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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dennis Rodman Becomes a Children’s Author.

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( Dennis Rodman played for the Pistons from 1986-1993, winning two championships with the team during the “Bad Boys” era. He also won three more with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Dennis Rodman is known for his extremely successful basketball career.  He is also known for his crazy antics off the court.

Rodman also made a name for himself for his unique appearance, to put it lightly. He has dyed his hair in loud, bright and crazy colors.  There are the piercings and tattoos covering his body and who can forget his love for cross dressing?  Rodman is also known to have a temper, which has led to altercations on and off the court. 

So with all of Dennis Rodman’s craziness, crossing dressing, fighting and NBA championships, Dennis can add children’s author to his resume. He has teamed up with author Dustin Warburton to write Dennis the Wild Bull.

Dennis the Wild Bull is Rodman’s children’s book and is scheduled to be released this September.   Some are wondering if the book is based off of Dennis Rodman. Well after taking a look at the bull on the book’s cover you will wonder no more. Dennis the Bull has a red Mohawk on his head and he has the same tattoo worn by Rodman stamped across his butt.

Again I am wondering what the book is about and if I will want a young child reading it. It’s said that the book’s purpose is to convey “good lessons to children based on Dennis’ own experiences as a world-class athlete while overcoming obstacles as a child,” according to the book’s website.

Some might recall Dennis Rodman’s suicide attempt in 1993, his several divorces and his battle with alcoholism. So again will I want my child reading this book?  Darren Prince, Rodman’s agent says, “It’s just really about the character, more about being comfortable in your own skin and that it’s okay to be different.”

Being a mother I’m going to be honest and say that Dennis Rodman is not someone that I would look as a children’s author.  But everyone deserves a chance so being from the Show Me State I’m going to need for him to do just that. “Show me” then we’ll see.

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