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Slamming Serena Williams.

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( Serena Williams.  The only professional tennis player (male or female) to win two Grand Slam titles this year:  Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.  The U.S. Open marked her 15th Grand Slam title.  And don’t forget her gold-medal slamming performance at this year’s Olympics in London.  Even when it’s something positive, like how beautiful she was in a tv talk show appearance, we can’t help but comment how she was ‘slamming’ in her Grand Slam that red dress!  LOL.

Seems like you can’t say Serena Williams without saying ‘slamming’.  Yet, these positive events are not the only ‘slams’ she receives from the media.  Who can forget the controversy of her ‘crip walk’ dance after winning the Singles Gold match at the 2012 Olympics?  She was slammed for the dance and had her celebratory outburst called inappropriate, distasteful and misguided.   It appears that more often than not, Serena Williams gets slammed for things that other professional athletes – especially female – never take heat for.  Here’s a black woman who is dominating the professional tennis arena with a grace, poise and athleticism that is off the charts.

Yet the media chooses to focus on her hair (the bane of every black woman’s existence), her body/physique, her sportsmanship, her dating choices and any other detail they can come up with to try and detract from her utter dominance in the world of professional tennis.

Serena Williams is a great athlete who deftly handles the criticism by excelling in her sport and never letting the detractors take her out of her game.  There is a powerful lesson to be learned from Serena Williams.  She has a competitor’s spirit and fierceness that is awesome.  Serena Williams shows us that focusing on the positive, holding on to the love of family and always putting forth your absolute best effort is how we can overcome any of life’s challenges.

She is human and has failings like any of us.  However, she consistently demonstrates that you can rise above those failings and outside criticisms without becoming a victim.  You never hear Serena Williams blaming others or playing the ‘poor me’ card.  She exemplifies the heart of a champion.  A talented, bold, beautiful and proud black woman, Serena Williams also shows us that regardless of our environment or upbringing, we can compete on the same level and same stage as any other person.

She teaches us that being black and female CAN be a gift, and can empower us to excel.  Little black girls can look to her for inspiration and motivation.  Older black women can also be inspired to succeed in the face of any kinds of ‘slams’ society hurls at us whether it is in the boardroom, the courtroom or the classroom.  Serena Williams inspires us to embrace our blackness and all that comes with it while striving to be the best we can be.

So my sisters, do your thing—-crip walk when you get that promotion, dance when you walk across that graduation stage, and raise your own racket whenever you or your daughter or anyone’s daughter succeeds.  Slam back at your critics with continued success, and consistent grace.  Thank you Serena Williams for showing us that we can be ‘slamming’ too.

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13 Responses to “Slamming Serena Williams.”
  1. Darkmatters says:

    @ Crystal, yes it almost seems as though they expect Venus & Serena to apologise to their opponents for playing better and winning. I can only remember one opponent showing any respect to Serena following a match and that was Azerenka after she lost to Serena at US Open where she quite rightly described Serena as a great champion. Usually the most Serena can expect is an insincere congratulations.

    I can only imagine the mistreatment you must have been subjected to playing in such a white dominated sport. But you clearly must have had the strength to continue to participate in spite of this. I have been watching tennis for a number of years and observed the way Venus & Serena have been constantly negatively portrayed as coming from the ghetto etc etc constantly referring to other players being smarter players and only ever referring to both sister’s power, athleticism and them supposedly overly intimidating their opponents. It’s all very tiresome.

  2. Crystal says:

    @dark matter isn’t it also ironic that the Williams sisters are consistently berated for not applauding their opponents efforts when they lose. However, when Radwanska was downright rude at the awards presentation it was attributed to her wanting to wIn so much.

    I played tennis for 15 years between the junior tennis circuit, and #1 singles and doubles in college. Crystal is a pseudonym. I have played in Country Clubs all over this nation. The racism is glaring and in your face. Thank you for putting it so succinctly. The Williams sisters have been outcasts from day one due to their skin color. I refuse to dress it up as anything else!

  3. Darkmatters says:

    Crystal I agree with you on Serena’s Wimbledon victory over Radwanska. I do wonder if Serena sometimes loses concentration when she’s beating her opponent easily and then let’s them into matches, she could win in 2 sets. But I agree there is no way they could dress up her wimbledon victory as some sort of battle with Radwanska hanging on in there, as soon as Serena got her tennis back in that match she easily won the third set. It also did not escape my notice that Radwanska’s bog standard head cold got exaggerated into a “respiratory infection” .

  4. Darkmatters says:

    I’m sorry Fehr, but Serena has been booed on court by grown people when she was a teenage girl. Both her and Venus have suffered abuse by racist hate mongers, who simply cannot stomach the fact that these two black females have dominated this elitist sport for more than a decade. Other players do not have to put up with this level of hate mongering abuse, so how do you know how others would react if the did. Only a saint could tolerate the level of abuse that these two have had to endure without reacting. Everybody and his mother knows black people are the biggest “turn the other cheek” people to ever walk the face of the earth, so please save your criticism for people who truly deserve it. The people booing, not giving credit to Venus & Serena for raising the bar of the women’s game, their technical ability and mental strengh and those praying for the William sisters to fail. We all know who these people are and what they’re doing.

  5. Crystal says:

    I strongly agree with this article. Serena is NOT the only person to dance on the tennis court…several other players…namely, Ana Ivanovic, Petkovic (a regular offender), have danced on the court often. If you peruse You Tube you will see that Petkovic’s dancing was not only accepted but embraced.

    Serena’s comments were unacceptable, but she certainly wasn’t any more offensive than John McEnroe who regularly berated the lines judges, umpires, and anyone else who was in his path on a bad day. Lleyton Hewitt being perhaps one of the most offensive when he accused a line judge of calling lines in James Blake’s favor because they were both Black.

    The commentators, particularly, Mary Carillo and Mary Jo Fernandez, can barely hide their disdain for the Williams sisters when they are covering their matches. I find it almost hilarious that everyone cites Venus Williams as almost a saint compared to Serena now that she is losing. How ridiculously transparent!

    Also, does anyone else remember that when Serena lost in the Semis to Clijsters when the ridiculous foot fault call was made, everyone was saying that she was 2 points away from losing the match anyway. They stated that the match was already decided. Her win at the U.S. Open this year proved that idiotic comment to be wrong as well. She and Venus have come back many times from being down match points and won the matches in similar situations. I almost found it hilarious that in both Serena’s Semi and Final matches this year they tried the same tactics as last year and the year prior to make her lose control…the ominous foot faults! I’m glad she was able to ignore them.

    On a final note, at Wimbledon they made such a big deal about Radwanska taking her to 3 sets in the Final. I found it laughable that they acted as if this was because Radwanska “hung in there”. If anyone recalls, the momentum in the second set clearly changed when a winner that Serena hit was 2 or 3 feet inside the line (literally) and the line judge called it out. Radwanska clearly had no play on the ball, but they were instructed to replay the point.

    We won’t even address how despicable the commentators have spoken about Serena’s physique. I certainly would LOVE to be so overweight and win so many Grand Slams!(-:

  6. Fehr says:

    I don’t think that, when you say that Serena gets heat for things that others wouldn’t, is a correct statement. I love, Love Serena, so don’t get me wrong, but she gets heat from the media for things she does that no other athlete would. I will not give merit to those who criticize her for the “crip walk” but no other player would do that; no other player has said before “I will shove this fu***** ball down your throat” to a linesperson; no other player has said to an empire “if you see me in the street, walk the other way”. So, yes, Serena gets a lot of heat from the media; but sometimes it is her own doing and sometimes, to which you might be refering, it is unfair. This said, I loved this quality that she possesses to upset the mainstream, and at the same time win tournaments in a way that is the envy of any active woman tennis player.

  7. Orville says:

    I agree with the article one of the biggest haters of Serena is this racist lesbian tennis commentator Mary Carillo. The racist white media prefer a blonde like Maria Sharapova or Victoria Azarenka to dominate women’s tennis. Carillo never accomplished much in her pro career only got to the number 33 ranking and never won a WTA singles title. Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova have both attacked Serena over the years saying she was not dedicated to tennis. However, Serena has outlasted all her generations rivals they are retired yet she is now dominating a younger generation of tennis players. It is incredible to see a thirty year old woman beat women almost a decade younger than herself.

  8. Leigh says:

    Strongly disagree that the media slams Serena. She is the best female tennis player ever and I have been following tennis since I was a little girl watching Chrissie Evert and Martina. Even they admit, especially Chrissie, that Serena is the best ever. Serena is gorgeous, has a great body, and is a class act. She is a wonderful role model and the media portrays her that way. Unfortunately as every successful person in this world will tell you, there will always be haters when someone is at that top of their profession.

  9. Robert says:

    I’d love to “slam” Serena! 🙂

  10. Darkmatters says:

    What a brilliant article, thank you. Serena “Slammin” Williams is the greatest female tennis player of all time – bar none. Long may her beautiful reign on the court continue. I’ll never get tired of watching her play.

  11. hoodgirl says:

    Awesome Article! I remember years ago when ReeRee and big sis Venus stepped on the scene and got no love from the Media as it is today. Nonetheless they both prevailed. Love me some ReeRee!

  12. Pauline says:

    Praise on the truth!!!

  13. jeff says:


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