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Christian Christmas, There is a Reason for the Season.

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( With the Christmas season in full bloom, I am amazed how such a simple celebration has now become so controversial.  How can people find a way to criticize the meaning of Christmas that I grew up with? Christmas has always meant recognizing the birth of the baby Jesus, giving one’s family their time and presence, not presents.

Having Christmas without Christ is like having basketball without the basket, like having Sunday School without Sunday, like having hamburger without meat.  In other words, the very name describes the essence of the event or item.

So, this time of year has become one of the most controversial times in our country, even more than our presidential elections.  Secular liberals want no mention of Christ in the public square, non-Christians demand equal access to  public space for their demonstrations, atheists want nothing that remotely hints of the existence of a God. By the way, why do atheists spend so much time arguing about something that they claim doesn’t exist?

The underlying issue that this time of the year brings up is: How does America manage its diversity?  When I grew up, you would be run out of town if you tried to take the Christ out of Christmas.  A retail store would have never thought about using the phrase “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”

Now, America is so diverse.  We have Muslims, atheists, Agnostics, Secularists, Hindus, Buddhists, among others.  Everyone is quick to assert what their rights are in the public square –  and that’s where the controversy begins.

These other groups have a right to celebrate their religions and holidays any way they chose, but the issue becomes more problematic when everyone is arguing that their view should be given the same status as Christmas.  I am leaving all legal arguments out of this discussion so as to not cloud my point.

In Washington, D.C., some Muslims are upset that their school systems are closed during Christmas, but open during their Muslim holidays.  Their argument is why should they have to take a day off from work for Christmas when they don’t celebrate that holiday?  Should the school system be open so they can work and only Muslim students attend class?  Of course not.  Sometimes you simply have to accommodate the majority for practical reasons.

I offer another example.  A Jewish student wants to join a fraternity and according to their bylaws, all pledges must cook a midnight meal on the Friday of their pledge week for the leaders of the fraternity. This would be in direct conflict with the Jewish student’s religion that he cannot do anything from Friday evening until Saturday morning.  Should that disqualify him from being able to join the fraternity?  If so, is it discriminatory?  If not, is it fair to the other pledgees who have followed all the rules for joining?

My point is that these issues are not always black and white.  I grew up celebrating a Christ-centered Christmas and am not willing to give it up simply to make others feel good. I will not allow these same people to force me to give up my beliefs to prove to them that I am not against theirs.

Why should a Muslim woman be allowed to refuse me service at the grocery store because I have pork in my basket?  Why should one atheist be allowed to prevent an opening prayer at a school graduation?  Why should a Muslim taxi driver be allowed to refuse me a ride because I have a bottle of wine with me?

We are a Christian nation founded upon Christian principles.  Why should I have to deny my beliefs in order for you to have yours?

Staff Writer; Raynard Jackson

Mr. Jackson is also founder of a political and industrial consultant firm which is based in Washington, DC; Raynard Jackson & Associates.



2 Responses to “Christian Christmas, There is a Reason for the Season.”
  1. Chris Johnson says:

    I’m with the first commenter on here Christmas is nothing but a lie. It’s a commercialized holiday that really has no biblical reference at all. We’re supposed to take a tree and adorn it with jewel like objects and give it presents gee doesn’t that sound like a sacrifice to a tree or making it a false god. It sure does then were supposed to LIE to our children and tell them about Santa Claus. Isn’t it funny how that’s supposed to be a Christian holiday lol what a joke also notice satan and Santa same letters so to me it’s satan claws. The biblical day of Yeshuas birth and of course his correct name not the Jesus name people gave him Yeshuas name real one are both in the bible and available to figure that date. The problem is with any certainty we can get awfully close by the old ways of telling time for certain. The date Yeshuas was born was not december 25 th at all not even really close but the pagan holiday was at that time. We have just a small amount of time on this earth to figure these things out for ourselves. Why do people not actually read the book for themselves they believe these men who also were taught by someone else instead of asking the Holy Ghost to show them. Sabbath another modern day hoax of the devil it’s not Sunday which was a day named for the sun god also pagan. Folks with rivers and lakes and oceans turning red and earthquakes everywhere and volcanoes and tornados and hurricanes all these things are from bible. These things are all going on now along with the time being ripe and the fruits being ripe for picking we’re all about to see what God looks like. We’re all living our own lives not involved in the things and watching for the things God said to watch for how about that all these distractions happening around us to blind us to sear our minds with a hot iron from seeing what God said is coming. He said they will not be able to hear sound doctrine I guess that means this will fall on deaf ears but if one o you does your homework and learns and accepts Christ now this long writing will be but a smidgen of time worth all of time. Saturday is sabbath because God said so and Jesus said of you love me you will also follow my fathers commandments. Those commandments did not get thrown away by the new covenant at all if God changed the day of worship I think we would’ve been told would be pretty significant and would also been told about it. Constantine and the Catholic Church changed the sabbath for a hatred for the Jewish people is what I have gathered. If you love God you’ll read daily and make him the number one thing in your life. We’d about to see just how tough all these so called big men really are I bet the white and the black half of Obama will run along with the rest of those heathens.

  2. Riggity Ree says:

    Interesting argument. You do know that an enormous number of traditions we now associate with Christmas have their roots in pre-Christian pagan religious traditions. Some of these have social, sexual, or cosmological connotations that might lead educated, culturally sensitive moderns to discard the traditions once they have understood their roots more clearly. One of the great ironies of Christmas is how little of its content is truly Christian…..

    Why is anyone celebrating it…?


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