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Thursday, June 21, 2018

She Got That Good Power U.

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( When the story broke about Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mill allegedly fighting over Rihanna, first via “tweets” then in a night club, I read comments on different sites, and most of the women alluded to the fact that she (Rihanna) must have that “good good” in order to have men fighting over her.

This world is so sex crazed and most of the songs and lyrics focus on a gross disrespect of the womb, either by lack of knowledge or a mis-understanding of the divine purpose of the womb. Even Brian McKnight has jumped in the mix, making a song and the chorus is let me show you how your p*** works. Ummm I think we have that covered. Too many women are “working” that particular part of their anatomy enough as it is. This is where we get it twisted. We think so much power is in the p****, when in fact our BRAIN is the most powerful muscle; maybe we can start working that instead.  Let me give you two examples of songs that lead women to believe sexual skills are all it takes to secure a mate.

Rasheeda (from Love and Hip Hop) has a song entitled “Marry Me” and here are some of the lyrics:
“Put it on him make him wanna marry me (yeah)
Put it on him make wanna marry me(yeah)
Boy you know you wanna put a ring on my finger
This loving so good I should never be single
He love the way I throw it like a pitcher on a mound
Put it on him, make him wife a bitch down”(there’s another Woman calling herself a bitch again!)
And here we have Ashanti and her song “Good Good”
“When my man leave the house
I know he’s coming right back
I got that good good
No matter how much he might try to act
He know just where it’s at
I got that good goodI put it on him right
I do it every night
I leave him sittin’
Mouth open
Like, “Whoa!”
So I don’t worry bout nobody takin my (okay)
Cause I know just the right thang to do
I got that good good”

I can understand the confusion. You have people like Amber Rose and Kim K getting “wifed” up and what are these women really know for? Sex and   flaunting their bodies.  So when young girls or young women see that, they in turn think that is the most effective way to get a man. That might be the most effective way to get him into your bed, but not into his heart.  Why are we so quick to let a man taste what’s between our legs, but SLOW to give a sample of our MINDS.
 If you believe the hype that your womb is the pathway to marriage, then what you are saying is that ALL you have to offer a man is sex.  That’s it. You’re saying that you LACK the mental CAPABILITY and CAPACITY to engage a man with your intellect, because you are unable to entice a man with your MIND.
Unfortunately Rasheedah’s new single will become the ringtone, anthem, and gospel hymn for many of our Sisters out here.  You will NEVER get the WHOLE of a man, by only appealing to HALF (lower half) of him.  In case you haven’t heard a man wants a woman that’s good for more than just lying on her back. A woman that can stimulate a man’s mind, penetrate his spirit and feed his soul has proven herself worthy of his love and protection. Anyone else also requires protection, but the difference is; the type of protection being sought out is in the form of a contraceptive.
Instead of putting it on him like a porn star, I suggest putting it on him like a genius, that takes REAL head game!
Staff Writer; Nojma Muhammad
To learn more about this talented sister, feel free to visit; Nojma Reflects.




3 Responses to “She Got That Good Power U.”
  1. electlady1 says:

    Proverb 31 Didn’t King Lemuel mother tell him in the bible what kind of woman to look out for because in the end there would be destruction. And Sampson mother and father told him the same thing but know he wanted something God didn’t want him to have. And you would lose everything God has given you these man need to take heed to the word of God and follow that map thats why so many of them are lead down the wrong roads and now are starting to kill themself and kill the woman and spend the rest of there lifes in jail. Then the one that gets setup by a female and wind up dead because he was chasing tail. So all the young mens are dying off a generations with no fathers no husbands no man to look up to. Because the woman has the control and they are not seeing nothing pure and right anymore woman let man treat them any kind of way call them all kind of names and they call each other all kind of names so man have lost the respect for woman but I’m one and many more that still stand for what is right to keep yourself for your husband and not bow down to the devil and be a virtuous 2012 woman..

  2. James says:


    The answer is very clear***(black women tend to open their legs to get a man because of his $$$$$$, his social status, and other things that a lot of misguided sista’s think is okay to do yet, the end results are STD’s, other diseases, violence against each other and within our communities, etc. etc. And to think why white folk’ continue to throw blacks under the bus???; it’s not hard to figure out why. . . . .

    Due to these dynamics, the WHOLE of the black man will continue to pass sista’s by until they focus upon what I think is the most beautiful aspect of the black woman **(her mind, heart, and spirit, which creates great self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline, self-respect, determination, and most importantly; SELF-LOVE)** These same dynamics also apply to the black man. . . . .

    Not to say that I’m the model brotha’ but, I do credit GOD for waking up my spirit from my own self-destructive—PAST—life style that had me set for a monogrammed casket. I used a lot of self-application and educational tools to learn more about how a sista’ puts it on me.

    Yes the sexual approaches are just an orgasm and then what after that????….Some sista’s do have that “GOOD GOOD” to make a ‘nigga’ scream and shout but, how many have that “GOOD GOOD” other than between their legs???

    So, the black womans’ mind is the key for the black man to understand, respect, and appreciate the black woman. ***(Her mind IS NOT between her legs, on her chest, or behind her; it’s in her SPIRIT)***

    I used to think like a lot of stupid brotha’s still think: “Damn Dog she fine, look at that ass, lips, titties” etc. etc.

    But then reality hits and is that same sista fine in her mind, heart and spirit or, just her anatomy????????

    Thanks Nojma; you always hit the nail on the head, whether myself, or other posters’ agree or disagree; TRUTH IS THE ONLY FREEDOM FROM ANY LIE!!!!!!



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