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Friday, June 22, 2018

Can Black America Win The Presidency A Second Time?

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( In an article several weeks ago, written for this site, a similar question was asked, “Can The Sanford Black Community Win?” The article highlighted the issues facing the black community of Sanford, Florida and their struggle with the white power structure of that city as they sought to remove the chief of police who set George Zimmerman free without charging him with a crime in the murder of Trayvon Martin.

That community ultimately triumphed because they exercised the courage of their convictions. They felt they were pursuing a course of righteousness. They believed they were doing the right and just thing in demanding the removal of the chief of police. They did not silently go along to simply get along. With the Sanford community’s experience in mind, why does black America stand silently by as the prospect of the reelection of the first African American President dims? Why is black America not more like the courageous people of Sanford? Why is black America not doing the just and right thing?

Many of us behave like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. We stand frozen at the prospect of Mr. Obama losing. However, the path of righteousness stands clearly before us, if only we will walk down it. “The truth,” is the path to victory for Mr. Obama. The verbalization of “the same truth” is also our path to economic relief and success. Isn’t it ironic, something as   simple as,“the truth” will help our President realize a second term in office? We as a people are hurting economically and we must not allow Mr. Obama to run away from “this truth.” He and his team have attempted to run from “this truth” since the beginning of his campaign. Let “the truth” not be denied about the state of Black America.

Let “truth” take her rightful place next to the President of the United States in the spotlight on the American political stage. Let “truth” strut her stuff, revealing three straight years of double digit black unemployment (and now headed into a 4th year), a 14% decrease in black income, and untold home foreclosures. Let not “truth” who openly shows the poverty and decimation of the black middle class be muzzled any longer.

Let us as a people, with the courage of our convictions, rise and say not in one voice, not in two or three voices, not even as a chorus, but in hundreds of thousands of voices, each saying the same thing in ear shattering volume, “Get the weight of these high unemployment numbers off our backs!” Let us not be denied an honest discussion and debate over solutions to these high unemployment numbers, which are literally destroying our communities. Do we as a people ask too much, when we ask for honest discourse concerning the issues which plague our community? We challenge our President and his advisors to come up with a viable JOB CREATION PLAN, which will bring healing to our nation and us. Solve the African American unemployment problem and you solve the nation’s unemployment problem! Can it be simpler?

Why do we stand silently by when we should challenge our President to do the right thing. We ought to challenge him to stop running away from “the truth.” If not now! When? We ask that he and his advisors think big. The status quo for us, is no relief. We ask not because we are the least of his supporters, but because we are his greatest supporters. We ask not because we are suffering the least, but because we are suffering the most. Finally, we ask not because he is in the least position to help us but because he occupies the most powerful position from which help can come in this country. This is why we ask. We ask, out of a sincere need, as our communities are changing right before our eyes and not for the better.

The truth” is, whites have always seen blacks as the canaries in the mine when it comes to this economy. They look at our high unemployment numbers and assume tough times will eventually impact them too. They are in many ways like those coal miners of old who watched the canaries drop dead from unseen gases in the coal mines and knew those poison gases would eventually reach and kill them if they did not get out in time. White voters will vote their pocketbooks, and abandon this President come Election Day.

What truly amazes me is that something as simple as “the truth” if spoken loud enough and with the same conviction of the people of Sanford would be the right strategy to reelect our President, because it would force him and his team to address the one issue about which America is concerned, and that is high unemployment. You see, in the final analysis, if we are the Christians we say we are, and believe what we say we believe, we should encourage our President to run toward “the truth” rather than run away from it. When we successfully accomplish this, we can stand together hand and hand and say, “the truth” has surely set us free! 

Staff Writer; James Davis

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2 Responses to “Can Black America Win The Presidency A Second Time?”
  1. Ginger says:

    Only if it isn’t obama or one of his cohorts ie Van Jomes or another of his gang.

  2. hoodgirl says:

    Obama has not met with his Jobs Council in over six months. One of Obama’s Jobs Advisors told Bloomberg today that they would no longer meet because their work was complete for the year even though there is a JOBS crisis.

    Truthfully speaking, Obama losing his JOB is a win for ALL Americans!

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