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Thursday, April 26, 2018

President Obama, At the DNC all Talk. Could care less about Black America.

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( Tuesday night, as I watched the Democratic convention, I was totally mesmerized. But not for the reasons you might think.

For starters, I am obliged to tip my hat to the Democrats. They put on one of the best, if not the best, convention nights I have ever seen in my 20 years of political consulting. The stagecraft was nothing short of miraculous. As a public relations executive, I found the messaging phenomenal. For anyone involved in my industry, this was like the Super Bowl of public relations. Every speaker’s speech flowed right into Michelle Obama’s address, which was nothing short of spectacular. She gave one of the best speeches I have ever heard or seen.

The opening night of the Democrat’s convention was everything the Republican’s was not:staged wonderfully, exciting, thematic, and was great TV.

But what mesmerized me more than the production value was how oblivious the Democrats are to the state of things on planet Earth. I am tired of all the problems facing this country being put at the feet of George W. Bush and the  Republicans.

President Obama has had three years to apply his remedies to all the problems facing our country and the best he and the Democrats can do is continue to blame the GOP and a president who left office nearly four years ago? Have they forgotten that the Democrats had a veto-proof Senate and a majority in the House during President Obama’s first two years in office? Republicans took over the House as a direct result of the voter’s disaffection with the President’s first two years in office.

Bush left us with about $4 trillion in debt. Under Obama, that debt is now $16 trillion. When Obama became President, the unemployment rate was 7.7 percent. Now it’s 8.3 percent. These are facts.

So, are Bush and the Republicans responsible for the quadrupling of the national debt or the White House’s inability to lower the unemployment rate?

President Obama has proven to be a much better candidate than president. He would give Bill Clinton a run for the money when it comes to raw politics. Obama and his campaign team know how to pull on your emotions to the point that you become irrational.

But as an African American, I’m confounded as to why we continue to have blind loyalty to a president that has overseen an economy that is mired in a 15 percent black unemployment rate.How can you vote for this president when there is no public record of him meeting with any prominent black businessmen? How can you vote for Obama after news broke in Politco this past spring that his campaign was so short on black campaign workers that his field staff had to scramble to find “qualified blacks” for their get-out the vote effort? How can you vote for President Obama when he supports an immigrant guest worker program- that amounts to amnesty in my book- to over one million illegal immigrants? This very well might create competition with low and under-skilled black workers who are unemployed or under-employed. How can you vote for Obama when he has failed to spend as much as he said he would on HIV and AIDS abroad (specifically in Africa) and cut the spending from the federal budget to fight the disease?

The electorate, especially blacks, are suffering from cognitive dissonance. In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the inability to see what you don’t believe.

I’m sure there are some who will say: President Obama cares about us, but he can’t do anything specifically for blacks because whites will think he is trying to be president of Black America. But there are other core Democrat constituencies that have benefited from the president’s attention: the gay community received a repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell” and a presidential endorsement of gay marriage. (and Time Magazine went so far as to label Obama the first gay president). And another core constituency, Hispanics, have received similar presidential attention: he has given them back-door amnesty. But for African Americans? He’s given us speeches.

So, let me make sure I understand this psychosis: if President Obama ignores blacks in his first term because he doesn’t want to be viewed as a black President (though he is); that’s ok because if there is a second term, he will then pay attention to black voters because he then won’t mind being viewed as a black President?

Staff Writer; Raynard Jackson

Mr. Jackson is also founder of a political and industrial consultant firm which is based in Washington, DC; Raynard Jackson & Associates.




22 Responses to “President Obama, At the DNC all Talk. Could care less about Black America.”
  1. kick rocks says:

    Obama is owned by the ultra rich and Detroit is in total disarray! Stop passing your hatred on to our youth so that they can grow and positively contribute to society. Then again, maybe you’re one of the brothers from the college campus that did nothing but occupied the Black Culture Room, got kicked out of school because the man was riding you, and now you’re taking as many of our youth down the road of self destruction simply because misery loves company.

  2. lewis orr says:

    I read your comment and you seemed to have experience and wisdom. A lot of young people here have no experience and don’t know who their enemy is. President Obama is not their enemy. President Obama’s Health care is the greatest thing that’s happen to Black People since Civil Rights. Why do they think the Republicans are fighting so hard to over turn it? President Obama saving the Auto Industry in Detroit, who works there? The Black People that came up from the cotton fields in the south to work in the car factories. These gullible young people listen to Fox News’ repeated lies and they start repeating them until they think it’s the truth. Fox News repeats the job situation over and over, because they know nothing can be done about it because the jobs have been outsourced to Asia, by companies like Bain. And who started and owns Bain? What they really can’t see is the Big Picture. Fox News is owned by the super rich and is shown in most all countries, they don’t care about poor people. They belong to the New World Order and their prime directive is to reduce the world population from 7 Billion people to 500,000,000. And who do you think they’re going to eliminate, the poor the mud people and the useless eaters. Now if you’re living in the ghetto do you actually think they care about helping to sustain you? And don’t think “culling the herd” their term, reducing the population of the world to 500 million is that preposterous. Look at American, before Columbus there were 7 million Indians in North America, after Manifest Destiny and the Indian Wars there were only 500,000 Indians left. The same ratio they’re going to use on the world population. They use the same ratio with Europeans and Black Africans coming into America. They love it when you watch Fox News and Play your games on the XBox.

  3. GGran says:

    Good Morning: Please understand that I seen lot in this life time that the younger generation have not seen like the growth in this country of people of color that have grown for has have a million to billion dollars business and I have seen those that are just making it from paycheck to paycheck. We are discussing the issue if the President not handling the race issue enough for us, but for me he has. See, for 2 1/2 years I have a daughter with five children that was very ill and was unable to get any type of help even from the county hospital, because she made $100 over the so call scale for the provety guideline. We need to look between the lines, because had this healthcare did not pass then my child would have to suffer, but I am her mother which would not have happen, because even on a fix income, I took on two jobs and her eldest son took a second job in order for her get the proper healthcare she needed, now if she get sick again she’ll be covered thanks to President Obama. Remember, most of the people that work for GM are people of color that lost their jobs, but because of President Obama’s plan they were able to get their jobs and other’s were hired. Yes, we are in debt 16 trillion, but that comes from the loans that were taken out with other countries by the previous President and as we know loans have interest no matter who borrow’s the money. Its funny we talk more about what President Obama is doing, but we were not on the comment site this much when President Bush was in office and the way hood wink his way into the White House. There will those that agree and those that will not agree, but remember God love us all and I am trying to walk and talk like his son in order for me to have same kind of love. To all have a blessed day. GGran

  4. Ginger says:

    While I understand black peoples loyalty towards other blacks, what I don’t understand is the blind loyalty towards blacks who haven’t earned the right. I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Jackson. Obama hasn’t earned this blind faith we seem to have in him, because he’s done absolutely nothing for the black community to earn it. Neither party has. They spent a good portion of these four years fighting and getting nowhere. It seems the only reasons blacks seem to support Obama is because he is black and out a blind hatred for Republican party. And if this is our only reason for supporting this man, well I think it’s sad very sad. I’m not thrilled for either candidate nor party because the way I see it both are responsible for the mess we’re in. Contrary to what we have been fed, this bubble economy we had that’s just popped stared way before the Bush era. Although, I’m not thrilled about either of these clowns I can say this, I can vote third party to let them know they can’t continue to use us during election time then screw us over once they’re in office.

  5. for reals says:

    The Republican Party is irrelevant? Perhaps that’s why voters across America have changed their political affiliation from Democratic to Independent in record numbers. If you’ve been around the world a time or two then you’d know that white patriarchy is here to stay regardless if you have a D, R, or I behind your name or if the President you worship is Black.

  6. John Lankford says:

    Yeah, I’m disapointed with President Obama in the area of Race. However, I will vote for him on all issues. He is our first Black President and I will not give the rightwing Republicans another victory. I look at this as our continue War against racism from a historical perspective. That is the total picture. It goes back to the founding of this country. The Republican Party is racist. I’m not going to help racists. I live in the South. I deal with them everyday. I don’t see President Obama when I apply for any job. I see the faces of the people that do the hiring.

    Unfortunately, President Obama doesn’t see that. Hopefully he will come around if we save him. I will never vote for a man whose religion ( Mormon) considered me inferior. You can tell who speaks with deceitful lies and who speaks with candor. I think the Republican Party has settled that. It is the oldest trick in the World. It is called Divide and Conquer. Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t consider all whites racist. They are very clever. We need to drag President Obama along. If we win, I consider it another victory over racists. I don’t care about illegal immigration. The reason why, I look at the long view. America is changing demographically. Just look at California, North Carolina and Virginia. The Democratic Party looks like America. The Republican Party is becoming irrelevant every election. Sooner or later, they are going to need your vote too in order to survive. So I encourage you to vote.

  7. cdenise says:

    Oh, also what have you done for our people. Please don’t say well I’m not the president because that isn’t a good enough excuse. Obama was the first black president. Before him there was only a will and a way to get things done for us. What are you mad about that black people are finally sticking together about something! That we are finally being supportive for another black person. I get so many black people saying that we are our own worst enemy. How we are nothing but crabs and when we finally do stick together about something ya’ll come up with something to hate.

    Look it not for his politics than stand by him for the fact our black community is standing together. How long has it been? If for nothing isn’t that enough? Isn’t that what this article was about. Helping our people. If we learn to stand together than he won’t have to fight our battles. We can fight them ourselves.

    I know a lot of you won’t agree and i can respect that but please respect that we came together in 08 and we will come together in 2012.

  8. cdenise says:

    I guess I don’t understand. Please educate me. What has he done directly to us as people that was negative? Maybe if you enlighten me than I could be more understanding to your beliefs. If all you can cry about is he hasn’t done enough, than it isn’t a valid point because Romney has done less. But if you strongly believe in what you say, please give examples because I’m open to opinions.

  9. Lonnie Radcliffe says:

    Mr. Jackson:

    Being a 64 year old, life-long Chicagoan, and being an observer of the President since his days as a “community organizer”—- I’m still looking for the beef—- I know beyond any doubt that your points are well made and accurate. Similarly, I can think of many more examples of the President’s disregard and neglect of his most loyal supporters, Black folks. Let’s be honest, and let’s take off the rose color glasses. The President has sold us out. At best, he only tolerates us. He’s relying on the political calculus that Black folks have nowhere else to go.

    Unfortunately, he’s right. A Romney-Ryan White House is the unthinkable. So our challenge is to find a way to hold the President’s feet to the fire, and get a fair return on our political investment in this guy.

    Since he’s not going to do anything to directly benefit Black folks, we need to figure out which horse to ride. I think it may be the progressive wing of the democratic party like Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont.

    I’m open to suggestions.

    Lonnie Radcliffe

  10. thinking out loud says:

    Yeah right, what a black family can achieve by selling out Chicago’s poor which is public knowledge but no one seems to have any concern about this fact. Yes, have a seat because you’re standing for nothing!

  11. BlackBeauty says:

    Yeah, right!

    We will be much better off if Romney were president!

    Give me/us a break, and go sit down!

  12. cdenise says:

    When I intially read this article I can’t articulate how upset I was. I could not believe a black person wrote this article and let alone people agreed. Sometime we as a people are so negative that we refuse to see the postive. I DO support Obama because he is a black man but also because of his accomplishments as President.

    First,Obama passed the Lilly Ledbetter act. Your negativity blinded you to the fact this was an act that benefited black women. The number of black women who are single mothers supporting their family is outragous to say the least. Did it occur to you that maybe this was to help our black mothers.

    Second,Obama extended unemployment. Do you not recall the unemployment rate was 11% which was double for black americans. Did the extension not assit people of color, seriously you don’t know anyone personally that was helped by the extension. I’m sorry if he didn’t send you a memo to let you know that this was to help our community

    Third, Obama allowed our children to go to college and not get in debt for medicals bills. He made it possible so our children can stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26. He also help college students with student loans. Now this may not have impacted you directly but please believe it’s our children going to school and racking up these bills.

    Fourth, He has shown our communtiy what a black family can achieve with love and understanding. This is definitely a benefit for our community that may have lost hope. SO CHECK YOUR ATTITUDE

    We are so quick to say what someone is not doing for us we miss our blessing. Would you feel better if he came out and said this was for my people? He can’t he’s the President of the country not just black people. So the next time you want to stick out your mouth and say he is not doing enough. Please take a look at the republicians. They do not have that much hate against one man because of what he is not doing, really why do they hate him, from your article I believe you hate him for the same reaon. They have tried everything to bring him down but he’s still President with a smile and his swag. He hasn’t changed who is as a black man. If you can’t respect that then you probably have issues with yourself.

    It’s a long road stop nickpicking and learn how to enjoy the ride.

  13. hoodgirl says:

    There is no such thing as a free lunch, but yet the number of us who have no GET UP & GO continues to expand simply because we wholeheartedly accept Big Bro Govts bag of goodies of free housing, food, utilities, cell phones, etc. from the cradle to the grave by not even attempting to generate sustainable income let alone grow income and we wonder why our community has not excelled. Romney/Ryan is just what our community needs, A WAKE-UP Call!

  14. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    I’m with Terrance on this one… I see nothing in either party or candidate that translates to political will to improve the condition of Black people — but why should we expect others to put themselves out doing for us what we as a people are no longer committed to do for ourselves? Why should Barack Obama put his neck on the chopping block for us when we are not willing to deny ourselves our consumer perks to allocate money to help our own poor with a hand up? Why should anybody do for us what we have insufficient desire to do for ourselves? If we would just get moving, a vote for President Obama would make sense because he would be less likely to get in our way — but unless we are going to seriously commit to doing for ourselves as Black people, at any cost, the result of this election is not going to make a world of difference. While I am by no means a supporter of the Romney/Ryan ticket, its success might provide one good thing: it would shatter our egos and maybe bring enough pain to wake us up!

  15. design says:

    Obama talked about how wonderful Keynesian economics was, because he wanted to rescue the sad banks.

    Wall street had voted for Obama, but blacks are just glad to be there, in the white house.

    We all know what the problem is, it is the Federal Reserve System, now Obama will not address that because they already owe the banking oligarchs before they are elected.

  16. Clinton Pullen, III says:

    I totally agree with everything you are saying. It really saddens me to see how we blindly submit,simply because he is black but he has done nothing for the Black population. And when you bring that point up you are looked at as a “hater”. You even her people saying God put him there well that means God put all the presidents their. We have to realize no matter who is our president the government we still do what they want to do. I believe Obama is the president to do exactly what is happening, keep us calm and happy with his speeches(sermons) so we have no fight, and why do you think everyone at the DNC sounds like they are preaching that’s because they feel that’s the only way you will listen. And if he wins it’s only 4 more years then what? Wake up people!!!

  17. rich says:

    I’d just like to point out that the “Democrats had a veto-proof Senate” for the 6 weeks between July of 2009 (when Franken was sworn in) and August of 2009, when Kennedy died. There was another month plus, from Sept 25 (when Kirk was appointed to fill Kennedy’s seat) until early Nov when Scott Brown was elected.

    So, in reality, the Democrats had that ‘veto proof majority’ for a total of 3 months. Most of which was in recess.

  18. Ummm Yeah says:

    “Black Unity means financial independence and happiness” – Well put Terrance

    @Raynard…you might as well give it up bro. The blind cannot see and the deaf cannot hear. I have been fighting this battle long and hard for about a year and a half now. The concept that a ‘black president’ doesn’t care about blacks even when you give them data, policies and logic just doesn’t work for most of us.

    Here are the responses I have gotten routinely:

    1. He can’t because people will think he is ‘too black’ and he won’t get relected
    2. It is George Bushes fault
    3. So are you saying vote Republican, are you crazy???

    People refuse to believe that there is another way to do politics. That for many groups POLITICS IS WORKING, just not ours.

    In truth I am tired. Our position has been garbage no matter who has been in office so I am tabling the political talk for a while.

  19. To the writer of this article, all you said maybe true and I agree that the Democrats take advantage of our vote, but do you really think Romney and the Republican Party will do better for us? Before we stop getting the crumbs the democrats give us, we as a people need to start working together in order to solve the problems in our community. This way we don’t have to rely so much on the government to solve our problems and can think more independently while gaining more power to lobby for what we want, just like the wealthy who run this country do.

    We’ve always had Black people in our community who used us for their own gain. The Black church is one example. With all the money that comes in the church we could have our own banks, insurance companies, real estate companies, and more. But these ministers are only interested in filling their own pockets, rather then helping their own congregation. There are some examples of churches doing this, but they are the exception not the rule. Until we come together as a people and start to utilize the resources we already have in our community, we will always have these discussions which solve nothing.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  20. LaJuan says:

    So, we should vote for Romney? Or is there a third candidate we dont know about??? The point of this article is to say what…not to vote at all.

  21. lvn says:

    So you are indirectly proposing we vote for the other guy. Ok…but where’s your defense of him?

  22. pam says:

    You are making an impact God bless you guys !!

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