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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

OJ Obama And Othello.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Note the parallels between the character Othello in Shakespeare’s play, Othello, and the public’s perception of O J Simpson. Whereas Othello was the beloved Black leader of the armies of Venice, O J Simpson was the most loved player in the game of football, the American team sport most like war. Whereas Othello killed his wife, O J Simpson was acquitted of the murder of his spouse. However, the media and the public, particularly the white public, remained convinced that he was the killer. Othello killed his wife out of jealously, and the same motive is imputed to Simpson.

But did O J really kill his wife? He was acquitted by a jury of his peers. But still, did he? Yes, in the white public’s mind, and since they are in the majority that’s all that matters. Or so we are told. Not in so many words, but we are led to believe that by the media’s overt, angry portrayal of OJ as a man who got  away with murder. Did he? Why this predisposition to see him as guilty, even though he was cleared by the courts?

Does it all go back to Othello? Whatever caused Shakespeare to write Othello, whatever was in the psyche of his audience that made them receptive to this tale, is that also in the minds of many who believe OJ “got away with murder,” namely that the unfettered, powerful Black man is a danger? When Othello was written, Black men still held positions of power in Europe. But the Atlantic slave trade was beginning, and so too was the rationalization, the justification, for African enslavement. Shakespeare’s play reflected, and accelerated, the process. Similarly, with the OJ case, it took place long after the days of bondage, but its long shadow still hangs over us. We are about as far away from the ending of chattel slavery today, as Shakespeare in his day was from the heyday of slavery. And so in the public mind, and in the minds of those who mediate it, the media, was OJ cast as Othello?

This parallel is made clear in the recent film ,“O,” starring Mikhey Phifer. In “O” Phifer plays the Black captain of a white college basketball team who kills his white girlfriend when falsely told that she has cheated on him. Clearly, a retelling of Othello. Note that Phifer’s character’s name is “Odin James.” James is Simpson’s middle name. Odin is the Norse king of the gods, reminiscent of Othello’s leadership of the armies of Venice, and O J Simpson’s leadership in the warlike game of football. And, of course, the initials of “Odin James” are O J.

Can we carry the analogy even further to perhaps explain what is happening today to President Obama? Obama is the Black leader, the Commander-in-chief, of the American armed forces. And like Othello, O J, and Odin James, Obama was very much beloved, but now a bumbling opponent is neck-and-neck with him in the polls and threatens to win the presidency. Will he? Note the persistent campaign asserting, at times screaming, that Obama does not understand America, that he is not an American, that he was not born here (his birth certificate notwithstanding) that he is a Muslim, a socialist, a communist, and simply that “he is not one of us!” Will it work? Or have we escaped from the spell of Shakespeare’s Othello? We await the final act, come November. . .

Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin
This talented author has just published a NEW book which is entitled; AFRICA is not A COUNTRY!.
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13 Responses to “OJ Obama And Othello.”
  1. Brian says:

    Othello? Obama?

    It really boils down to this: If O.J. was a white man, he would be rotting in jail now for the rest of his life.

  2. west says:

    Everytime a black says OJ didnt commit these murders or drug dealers did it or some other fantasy they look like complete fools to the world. It’s not a good look. Blacks are complicit in the murders and come judgement day Jesus isnt going to like that. Johnny Cochran used you.

  3. west says:

    Fuhrman used the term nigger in a fictional screenplay 10 years before the murder. I guess Tarrantino is a racist too.

  4. west says:

    Yes let’s free this coward who beat, terrorized, threatened, and ultimately nearly beheaded a kind woman and loving mother of his own children. He plotted and planned the murder buying a disguise and going to her house lying in wait with gloves a cap and a knife. You deserve the same fate. I can condemn you for your asinine commentary. He tortured that pour waiter who did charity work and was loved by all who knew him Free him. Really?

  5. edward c. stengel says:

    I still say that O.J. got a 9 -33 year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping, neither of which he committed, because the public couldn’t stand to see him beat the murder trial. The judge retired right after the case and went on to do a TV show. I wonder if she felt that sentencing O.J. to 9 -33 years for armed robbery and kidnapping, neither of which he committed, would make her a popular TV personality. I believe so. Anyway, all O.J. did was commit an attempted armed robbery. He went with some accomplices into the Las Vegas hotel room of a memorabilia dealer, armed with guns, to retrieve some of his own property, which the memorabilia dealer agreed was probably hi. O.J. never got out of that hotel room with anything. He got arrested before leaving it. It was certainly no kidnapping when someone lets you into their hotel room, and it’s no armed robbery when you don’t away with the goods. It’s an attempted armed robbery, and the sentence for that, although I don’t know for sure, is probably around 3-5 years for a 1st time offender, like O.J.
    He was convicted of the armed robbery and kidnapping charges and got a 9 -33 year sentence because the judge knew the public would accept this wrongful charge and conviction. He’s got a new trail coming up now to appeal the armed robbery and kidnapping charges, and if the new judge throws out the wrongful charges and just charges him with attempted armed robbery, like he should. O.J. will walk out that courtroom a free man because he’s already served nearly 5 years, and that will cover the 3-5 year sentence for attempted armed robbery. He should just plead guilty, and he’ll walk right out of that courtoom in 5 minutes. Free the “Juice.”

  6. Jim Chadwick says:

    Excuse me, but I got off-topic there in my previous comment (influenced no doubt by my recent reading that OJ is maybe trying to sell a knife).

    The parallel between Othello and OJ and Obama (all O words, come to think) is interesting, but somehow I just cannot imagine Obama as a murderer. Don’t know why, but he seems to be too civilized and too big in the heart for going nuts and murdering his wife.

    I once had a girlfriend of mine have sex with some man unknown to me in the very next room in the apartment, and I did think of the gun route, had a gun right there. But that was only a flicker of idiocy and I dismissed it almost as soon as it jumped. Maybe I was primed for that easy decision by having endured a childhood in which my father hit me and kicked me and bad-mouthed me endlessly…and had guns available to me the whole time. Back then I thought long and hared about doing him in, and in the end made a rational pragmatic decision to not mess up my own life by ending his. That process in my teen-age years may have helped me all along through my very varied adult life.

    Why Simpson would have done such a thing as I think he did, I don’t know, but his sports background may very well have paved the road for such a spot-choice decision…I have no way of knowing. Could have been a long-standing personal oath he had made earlier…. No way for me to stand inside his shoes, and, honestly, I can’t really condemn him––but that’s different from my having the conviction that he did do that deed.

  7. Jim Chadwick says:

    OJ was shown to have murdered the two on grounds of DNA evidence, which is, as far as I know, solid grounds. I suppose it’s possible that the DNA evidence was tampered with, but I’ve never heard of that being claimed. The reason OJ was exonerated was that an LA cop used the term nigger to refer to him, and that was reason enough for the jury to let OJ off even though the DNA evidence was staring them in the face. That offended the world very deeply, and stands still as the most glaring example I can recall of a jury case going the wrong way for the wrong reason. Virtually everyone in the world knows that OJ Simpson murdered his wife and got away with it for bad language on the part of a cop.

  8. west says:

    There is a mountain of evidence which points to only one man who committed these two brutal and COWARDLY murders-OJ fuckin Simpson.Dont be cute. Blacks got back at Whitey for some “past injustice bullshit” and gave that coward a free pass to murder two whites. Now that piece of shit is trying to sell the knife he used to jump that 120 lb. woman and the unarmed waiter from behind. What do you think?

  9. Arthur says:

    You know it would be great to have a discussion. But any dialogue not based on civility is a rant. If you want to rant you don’t me. But if you want to have a rational discussion, let me know. The choice is yours.

  10. west says:

    You have to be mentally deficient,not aware of the evidence or a racist if you believe ther is any doubt Oj hacked those two young beautiful Americans to death. Which one is it?

  11. Pat says:

    If OJ’s ex-wife was a beautiful Black woman from the start this nightmare would have never happened to him! Honestly, I am really embarrassed for all these Black celebrities who take a White woman as a wife (Tiger Woods, etc.). I don’t see at all what is the big deal. After 35 they start to look old. It is unbelievable to see how too many Black men do not acknowledge Black beauty. Shame on them!!! I received today a beautiful e-mail from a White man who is courting me. I hate to admit this but it never happened to me that a Black man ackowledged my beauty like this White man did. I will neeever understand how too many our brothers have been brainswashed.

  12. Arthur says:

    One of us certainly is.

  13. west says:

    You’re a racist clown.

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