age; because we have simply run out of institutions into which we can retreat!

In nearly every institution liberalism/progressivism has become the dominant influence! The only institution that remains balanced is religion. And even that balance is rapidly leaning to the left.

Christianity, like the biblical character of Samson; finds itself awakening from a compromised stupor to fight against ideologies that were easily defeated in times past. Only realizing to our shock and dismay that the power we once had is no longer at our command.

Secondly…  Current American-Conservatism suffers with the glaring dysfunctions of irresolution and fear, teetering between conservatism and libertarianism. Highly value freedom, but unlike libertarians we understand real freedom can only be sustained with boundaries. We know that certain traditions and customs do matter and must be conserved. Yet we are fearful that being counter-cultural will cause societal persecution.

Conservatism has too often been associated with only historical negatives and diagnosed by the left as an ancient malady that all of society must be inoculated against. That analysis is historically false.

Most political and social philosophies are amoral; they are neither good or bad. They become moral or immoral based on how and when we use them. The problem today is we now have a vast concentration of leftist ideologues in positions of authority and influence in every major institution. Therefore the balance of ideas has been lost and conservatism is suffering from multi-institutional contractions.

Militant leftist; mainly academics have brilliantly contrived an erroneous view that conservatism is a western, white, heterosexual male creation.

But long before America and Europe existed, and before Aristotle and Edmund Burke were crowned as the fathers of conservatism. Civilized governments and societies of color instituted social, cultural, and political norms and sought to conserve them in order to stabilize and preserve those societies.

But over the last fifty years liberal academia has pushed this false narrative into the fertile minds of the next generation.  Tell a lie long enough; have a few alphabets behind your name and you can fool the masses! Especially if their is no opposition or dissent allowed.

So with that narrative firmly in place a simple strategy has been created and implemented to destroy conservatism. You guessed it…demonize the western, white heterosexual male and by default you demonize his supposed creation; Conservatism as well as Christianity.

The western white heterosexual male didn’t create Conservatism or Christianity. But they did have enough sense to adopt them.

The days of passive and complacent Christianity along with irresolute and fearful Conservatism must come to an end. If not the only future in store for us is a second-class citizenship or to become some secretive underground movement.

That’s not the kind of future I want to pass on to my children.

Now more than ever is the time for militant Christian/Conservatism to become multi-dimensional and engage in every facet of society.

We must fight for the causes of religious freedom, traditional marriage, law, family, education, the media, arts& entertainment, sciences, environment, govt (public policy), free market principles, economics and national security.

Our times demand strategic infiltrations of Christian/Conservatism back into these institutions in order to reform our society. Those who do this will have to display the courage and the passion to stand for what they believe and be willing to pay a price for it.

We are late to this game, the left executed this policy decades ago. It may take a generation, a national reformation or both, but it can be done…it must be done. If not for us, then for our children.

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5 Responses to “Now is the time for militant Christianity and Conservatism.”
  1. TK says:

    I think when Christians talk about loss of religious freedom, what they’re really referring to is the loss of Christian superiority. Which means that they really had no understanding of true religious freedom in the first place. The author of this ridiculous article even alludes to the fact that Christians no longer have the power to dictate “tradition”, which means that they are no longer in control.

    What I want is evidence that the loss of Christian/conservative control is a bad thing? Because so far all I’m seeing is a fear of change, and perhaps a subconscious fear that the world will end up treating Christians the way that Christians have traditionally treated the world; which was not very good. But how can one run from the negative karma that they have built up for centuries? There are centuries of death, murder, slavery, robbery, slander, injustice, intolerance, genocide, hubristic theology, lies, etc, that Christians are now going to be held accountable for. The Bible says that you reap what you sow. Why are Christians so arrogant as to think that they too will not be held to this same standard?

  2. Wait…what’s wrong with a Black Nationalist? {{-_-}}

  3. Ramses says:

    The Vatican (and all the Christian Sects that have spawned from it) are responsible for all the major wars (and probably all) and slavery in the past 2000 years. Why we keep looking towards these insitutions for salvation beats me. Better look up some Sumerian Texts. Or Egyptian texts. Or Vedic Scriptures. There is a difference between natural law (God’s Law) and man law. A lot of what people think is God’s law are theological views from mortal men. I’ll follow Kemet (Egypt) before I follow Rome any day. Rome wasn’t good for Rome ultimately. What makes you think a religion codified out of Rome is good for anyone who is not Roman? Especially if you are original to the planet. The Greatest Story Never Told is a book I highly recommend. Spirituality and Rome does not go together. Period. If it did, they never would have needed to come to Egyptian universities to study.

  4. ulo media says:

    Present day Christianity in America is soulless, hypocritical, racist and still the thing that holds black people worldwide in a backwards existence.

  5. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    But do not forget: the white western heterosexual male also embraced the Enlightenment, and made up evolution — both drawn from old Greek and Roman pagan philosophies. He also tied in imperialism with Christianty — remember Constantine? Not even Protestantism untied that latter knot.

    In short, Christian conservatives are going to have to divest themselves of those beliefs that are, in short, anti-Christ, if they are to make an argument that will begin to resonate with the hearts of those deemed unenlightened, less-evolved, and fodder for European imperial whims now for nearly two full millenia (remember: if you were not Greek or Roman, you were a “barabarian” — and the etymology goes back to the Berbers of Africa. The more things change, the more they remain the same). I am more a conservative than liberal by bent, but I have no patience with Constantinians in any denomination they may happen to be in. I highly value the working relationships and friendships I have with white Christians who have made the necessary divestments, but to the rest I say: Pull that two-millenia-old supremacist plank out of your own eye before you pick on the viewpoint of my liberal black Christian associates.

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