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The Good American: My Awakening.

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( It was quite the disheartening day when I realized that I, son of a preacher, descendant of the subjugated race here in America, was simply a mere creation and by product of the worst forms of American imperialism and religious bigotry the world has ever seen. The most troubling part was that I’d known it all along, but had never understood the consequences. Since my birth I’d been taught the superiority of America and Christianity and it’d been my life blood. I had no concern nor did I possess any real respect for any other nation or religious experience different than my own. My experiences as a youth into adulthood were perpetually Europeanized, from those quaint school houses which served primarily as subtle initiation into the capitalistic mindset, to the pulpits where I witnessed my father preach similar biblical doctrine utilized by American settlers to enervate my slave ancestors.

Everything I knew about life, love, holiness and patriotism was merely the manuscript of a nation that sanitizes bloodshed and oppression with the philosophy of Manifest Destiny. It is this mixing of genocidal nationalism and religiosity which creates the American citizen that is indifferent to injustice, religiously cold, and racially polarized. This sort of human being is a very dangerous one indeed.

Those in position to create the policies of this country – ever since there’s been an America – have always espoused the notion that subjugation through force is the best formula to combat views in opposition to America’s domestic and foreign policy interests. One of the most troubling aspects of  these  legislative principles and onerous practices is that they have been applied considerably to persons within the United States as well as those in countries abroad. America has demonstrated little restraint in inflicting the worse forms of oppression on its own people if it resulted in financial enrichment for the nation’s elite. African slaves, the people most responsible for America’s wealth and so much of the political power in Washington D.C., were perpetual victims of this philosophy. American imperialism is but the demonstration of Manifest Destiny.

This idea that the Creator desires for America to reign supreme in the world results in bloodshed without remorse. War becomes “God’s work,” genocide; nation building. The ways in which this is accomplished merely represents a means to an end; no matter the blood, despite the countless lives lost in the process. As if mimicking the overall tenor of the country, much of America’s citizens, through capitalism, interact with one another in equally inhumane ways; ever-ready to exploit the other; especially between peoples of differing races, backgrounds, cultures etc.

It was only after comparing America’s history, and the mistreatment she’d supplied her friends and enemies, with the conditions which exist for those most exploited by America’s domestic and foreign policy interests could I come to terms with the uncomfortable dissonance I’d felt about my country. The shock that accompanied my awakening resulted in continued questioning and investigation of the only identity I’d ever known. What does it mean to be a good American? How do race, religion and patriotism interact within an American context?

These were some of the questions I wrestled with perpetually. These questions are not only relevant to me in the present but have been my entire life absent my knowledge. And this is the root of the trouble; failing to question your position in America’s story ensures the story of America continues as is. When I became conscious of this reality I then immediately woke up.

America functions as it does because this nation’s ideal state is for its citizens to be as much alike as possible, not in any monetary sense, quite the contrary, but similar in terms of the public’s perceptions, sensibilities and or disposition regarding the country’s past, present, and future. This consistency of thought among citizens provides America with willing participants for future atrocities and staunch defenders of its past.

My attempts to reconcile what it means to be a Christian and a good American have often troubled me for I have, until recently, understood them to be synonymous. They are not. In many ways they are mutually exclusive; one has little to do with the other, making it impossible to be authentically both at the same time. America has always strived to maintain the facade of a nation that embraces the tenets of the Judeo-Christian faith. But if Christianity is truly a faith rooted in the fundamentals of love, sacrifice, and truth, how then can one be a good American when patriotism requires, at minimum, a celebration of America’s murderous accomplishments as a testament to one’s allegiance? Love has no company with murder, sacrifice no relationship with capitalism, and truth no friendship with lies. The lies of America’s past continue being told to her children.

The complexity of deciphering true identity – racial, national and religious – if one is to reject the lies they’ve been told concerning the history of America and how one fits in it, is exhausting, but not impossible. As James Baldwin so eloquently stated, “If one fails to take up this tough task and continues in a delusion; eyes shut; remaining in a state of innocence long after that innocence is dead turns himself into a monster.”

When I survey America’s psychological landscape, minding extra attention to those most victimized by America’s unbridled desire for power, domestic and abroad, without question, if an era of innocence ever did exist, it’s far gone now.

Staff Writer; Timothy Dwight Smith  



7 Responses to “The Good American: My Awakening.”
  1. Maria Pardo says:

    America is a great free place of inmmigrants as well as emmigrants, all those to feel bad or non wellcome in America shouod go backe where they belong, try your Africa, your Mexico, your latin America, your muslim countries, your Britain, your Europe and be happy there and let us who are happy here to enjoy it. But if you decide to stay here you all inmmigrants (Americans by choice) and their descendants (Americans by accident) must respect America as it is. We have Christams, the people to get their jobs must be well prepared because only the best will get the position (no mater their roots, color or religion), we do not take the cry of the reverse descrimination of those minorities lazy and incopetente,who do not want to study and fight for a better future because it is much more easy to ask for everything claiming equality so the minorities get the jobs for being black, muslims, latinos etc.!

  2. lewis orr says:

    This article is a synopsis of the teachings of the Black Panthers in the late 60’s. I don’t know how old you are or how you came by this knowledge. Jay Edgar Hoover considered people with this awarness a danger to the system and immediately moved to destroy them. Anyone that thinks outside the one world view that America presents is in danger. The only reason this is new or shocking to you is that very few people who are knowledgeable about it, speak about it because they are also aware of the consequences. I’m not trying to discourage you, I would encourage you to dig deeper. Only be aware that you might end up on a hit list like myself.

  3. Ramses says:

    I would suggest a book for everyone on here to read called “The Greatest Story Never Told” by Lana Cantrell. Caucasian woman who had to come to grips with her own notions of superiority and her disciplines proved her wrong. As a group of people, and I know it’s hard, but we have to forgive Europeans for the things they have done. Get off this race stuff. It’s something bigger at play here. When Europeans were fighting Africa and the tribal nations in the “New World” and in the Crusades they were coming from a poor perspective. Until the Moors came to Europe, they did not have one public university. Salamanca was the first established in Spain. You could have gotten these people to fight in space if you wanted to they were so poor. Racial superiority is a system. I know blacks who practice this same type of phenomenon but remember, Malcolm threw away this doctrine after coming back from Mecca. Race has been the cruelest joke played on us. Racism is a system just like feminism was. It was meant to cause confusion. Religions confuse people on purpose because it makes you think some preacher must teach you (Eddie Long. The same person who has all types of problems himself. Love your article brother. In the words of one brother “Religion destroys Spirituality.” If Egypt can fall, then America is no different. We allowed ourselves to be conned by race. I would suggest people watch the documentary “Hidden Colors.” The sad thing is is that even Caucasians are recognizing in this country they didn’t escape feudalism….they are recognizing that their position is not secure as they thought

  4. Yeah_I_said it! says:


    Anytime I see comments on black oriented websites when some reader starts to claim” I’m Black” I automatically become suspicious. And coming from you it’s quit obvious, because the crap you write completely confirms your some white idiot who is mentally obsess with black people. On the other hand if you are black then you are a true uncle Ruckus.

  5. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    @Terrance: I found this article difficult, but true. I have been saying for a long, long time that European modes of Christianity are, unfortunately, blended quite strongly with the goals of Constantine… who was, of course, a Roman emperor, head of the empire that modern Europeans looked back to in order as a model for their own imperialist aims. But, in every age, there are Christians of all colors and races who attain to the pre-Constantinian model of love, sacrifice, caring for others beyond monetary gain. Rarely do they run anything in a European-model government… which is just another reason Black folks need to focus on doing for self.

    @Ford: I am personally grateful for all the people of European descent, from William Wilberforce to the folks that manned the Underground Railroad to Abraham Lincoln to many of the soldiers that fought in the Civil War (though, granted, I know you know your own history well enough to realize that the Civil War was not specifically fought out of concern for Black people), who rose above the Constantinian model. But don’t knock the truth of the article — there is no way to harmonize much of this country’s behavior toward Africans, Native Americans, Asians, and even poor Europeans with the Biblical setting forth of true Christianity. Constantine’s idea of Christianity — and I don’t mean just the Catholic Church, because Protestantism didn’t break away in the respect of imperialism — allows imperialism and the trappings of Christianity to harmonize, but only the trappings. One example will suffice: European modes of Christianity have not seemed to have done well with one command of the Lord Jesus: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I believe the correct descriptive term would be “epic fail” — but again, I am grateful to all people of European descent everywhere that have risen above the Constantinian morass to the standard set forth in Scripture… may THAT tribe of Europeans increase!

  6. Ford says:

    … black. i hate those blue eyed devils. all my shortcomings are laid at the feet of those evil capitalist pigs. all blacks and other people of color must band together to drive the europeans back across the sea and then we will have a colored utopia.
    …..You, Tim Smith, overlook one glaring detail. If it wasn’t for europeans fighting other europeans your black ass would likely still be picking cotton and these United States which you despise wouldn’t exist. There would be a North and South. North free South slave holding. You choose.

  7. This is one of the best articles I’ve read on this site. Thanks for sharing your personal and enlightening thoughts with us. Unfortunately, Religion in this country is followed when it suits a person’s agenda. If the agenda changes, so does the person. As you pointed out, the hypocrisy in this country is unbelievable to this day. But the majority of people in this country will always do what’s best for them, no matter what, rather then what’s right. This is why Black people and other people of color have so many problems because whites only do right when it suits their purpose.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

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