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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, Black-on-Black Racists Lets Boycott all of them.

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( Like most black people I used to like both Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, but after they made public fools of themselves on the very day that Barack Obama announced his intention to run for president, I started researching them. And during that research I found that their images were merely facades that hid highly ambitious, self-serving, and untrustworthy clowns of the worst kind, and this is not merely my opinion. The most cursory review of the facts will easily bear this out.
Tavis is the most prolific corporate shill in the Black community, and he’s closely involved with some of the most exploitive corporations of working class people in the country. How can his so-called concern for the poor and middle class coexist with his association with Walmart, and Nationwide Insurance, for example? And how can he claim to be concerned about the Black community and then seek to pad his pockets by promoting R. Kelly, who was tried for allegedly appearing in an underground video of himself molesting a 14 year-old child? Sure he beat the case, but the video is still out there, and it is what it is.
And how can Cornel West claim to “love Black people” when he has never taught at a school that the vast majority of Black people could afford to attend in his entire career? There are many other things I could list about West, but his coalition with Ralph Nader that got George Bush elected in the 2000 election (Bush won by 537 votes. The Nader-West coalition peel off 97,488 votes in Florida alone), and his mere association with Tavis Smiley says it all. West reminds me of a guy running down the street ranting about fascism after just having lunch with Mussolini.
So my distaste for these two individuals run far deeper than their criticism of President Obama. The fact is, I’ve written several articles criticizing the  president myself, as I do with every president, but I make sure that my criticisms are constructive, issue specific, and I ALWAYS make sure that I afford the president the respect in which he’s entitled. But the thrust of Tavis and West’s criticisms of President Obama are neither issue specific, nor constructive. In fact, in the case of Cornel West, his criticisms were not only less than constructive, but hovered around a level of immaturity approaching The Dozens. So for the most part Tavis Smiley and Cornel West are simply running around saying, “This guy ain’t no good, and he can’t be trusted,” under the guise of being concerned about poverty.  But after you get past all of the misleading rhetoric and disinformation, the bottom line is this – they’re campaigning for the Republicans as a cure for poverty.
Thus, their “attacking the messagener” mantra notwithstanding, I’d like to hereby assure both, the two of them, and the world, that my raging distaste for them has absolutely nothing to do with their criticising the Obama. My distaste for these individuals is a direct result of what I perceive as a gaping flaw in their character. Thus, I am far less concerned about WHAT they’re saying, than I am about WHY they’re saying it. It’s the “WHY” that’s so toxic to the Black community.
I’ve been around long enough to recognize that as African Americas, we’re products of the very same racist environment as White people. As a result, many of us are just as racist toward other Black people as any Hillbilly, and that’s exactly what I see in Tavis Smiley and Cornel West. I never forgot the very valuable lesson that we learned from “Cointelpro“during the sixties when turncoats and snitches were scattered within the civil rights revolution – always keep your eye on the ones acting the most militant. So a good rule of thumb when dealing with suspected turncoats is to ignore what they say, watch what they do – as we speak, Tavis and West are campaigning in the battleground states against Obama, or, for the Republicans.
So it has long since become clear to me that these two are not the least bit concern about poverty. They’re simply using the term “poverty“as a convenient metaphor to misdirect the people. You see, once their criticism of President Obama backfired on them in Black community, Tavis and West had to find a way to spread their anti-Obama message without generating so much heat, so they simply started using the word “poverty” as a metaphor for “Obama,” much like the Republicans use the word “welfare” as a metaphor for “Black people.” So now, instead of saying, “Don’t vote for Obama, they just use the word  “poverty” to IMPLY that Obama’s presidency is inadequate. It’s an old psychological technique right out of the Republican playbook.
You see, Tavis Smiley and Cornel West’s motives are exactly the same as Herman Cain’s, but they’re coming from a different direction. At least Herman Cain was honest enough to come at us as a Republican, but Tavis and West are so arrogant that they think the Black community is stupid, so they’re trying to use reverse psychology. Where Herman Cain’s message was, “Black people need to start voting Republican so the two parties will have to fight for their vote,” Tavis and West are playing us stupid in a different way. They’re using militant rhetoric in order to get us to cut our own throats. As I mentioned earlier, that was a technique used by the FBI during the sixties to destroy the civil rights movement.
Tavis Smiley and Cornel West are currently wrapping themselves around Malcolm, Martin, and any other historic Black figure they can think of, and then trying to send the message that Obama’s not being Black enough. Yet, in doing so, they know full well that it’s impossible for President Obama to become more strident in pursuit of exclusively Black issues, because then, the Republicans would use it as a weapon to tear away his White support – and he can’t get anything done without White support. Just imagine what the Black response would be if a White President said, “I’ve got to put things on hold for a moment so I can do something for White people.” Essentially, that’s what Tavis and West are demanding that Obama do, but in race related buzz words.
So Tavis Smiley and Cornel West have President Obama in a position where if he continues to be the president of ALL the people, they’re going to divide his Black support, and if he caters to their call for him to pay special attention to the Black community, he’s going to have two problems – first, congress is going to dig in, so he won’t be able to get anything passed, and beyond that, it’s going to divide his White support. So instead of doing everything they can to help improve the condition of the poor and middle class (Black and White), Tavis and West are playing silly, self-serving little games to promote their own agenda.
So why are Tavis Smiley and Cornel West playing these games when they know it’s hurting both the country, and the administration of the first Black President of the United States?
It’s simple – for spite. As I mentioned previously, since Black people are a product of the very same racist environment as White people, many Black people have attitudes that are just as arrogant, condescending, and racist toward other Blacks as any White person, and this is clearly the case with Tavis Smiley and Cornel West. They think that they’re above us, and that we’re undereducated, unsophisticated idiots that they can play to their advantage.
You see, contrary to what they would have you believe, these two don’t love Black people – they think they OWN us. They don’t see us as people. They see us as a commodity to be manipulated, bartered and sold. That explains why Tavis and West are so upset with President Obama. When he went around them to get our vote, they feel like he stole something from them..

If you go back and review the video of Cornel West ranting over the fact that Obama decided to hold a press conference to announce his intent to run for President of the United States instead of attending Tavis Smiley’s “State of the Black Union” broadcast, you’ll notice a clear sense of entitlement.

Cornel West takes the position that when Obama failed to come on Tavis’s show, he turned his back on the entire Black community. I’d never heard such balloon-headed presumption in my life. Tavis and West was clearly under the impression that they OWNED the Black community, and when Sen. Obama went around them to announce his intent to run for president instead of coming on the show and asking, “Mother may I?,” it constituted a slight to their authority, and a failure on Obama’s part to ask for their permission to BORROW their Black votes. Who the hell do they think they are? Even now, they’re trying to force them to meet with them. We’ve got to bring these two down Earth. 


This bears repeating. Tavis and West hate Obama, because in their tremendous arrogance they feel like he stole something from them – us, Black voters. The felt that they had us in their pocket like a commodity to be bought and sold. They were, and or, making money off of us. Large corporations, like Walmart, for example, would come to Tavis Smiley and ask, “How much would you charge to deliver the Black community to us?”  So Tavis and West talk a good game, but the evidence is glaring. They don’t see us as the ones they love – they see us as their whoes.

“Tavis Smiley builds brand identification and strengthens your corporate image. Sponsors benefit from the “HALO EFFECT” of being associated with PBS and NPR and its mission to make a meaningful contribution to our community. Nearly 85% of consumers believe such HIGHER-PURPOSE, CAUSE-RELATED marketing creates a positive image for sponsors. And almost two-thirds of PBS viewers and NPR listeners are MORE LIKELY TO PURCHASE the product or service of a PBS or NPR underwriter.”

As for West, the man is greedy, immature, and petty. He complained because “The guy who carried my bags into the hotel” got tickets to the inauguration and he didn’t. Wouldn’t you think that a person who fights for equality would love the symbolism of a worker getting into the inauguration of the President of the United States? But not Cornel, he felt slighted and insulted – he felt that he was BETTER than the HELP. And when Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry got the job with MSNBC. Wouldn’t you think a man who fought for equality would love seeing another intelligent Black female voice getting national exposure? But not Cornel West. He publicly spoke out, calling her a liar and a fraud. How did that promote the interest of the black community? And is that the behavior of an enlightened intellectual? I don’t think so.
We’ve got to bring this kind of petty, self-serving, Black-on-Black racism to an end. That’s why it’s time to boycott Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, and any corporation, product, or media outlet that’s associated with them. After over 400 years of manipulation, it’s time to send one message loud and clear – THE BLACK COMMUNITY IS NOT FOR SALE!

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

More thought provoking articles feel free to visit; The Wattree Chronicle.



29 Responses to “Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, Black-on-Black Racists Lets Boycott all of them.”
  1. Julius Bailey says:

    Thank you Dave and Scotty… Im not going to expend much energy in this emotionally-laden piece written by a STAFF WRITER. WOW… Dr. Boyce Watkins’ work and efforts are appreciated but Eric, bruh, you could use an editor/fact-checker with a historical sensibility. I may give you the spirit of your critique against Tavis (but he is no different from Oprah whom I assume you would levy the same critique). But your Cornel West claims are TOTALLY OFF MARK MAN. This article wouldnt have made it past any editor with any course in logic or rhetoric. Dave and Scotty both mentioned the 1st things that came to my mind as I read this. Not to mention, there is no causal, pretextual, or even emotive connection between where one works or attend school and their love for a “community”. That is absurd. I am a Harvard Grad, I am also a Howard Grad, where should my “allegiance” be? Cornel West travelled over 20 cities STUMPING for Obama in 2008 (why wouldnt you mention that). I am not defending ‘demonizing’ anyone, hell Im not sure we can categorize Dr. West as demonizing Obama but you agreed…criticism is okay when “constructive”. First in applicability there is no such thing as a constructive criticism that you or I can levy that DOES ANYTHING, or shall I say BUILDS anything. So whether I (or you) criticize foreign policy initiatives, choice of a cabinet selection, or color of paint in the oval office, none of it is “constructive”. IT DOES NOTHING! As such, for Dr. West, he is operating under the mantra of CHANGE that he took time, energy traveling stumping for Obama promoting.. (DID YOU TRAVEL TO 20 CITIES SHAKING HANDS, SPEAKING TO TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE FOR OBAMA?). Change is NOT…Larry Summers and Tim Geithner, and Ben Bernanke. These appointments were what Dr. West has been fighting against for since BEFORE Race Matters. Shouldnt he feel slighted? I know I would? Is it personal? Im sure it is. But hell my vote is personal, my time is personal. I respect and honor you bruh for your platform to write, I just ask that you take emotion out (a little) and use reason man. If you need me, I will help you get your arguments tighter ( I teach LSAT prep courses and have taught logic since my senior year at Howard in 1993). Again, Im not mad at the article, (Im not even 100% against the Tavis Smiley critiques and he is MY FRAT BROTHER), I am just astonished on how poorly executed your attack on Dr. West is here man…

  2. Seattlemartin says:

    A very insightful article, thanks, I learned a lot. I was searching the internet about Tavis Smiley, and why he has so many Repugnicans on his show, and very few Democrats. I find this highly annoying, and Tavis’s representation of himself as a defender of black culture and politics is disturbing. Anyway that’s how I found this site. I am glad I’m not the only one who questions Smiley’s sincerity.

  3. Iris says:

    Terrance, Cornel West and Tavis Smiley has been talking about poverty for YEARS. Poverty didn’t begin the moment that Obama was sworn in. The high poverty rate in this country has been here a long time, but the financial crisis in 2008 and the recession that came after only made the problem worse and more difficult to solve.

    West and Smiley haven’t come up with any solutions to the problem. Why? Because they don’t have any. They rather talk about poverty and expect for someone else to figure it out and then complain because he/she isn’t doing it fast enough.

    Oh one more thing, what “crumbs” are you talking about?

  4. nevadasmith says:

    I have never tried to shill for the republicans, but do take note of this : If, in this election, President Obama is allowed to get the black vote with zero concessions, how will concessions be wrangled from the democrats or republicans in 2016 and beyond ? Personally, I think Obama and the Democrats have treated the black community, with at best “Benign Neglect”. The Republican response is worse than a disgrace. Maybe, out of exigency, it is time for Black America to look beyond politicians.

  5. First let me say I’m voting for president Obama because unfortunately we still need the crumbs the democrats may give us compared to nothing from the elitist Romney who only represents the wealthy of this country. Having said that I do believe West and Smiley have their own agendas, but talking about the poor and holding our president accountable for what he is or not doing, I have no problem with.

    There is a large segment of poor people in our community, so there is nothing wrong with shedding light on this segment of the population who rarely get any attention except on the negative things they do. Until we work together to solve our own problems, we will continue to rely on the crumbs we get, rather then the billions we spend with other groups to make them wealthy and happy.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  6. lewis orr says:

    hood girl take that crap on down the road, your cover has been blown. We here know you’re a shill for some conservative workshop. Like we believe that a sister born and raised in the hood is somehow fluent in racist conservative dogma? Got out of here and don’t come back!

  7. hoodgirl says:

    This is my last response to you two stooges. Last year I paid more in income taxes than your combined annual incomes not to mention my businesses “Tax, Real Estate, Investment Advisory” the centerpiece of the U.S. economy, do not require a college degree nor a high school diploma to engage in, helped more than 1000 low to moderate income families improve their financial condition.

    A man can be led to water but only he will decide if or when to drink!

  8. Iris says:

    People, this election is not about Barack Obama, this election is about the future of the African American Community and the future of America. The accusation that President Obama doesn’t care about Black people or hasn’t done anything for the Black community is a hyperbolic lie and needs to stop NOW. Black people, let’s be real… Do you honestly think that Obama’s opponents will do more for us? Think about it. Do you really believe that they care? Really?

    Yes, Obama hasn’t addressed Poverty and the Black community like we feel that he should, however, many of his policies does address those issues. Romney has made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t care nor does he intend to do anything for us. And Gary Johnson’s policies doesn’t address poverty nor the Black Community at all.

    If West and Smiley loves Black People they need to stop this ridiculous vendetta against Obama and start telling the TRUTH about why recovery has gone so slowly in the past 4 years. It’s not because Obama hasn’t tried, hell, I’m surprised that he got anything done at all.

    Their claim that Obama is in pockets of the Oligarchs and Plutocrats is also a lie. Those people is pouring millions of dollars into the Romney campaign to defeat Obama. Cornel West may be too closed-minded to see that but Tavis, oh I think he knows it all too well. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Oligarchs and Plutocrats are financing this whole poverty tour.

  9. lewis orr says:

    Eric, I’d like to use your post on other websites, if it’s alright with you.

  10. “Hood”girl,


    Like Lewis just told you, get lost.

  11. lewis orr says:

    hood girl and umm yeah, I’m calling you out as Republican shills and plants to cause disharmony on Black websites. You’re not fooling anyone with the ghetto monikers. Do you think your dirty tricks repetitious false claims and money can win the election? Well it can’t! Go back to your conservative workshops and come up with something new. We’re not buy any of your false claims. Here you either lead, follow or get out of the way. Not cause a distraction

  12. hoodgirl says:

    The truth needs no defense. Either one can take time to research Obama just as you did with Tavist and Cornel or accept Obama and his surrogates’ rhetoric as the gospel, the elites of both parties are banking on the latter.








  14. Umm Yeah, you said,

    “I am going to dig into you more a little bit later, but sense you don’t seem to respond to rational arguments, like Hoodgirls, I doubt you will respond to mine either.”

    First, Hoodgirl’s arguments are not rational, they’re Republican talking points. And secondly, you should dig into me a little more. But here’s what I’d like to know, why are you and Hoodgirl hiding behind screen names that makes it impossible for anyone to dig into you? I wouldn’t be surprised if you were two White boys working out of Mitt Romney’s office.

  15. hoodgirl says:

    Barack was selected President of the Harvard Law Review without writing one publication and less than 33 percent of students at Chicago University who took Professor Obama’s class recommended his course. Wow, the Community Organizer who trained Acorn to extort money from banks and push worthless paper that collapsed the housing market creating negative net worth throughout the black community is a real activist.

    Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity!

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  16. Umm Yeah says:

    Eric, your foolishness should not be allowed to run unchecked. The non-sensical notion of “fascist” makes me realize how ridiculous your arguments are. First of all, you can’t criticize Tavis for being a corporate shill without, at the same time, criticize Obama of the same thing. Exactly who is funding his campaign bro? In the 2008 election, Obama received more corporate campaign funding than the Republican ticket. In addition, if you do your homework, which I highly doubt, then you will remember how Obama said how much he hates and won’t take money from super-pacs. Well, what is he doing? Taking money from super-pacs.

    The reality is you can’t criticize Smiley for doing one thing, and then give the President a free pass for doing the same thing.

    I am going to dig into you more a little bit later, but sense you don’t seem to respond to rational arguments, like Hoodgirls, I doubt you will respond to mine either.

  17. Scotty, you said:
    “Dr. West just stood on a corner in the da hood in NYC to protest NYPD Stop & Frisk which has become a class action lawsuit.”
    That’s called floor-showin’. West also let himself get busted during the “Occupy” demonstrations, because that was guaranteed pub, and getting publicity is West’s game. West is such a publicity hound that if the police would have arrested some of those White demonstrators during the Occupy demonstrations and didn’t arrest West, he would have filed a discrimination suit against them – “How come I can’t go to jail with the White folks, ‘cause I’m Black?”

    On the other hand, Barack Obama was the first Black president of the Harvard Law Review. He could have walked right out of law school into one of the top law firms in the country and got rich, or became a clerk for the Supreme Court. But instead, he became an organizer in the projects of Chicago – and he did it quietly, without calling in a camera crew. He was working outside of the spotlight, fighting to get people’s heater fixed.

    Barack was a REAL activist, but if Cornel buys a homeless man a sandwich he’s gonna bring along a camera crew to record the event.

  18. It is really unbelievable how dumb some people are. They’re standing around complaining about the wrinkles in the security guard’s uniform while the criminals are sneaking in the backdoor.


  19. lewis orr says:

    hood girl, if what you say about your accomplishments are true then my hat’s off to you and my sincere apology for my sarcasm. I had suspicions about a female from the hood with such strong conservative Republican dogma. Using the moniker hood girl only deepen my suspicions. Why not use your real name I have money to invest. Pease and Love

  20. hoodgirl says:

    lewis orr, I’m just a girl born and raised in the hood and the sole owner of a Tax Practice, Real Estate Brokerage and Investment Advisory Firm focused on helping low to moderate income families to achieve and maintain financial security. Therefore, my heart will never pump kool aid!

    Peace & Love.

  21. lewis orr says:

    hood girl, if your are a hood girl, why are you so concerned about the tax payers hard earned money? Romney said 47% of the voters don’t pay taxes and that includes the hood. So there’s no skin off your nose, you’re a victim. And with 8% unemployment in the hood, there’s little to no chance you’ll be paying off the national debt. You still get your social benefits and health care, so what’s your beef? (smile) just being sarcastic

  22. hoodgirl says:

    I am not a fan of Tavist Smily but Dr. West appears to be asking the appropriate question, where is Bro. Obama’s campaign funds coming from because that may very well be where his loyalty lies. Last time I checked it was Senator Obama, Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank in Congress ignoring attempts by Bush & McCain to reign in FannieMae and FreddieMac not Tavist.

    These quasi-govt agencies insured more than 80 percent of mortgage loans and lowered bank requirements that made it easy for borrowers to qualify to purchase homes through no loan documentation programs where all a borrower had to do was state their income to achieve the American Dream of homeownership which quickly turned into a nightmare.

    There was no risk of loan loss to Wells Fargo, CitiMortgage, Bank of America, etc. to make these loans despite the high probability of mortgage default because these subprime loans were secured by the U.S. government using 100 percent of taxpayers hard earned money as collateral.

    Perhaps Senator Obama sat silently in Congress ignoring attempts by Bush & McCain to reign in FannieMae and FreddieMac who had taxpayers hard earned money on the line because he was one of the biggest recipients of campaign contributions from FannieMae and FreddieMac second only to Christopher Dodd.

    Adding insult to injury, Obama supposedly signed into law the Dodd-Frank Act to protect MainStreet from WallStreet and to prevent another financial/housing crisis spurred by FannieMae and FreddieMac that hit poor and middle class families the hardest. Ironically, the Dodd-Frank Act Obama signed into law exempts mortgage loans insured by FannieMae and FreddieMac.

  23. Umm Yeah says:

    Dumbest article I every wrote. Another negro hype jockey wanna be Black Howard Stern.

    Son doesn’t even seem to know what the word racist means.

  24. rmrd0000 says:


    The DOJ has been fighting voter suppression but has paid attention to the fact the NYPD and Bloomberg have not made changes to “Stop and Frisk”

  25. Dave says:

    Oh, Nader and West teamed up to defeat Gore, huh? Well, you can criticize him for making a mistake, but don’t you DARE say that he made/will make it again.


    Nader and West SPECIFICALLY told voters in ’04 in FL and other swing states NOT to vote Nader for fear it would help Bush. In the interest of full disclosure, you should probably edit your article now.

  26. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    Wow… this was a lot to process. However, I do know a little about Tavis Smiley’s corporate connections first hand… I was present at an event sponsored by Wells Fargo about six years ago, in which they were sucking in as many Black people as they could to sign up for houses at five percent down if they had a sufficient credit score. After Mr. Smiley preached the house down about wealth in homeownership and how Wells Fargo was the bank that was going to take care of Black people, I played along with the Wells Fargo process for a while out of curiosity. Wells Fargo would have signed me up for a mortgage in San Francisco on what had been a $27,000-a-year income — when I mentioned that I had just been laid off, the agent’s response was, “Oh, you’ll get another job.” That is when I knew the housing bubble was going to collapse, that we as a people were going to get hurt very badly, and that Tavis Smiley, a man I had respected and watched for years, was using his influence to contribute to the disaster ahead.

    When I heard in 2008 that most of the people that had gotten caught up in the latter end of the housing boom — and thus had lost everything — were Black mothers with children, I understood how that had happened… and I also understood Mr. Smiley’s complicity in preaching folks into believing Wells Fargo had their best interests at heart. I had seen him in action for myself, and I had watched dozens of other Black folks not stopping where I did in Wells Fargo’s frantic “intake” process. Mr. Smiley has since admitted that he too was duped by Wells and the like. That is possible. But even if we concede that Mr. Smiley’s fault was just an error in judgement, a man who made an error that big ought to be far slower and more circumspect in criticizing President Obama. Mr. Smiley, in his own way, has directly contributed to the poverty in the country he now is walking around with Dr. West talking and writing about, a distinction President Obama does not share (he was in the Senate at the time) with him.

    There are plenty of things one can criticize in the administration of President Obama regarding his seeming lack of interest in the needs of poor Black people, but when Mr. Smiley starts, I just want to say to him, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” — or at least say, “Do you remember what you were doing and who you were working for just before the housing crisis hit? I do. Let me remind you about your work for Wells Fargo…”

  27. natalie says:

    I dont even know where to start with all thats wrong with this article..gonna sleep on it!

  28. Scotty says:

    And how can Cornel West claim to “love Black people” when he has never taught at a school that the vast majority of Black people could afford to attend in his entire career?

    Now that is some straight up hater-aide right there. How many Black people can afford to run for President? Does that mean those who can shouldn’t. Dr. West just stood on a corner in the da hood in NYC to protest NYPD Stop & Frisk which has become a class action lawsuit.

    How many of cases of racial profiling has the Pesident spoken out on or when has he called out Bloomberg for illegally spying targeting Muslims? When has he said anything about Stop & Frisk?

    Case closed.


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