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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Author Spotlight: Steve Alexander – Economic Leadership Solution.

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( Steve Alexander spent 32 years in the Telecom industry after graduating from the GTE-Sylvania Tech School, and has been active in Christian ministry for 28 years. His views on the plight of the American inner cities are shaped by over a decade’s worth of experience teaching classes in the nation’s prisons and working with inner city children in some of America’s largest cities.


Steve is a family man, having been married to his wife Angela for 33 years, and  has taught his three sons the value of hard work. One of his children is an FBI agent, and the other two work in the Telecom industry.


He is also a contributing author to the best seller “Million Man March Atonement”, a moving spirit filled collaboration between the men who attended this remarkable gathering. Steve wrote about building a network based on his experiences running Alexander Telecom.


Steve is a visionary who believes he is called to rebuild our nation’s inner cities, barrios, and Indian reservations. He feels God has called him to unify a divided nation, and a divided world.

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Purchase his book over at Amazon: Economic Leadership Solution: The Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment (——



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    Looks good, I will try to check it out.

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