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Thursday, December 13, 2018

How To Tell If Your Girl Is (Possibly) A Ho.

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( I started to name this post ‘Ho’ish Tendencies’…but I wanted to make this one crystal clear.

Too many good dudes out there are giving their precious time, their hard earned money and their hearts to females, that to be frank with you, simply don’t deserve it. I’ve met countless dudes who have inadvertently or purposely chosen to fall in love with a whore…a tramp…a ho. Some have even chosen to marry such females.

But its a true saying indeed: You can’t make a ho into a housewife! It just won’t happen. I know a dude real well, who was in the military several years ago. He, like many others, fell in love with this chick who had a nice body. But she was ho material. Undoubtedly he fell in love with her sex skills; and that was his biggest problem. But he didn’t know she was a ho…until he came home early from work one afternoon and found his brother pounding her out doggy-style on HIS bed!

So in the spirit of avoiding making a similar mistake, I’m going to list a few of the things to look out for; some tell tale signs of ho’ishness. And don’t approach this with a blinded eye. If you see any of these signs in the woman you are currently dating, you need to do some serious reevaluation of your relationship, and some soul searching.


1. She has sex with you on the first date
For me, this is always a deal breaker. You can be the finest chick on earth; but if you let me pound you out on the very first date, don’t look for a ring or any type of commitment from me.

2. She’s bi-sexual
To me, bisexuality is really just another term for ‘freak’. It speaks of a lack of sexual discipline…an ‘anything goes’ mentality. Bi-sexual women in my opinion are non-comitters; meaning they aren’t the type who will commit to you. They can’t even commit to one choice of sexual preference! Most bisexual chicks are really just freaks who like to get their coochies pleasured; and it usually doesn’t matter who’s doing the pleasuring. Not saying I won’t hit it; but I damn sure won’t commit to it!

3. She has a ton of male ‘friends’
Another deal breaker. What makes YOU such a friendly person that all the guys like hanging around you? I’m nobody’s fool! Men can sometimes be like vultures; we can smell out an easy meal from miles away! And if dudes are hanging around you, they probably sense an easy opportunity.

4. Her male cousins are overly ‘flirty’ with her
 Ever hear of ‘kissing cousins’? It happens, in more families than a few. To some oversexual horn-dogs, being blood related means absolutely nothing. In fact, the more ‘forbidden’ the affair, the more erotic it tends to be for them. And again: what makes you so easy for your cousins to flirt with? What type of family IS this anyway?! I don’t even want my gene pool mixed in with a bloodline like that! Guys who are familiar with a female usually know who the ‘freaks’ are; even in their own family. And just about every guy has at least one female cousin he wouldn’t mind pounding, if given the opportunity. (Nasty I know…but so true!)

5. She greets every guy she knows with a hug.
If she’s overly friendly with the opposite sex, your girl could be what we call an ‘attention whore’; the type of female who lives for the attention of other guys. A definite deal breaker for me…

6. She has more male friends than female friends/ or claims she doesn’t like being friends with a bunch of females, but prefers being friends with guys.
This too is often just BS. Most females I know who are friends with a lot of guys have had sexual relationships with most, if not all of them. Very few are on some truly ‘just friends’ tip. And if other females find it hard to be friends with her, it could be because other women can smell out a home-wrecker from miles away. And your girl could very well be the chick that all the other women keep their boyfriends away from because she has a habit of stealing them. Food for thought…

7. She sends you nude or sexual photos of herself before you’ve actually met her in person
Pretty self explanatory. Those are all the hallmarks of a true to the game FREAK! And no sane man would be found wifing up a freak.

8. She has kids by several different men
This is a sign of sexual irresponsibility. And in this day and age, its actually quite dangerous.

9. She has kids with different fathers, but never been married
There ain’t but one way you can continue to spit out babies: you keep giving up the ass! Multiple kids by multiple dudes is a sign of ho’ishness. There’s no two ways about it! If you don’t value your own pussy, why should someone else?

10. She’s no longer friends or on speaking terms with a relative because she was accused of sleeping with their man.
If a woman ever confesses something like this to you, you’d better get your head out your ass and take note! She’s clearing her conscious with you…confessing. She’s letting you know what type of female she is. And even if the accusations are untrue, how did she put herself into such a situation where her good name could be smeared anyway? These are things we as men have to start being aware of before we jump into relationships with just any cutie with booty.

11. Her mother is a ho
You know how the saying goes: The apple never falls very far from the tree… Like mother, like daughter. This is the woman who raised her and trained her into womanhood. This is her coach. And even if she didn’t like her mother, if she spent any significant time around her, she inadvertently soaked up some of mom’s philosophies and life outlook. So buyer: beware!

12. She used to date a pimp
Ho, ho, and again I say ho! And I’m not mocking Santa here…

13. She works as a stripper or exotic dancer; either now or in the past
What’s the difference between a hooker and a stripper? Answer: THERE AIN’T NO DIFFERENCE! Either way you’re trading sexual activity of some kind for money. That therefore makes you a ho! At least the hooker knows she’s a ho, and has come to terms with that fact. She’s openly chosen to embrace her ho’ism; whereas the stripper tends to think she’s somehow better. So know that you’re dealing with either a past or present hoe. And like the saying goes: You can’t make a hoe into a housewife!

 14. She was molested or raped in her younger years, yet sucks and screws like a porn star today.
 Females who are molested or raped at a young age tend to become promiscuous early in life than they should. That means that by the time she’s in her early 20’s, she’s probably banged more guys than your average porn star. It’s a sad outcome to a tragic event, but one that you should take into consideration before you choose to jump the broom . 

15. She doesn’t believe in sexual limits

16. She idolizes authors like Zane or Nancy Friday

17. She doesn’t see anything wrong with carrying on a sexual relationship with two or more different guys at the same time
Quiet freak…

18. She’s had sex with over 10 different guys in her life time
Nasty freak…
 Again: if you don’t value your snatch, why on earth should I? Multiple sex partners denotes a lack of value for your own body. You lack any sense of exclusivity about your body; hence, a lack in personal self value. Personally I like for my women to hold their bodies in such high esteem that it causes me to have to break out my A-game just to possibly hit it. But that’s just me…

19. She believes in the sexual ‘liberation’ of all women
 Sexual liberation usually means being liberated from any sense of guilt about being a ho! If your woman is on some conversation like this, you best believe she’s had more pricks sticking out of her than a porcupine!

20. She works in the porn industry
Need I say more?!

21. She has home girls who are ho’s
(Birds of a feather flock together!)

22. Her porn collection is bigger than yours
A woman who’s addicted to porn is bound to live out her sexual fantasies. And if she was single when you met her, you have to wonder why…What’s a good looking chick who loves porn doing single? Why no man? Only possible answer: she’s had plenty. And some poor simp will come along and try to cupcake with her, in the hopes of getting all the free sex he wants. That’s when he’ll wake up one day married to a slut, wondering how in heaven’s name did that happen…

23. One of her sexual fantasies is to screw two guys at the same time
Double-dick clutching is a no-no. Signs that your girl is a double-dick clutcher:

a. she tells you its her fantasy
b. she has a two-pronged dildo: one slides into the cooch, the other slides up you know where at the same time
c. she tells you she’s already fulfilled this fantasy
d. she knows way too many dudes, everywhere you seem to go

24. She’s not sure who her baby-daddy is
Maury Povich has brought to light the sheer masses of freaks out there, ready to pin an unwanted pregnancy on any dude stupid enough to run up inside one raw. Freaks like this are just that: freaks. You don’t try to rehabilitate them. You avoid the bubonic plague!

25. She knows a lot of dudes in the entertainment industry
They have another word for women like this: groupies. If you meet a female and her FaceBook page is full of photos with her and every male rapper, rocker or country music singer…know that 9 times outta 10 she’s probably an ex (or still current) groupie. She knows more about these dudes than is morally sound.

26. She used to roll with a gang
Gang chicks ain’t nothing but gang groupies. They’re just restricted to only having sex with the other gang members.

27. All her brothers are pimps
If her whole family is involved in ‘the life’, there’s a good chance that she is too. You’re not only what you eat; you’re also what you see and sleep. And if all you see and sleep is pimping and hoe’ing, day in and day out…pimping and or hoe’ing is down in you. Its down in your bones. And here’s a clue to which one your girl most likely is: there aren’t many female pimps out there…but there’s an abundance of female hoes!

28. Her father was a pimp

29. She used to be a cheerleader for a professional sports team
We call this the sports groupie. But its still the same game. The average cheerleader makes less than someone working at Taco Bell. So if there’s no money in it, why do so many females do it? One word: access. They get to shake their money makers and pom-poms in front of multi millionaires for every game. So you take good looking females, add a bunch of horny young jocks, and throw in millions of bucks. That’s a recipe for lots of groupie activity. Looks to me like the athletes aren’t the only ones ‘taking one for the team…’

30. Her only career has been modeling
How many times has she fell for the line: “Wow, you’re beautiful. Did I tell you I was a photographer…?”

31. She’s starred in one or more rap videos
Video vixen: aka: rap video hoe

 32. She got with you, even though she knew you were married at the time
And now you want to wife her up? Get serious man…*shaking my head*

33. She’s the church pastor’s ‘special’ assistant, and travels with him everywhere he goes
I hate to say it, but this is what we call the church groupie. What: you didn’t think the church would have their own set of special groupies too? Of course they do! Not everyone who says unto me ‘lord, lord’ shall enter into my Kingdom…*the words of Jesus*

34. She goes away for the weekend with her ‘friends’ a lot
Yeah, I’ll bet! Don’t think that females won’t cover for each other like men do. They surely will! The closer the friendship the more likely they will cover for one another. I’ve known women who traveled to places like South Beach and Jamaica together, just for the sole purpose of meeting men to hook up with while away. Do a Youtube search on ‘Rent a Rasta’. Very eye opening…

35. She likes to hang out in clubs and bars
Clubs and bars are for the young. By the time a woman reaches a certain age, usually her mid 20’s, she should be tired of the club and bar scene. She should be good and ready for settling down. And if she’s not, your ‘Spidey senses’ should start going off.

36. She knows every guy in the club or bar
Again: what makes her so popular with the guys?

37. When she takes you to meet her people, they give you a funny, ‘knowing’ look; or you hear them make comments like “I’m glad she’s finally settling down!”
When a female’s friends or family make comments like that, they’re inadvertently letting you know your girl used to be a wild one. Take note…

38. She stands up in church and testifies that she used to be a ho
 Not saying that a person can’t change their life, but you have to exercise some wisdom. You can only trust an ex-crackhead to a certain degree. Put your guard down and he/she could easily slip back into addiction and start robbing you blind. Once a crackhead, the potential for ‘cracking up’ is always still there. For life. The same goes for alcoholics who will occasionally fall off the wagon and slip back into addiction. Likewise for an ex-hoe. Ex-hoes are some of the slickest type of females to deal with. They can be charming to perfection, but secretly conniving against you. Don’t fall for the oakey-doke. Better to leave the ex-hoes for the Lord and the ex-pimps to deal with… 

39. She admits that she used to be wild in her teens and twenties
She’s basically letting you know that she used to be a slut in her younger years. She could probably pass a sperm tasting test blind-folded hanging upside down. If you’re cool with that bit of knowledge, then by all means proceed with reckless abandon. After all: its your life buddy…

40. Her internet profile says anything like:

“I’m tired of guys playing games…
translation: I’m tired of guys tricking me out of my panties by pretending to really like me

“I’m tired of meeting liars..
trans: I’m tired of screwing guys who I think have money, only to find out their really broke and living back home with their mommas.

“I’ve met a ‘few’ people on this site but they didn’t turn out to be what I was hoping for…
 trans: I screwed many guys off this site, but they never turned into any sort of long-term relationship. 

“I can smell BS a mile away…
trans: I’ve been tricked out of my panties so many times by so many different games that i pretty much know them all now.

“I’m not looking for a sex buddy or friends with benefits…
trans: I’m tired of being used only for cheap sex.

“I did the club/bar scene, now I’m ready to settle down…”
trans: I’ve gotten all my slutting and whoring out the way; now I’m ready for some simp who doesn’t know my background to come along and cupcake with me.

41. She met you and was sexing you down while she was already in another relationship
If she did it to ‘him’, she’ll do it to you too! Don’t think you’re above being played or cheated on because you’re not. It’s happened to the best of us at one time or another.

42. She admits to having cheated on her boyfriend or husband in the past
*Ding ding ding* You don’t get any clearer warnings than this!

43. She’s a part of the female college sorority who’s male counterparts are the “Q-Dogs”
 These are what you call college groupies. Yes they got’em too! And Q’s are known on campus for getting down and nasty with the ladies. So if your girl is an ex or current Q groupie, you best believe she’s seen male organs of various shades and sizes during her school days! 

44. She ‘swallowed’ the first time she ever gave you head
 That right there has ‘ho’ written all over it…with a capital ‘H’! best believe your jizz isn’t the first time she’s swallowed. 

45. When you’re together late at night, her cell phone is constantly ringing at 1 or 2 in the morning
They call that time of night ‘booty call’ hours for a reason…

46. Guys from her past still buy her gifts or pay her bills
The only way he’s still paying her bills is if his name is tied to it…or he’s still tapping the skins. There ain’t too many altruistic generous money donors out there looking for some woman’s bills to pay. So don’t be stupid and gullible.

47. She tries to lock you down into a relationship way too fast
She’s trying to get you down that aisle and into the county courthouse records book before you figure out she’s a hoe and change your mind about seeing her. What’s the big rush anyway? Women who are trying to pressure you into marriage usually have an agenda…and its probably not in your favor. Now to be fair to the ladies: if you’ve been dating her for a few years now, she has every right to expect some sort of long term commitment out of you. After all: she ain’t getting any younger.

48. She has had sex with more than 2 guys in the same year
 Again: if a woman won’t value her stuff and treat it exclusively, why should you? Why should you commit to someone who obviously can’t even commit to themselves enough to make their body off limits to any dude who comes along whispering sweet words with flowers? Even a female dog (a real bitch) will only allow the best male dog to mate with her. He has to prove to her first that he’s worthy to plant his seed inside of her. Most average females these days require little more than dinner and a movie…some even less!

49. She has 3 or more visible tattoos on her body
I’ve come to discover for myself that females who carry multiple tattoos on their bodies are usually tramps. They seem to be looser sexually than women with one or no tats. I thinks its a respect thing for the human body…on some deeper psychological level. People who tat their bodies up tend to show less respect for their bodies than those who don’t. Again, this is my own personal observation.

50. She has the names of other guys tattooed on her body
 Not only is she easily impressionable; she’s not even very wise with it. Permanently inking some dude’s name on her body is her way of staying forever attached to that guy. You’ll always be number 2 or 3 in her life…based on how many other dudes she’s permanently bound to in her mind. 

51. She has a tattoo that reads ‘Hit it daddy’ on her lower back
 Now that’s just some outright ho mess there!

I’m sure there are more signs out there. I welcome you to leave any I may have left out in the comment section of this post. Be sure to check out my blog  Keep your eyes open playas!

Staff Writer; Mack Major ||

One may connect with this talented writer also through Twitter; NewUrbanView and Facebook; FlipTheGame.


98 Responses to “How To Tell If Your Girl Is (Possibly) A Ho.”
  1. Unbreakable says:

    It’s all about norms and traditions… Mac is on point for most age groups that are able read and comprehend this article.

    The primary reason humans study history is to be able to detect similar patterns in current day that may lead to a desired or undesirable outcome.

    Human behavior is where it begins- with tolerances and limits.

    Unfortunately men and women in modern day most lack integrity, morals, and values that lead to consistent sound judgment that is required to sustain a long-term successful committed relationship.

    Meaning in 2015 its easy and often accepted to be a hoe … man or woman, no one really cares anymore.

  2. QjonesLBC says:

    Damn, I found this post way too late,but I’m glad it’s been talked about. I fell head-over for a Ho from Long Beach, Ca. When we first started talking I used to ignore the shit load of male friends she had who were her Daddy’s friends or were the’home boys’ from her college days (Occidental College), yet very few female friends. Eyes always wondering and would talk loud when another Brotha was close by, just so he’d look at her. Turns out this little Ho (Jeanetta – I can’t give her last name…Sorry!) been turned out by everybody from the homies to male strippers and pornstars from Shorty Mac to Rico Strong! This ho was a for real size queen which is why she started talking to me after seeing me coming home from working out at the gym. She done admitted to fucking(or as Ho’s say “messin with”) her cousins’ homeboys, her girfriends’ homeboys, etc. Dem boys passed her around at Occidental cause she’d squirted all over they dorm rooms and they loved to talk about her ass at the barber shop I used to go to. How fucking embarrassing…Nasty ass ho! Anyway, her ho-ish tendencies hit a new low when her step cousins (botj males) got angry with her at a family gathering (I attended with her) because she would get them with her usual hug. Turns out this tramp used to have threesomes with them. That really fucked my head up real bad. I finally quit her when I was told by her same cousins that she was”messing with” some boy from Europe. Man sisters talk mad mess about us black men, but ya’ll really are worse. I can’t give ya’ll up tho. Love black women too damn much to give up on them.

  3. NYC Pineapple says:

    Whoa. Goodness. Someone emailed me this link and told me I’d find it amusing. And, well, he’s right. Lol.

    I’ve been with the same man since 1998 and then before that my high school sweetheart until 1996. I have two female friends. All of the rest are male. In fact, I am described on this page quite a few times lol. Oh well. I dont take it personally nor am I offended because it doesn’t actually “describe me” as far as what these things mean in the eyes of the author.

    I may not stereotype and make colossal assumptions like this author did, but I am not him and dont have his experiences. Yes, I whole heartedly and catagorically disagree with much of what he said here, but it isn’t like I’m naive to the fact as to WHY he may feel this way. He’s certainly entitled to his opinion.

    I hope he has found a woman of integrity by now. And if he has, I really hope he has just as much integrity about himself as well.

  4. Calcifer says:

    I think the Author of this Article is a hoe.

  5. says:

    Diary of a mad black man. If she breathes she’s a hoe. If she blinks she’s a hoe. If SHES human… SHES A HOE. Lol men. It’ll be okay boo boo. ?

  6. Drifter85 says:

    I had a big ass comment for this – that would have peeled a few scalps in the comments below – but I’m going to keep it…sort of short.

    Fuck it…it’s gonna be big…

    Dude is right. Just because you all – those disgruntle over his post – disagree and respond with ugly remarks doesn’t make you any better, or right. Your opinions are weak, filled with emotion, and lack of commonsense on how accurate this man is. Instead of bashing like a bunch of throwback pitch-fork wielding mobs – which I’d love to render you all to ash but hey, I’m only human…and bullshit for the LoLz — how about understanding where he is coming from and why. Now he is not right as in “Oh He Knows It All,” I mean he is right as in his accuracy on Ho’ism Red Flags. Sure one can reach error, but the shit happens a lot more than some want to accept.

    I use to be that fool loving a ho’ once. I left her (and her many Ho’ish ways) only to reunite after she met her karma. Now you can’t make a ho into a housewife, but a ho can change her future through her present. Think about that one. We all grow up, but some stay in their ways…sadly so.

    I learned my lessons and now aid others when they need advice. I don’t make them drink the waters I lead them to, but at least I can say I was there for those in need.

    And stop with the damn WHAT ABOUT THE MEN shit. We all know Manwhores Exist. Write your own damn articles on it, ladies. Damn! Hurt ass females.

    We all walk different paths. This world is huge. You open your brain and respect his experiences/views and maybe you too will leave with a sense of enlightenment.

  7. me says:

    LOL, this little article thingy is cute. Like a guy cant be one?…As if they’re all so innocent, doing no harm… And most of that crap in that article was saying how “she does this or she does that for the first time or on the first date”, but dont y’all ask her to do that???…I mean I may be mistaken..something like that. So this is what I’m being told: don’t fall in love with her if she tries to make u happy and she’s trying to forget her past?? Did I say that right? Yea? Okay.
    This generation is pathetic, and im stuck in this pathetic generation too :(.

  8. Positivity says:

    He who is without sin, cast the first stone.

  9. Morgan says:

    Whoever wrote this had a bad experience in the past and is using that as an excuse to seek out a strictly ‘programmable for him alone’ woman. I got news for him. If he wants the opposite of all those qualities, let him get clay and make the woman he wants. Human beings were never designed to be perfect and women are no exception. Men cannot stand the idea that the woman they love has a soiled history. Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone has their baggage from the past. It’s what you accept about yourself that defines you. Some hoes are actually better than the ‘virgin mary’ types who men believe ‘saved’ themselves for them. No one is a saint by a long shot and hence I don’t think there are virgins that are very common. But, if he wants a virgin, he might want to find a frigid vindictive shrew who has sworn revenge on men. I just look at what is available and find out what I can do with it. I look for what can bring spice into my relationship not some ‘holier than thou’ woman whose going to make me have roving eyes and I start keeping late nights and cheating on her or she starts cheating on me because miscommunication between us.

  10. Timothy says:

    I guess if your one dumb dickhead you would need this article to know if your girls a how or cheats on you, all you have to do is fuck her and look at her in the eye you will definitely know. If you can’t tell that way, that feeling in your balls, it’s not a medical issue you get that pain in your balls when your girls fucking some other dude. And then it’s time to move on!

  11. Independent_Systems says:

    Women can be hoes but men can’t? Not this drivel.

    I don’t care if my daughter isn’t chastice all the way to marriage, or even near that to be honest

    I WOULD BE CONCERNED…if my son was screwing hundreds of females every week.

    Even if birth control is 100% effective and he has a condom, its not normal and somthing is wrong. Humans (certain species of monkeys and dolphins) ENJOY sex. but everything in this world must be limited or chaos ensures.

    Why would you want a woman who just wants you?!
    You should advocate and instill or tolerate when she messes with other the open, why???

    Because I’m a male hoe…and I want a female hoe for companionship..(unless my six women don’t want to be with any other men, which is preferred but not necessary ((and will never happen))

  12. Me says:

    The only kind of female I’d even consider commitment with is some lifetime volunteer out in bumbfucked Mafutoh, trying to cure disease and feed little kids. She’s dressed in rags, won’t accept shit from her family and they’re rich, this is more important to her in life.

    Won’t be a sexlife, but her values and SOUL would be above reproach. She would be Christ-like and worthy of Godhood, think Mother Teresa.

    Short of someone like this, you are WASTING YOUR FUCKING TIME.


    With a LIST that long, you can pretty much justify homosexuality and they (gays) will too!


    Here’s another DUMB thing on American Society I will never get: Why do you parents send junior away to college as virgins? $50,000 of debt and all most of them due is explore each others genitals and the kegs at the party. I would send numbnuts to the bunny ranch in Reno, let him grow a pair, come back and work for a year and then he may go to college. Sending a “loaded gun” away from home is just a waste of funds and time!


    Have sex with a few VIRGINS while you’re at it,
    you’ll be chompin’ at the bit for a slut!

  13. Me says:

    All women are HOES, even my own mother married my dad because she was the bank teller whom received his paycheck every week and saw there was “Money in that family”. My dad cheated on her when I was 7, then told me to “ask out the bank tellers, when thye see you have money, they’ll go out with you”. Decided at 7 I wasn’t getting married and again when this was uttered. Obviously didn’t have the finest adults raising me, they drank… smoked…. had pizza brought in every Friday night and pointlessly went to the Catholic church every Sunday. Waste of time, this life is a waste of time and people are wasted energy! Now when I do want some sex, generally I will gravitate towards the sluts because I am NOT getting married, I am 54 and crippled anyway… it would be all about “family money” at this point and am generally alone and actually interested in DEATH at this point! Not suicide no, just something or somewhere that excludes this SHITTY SPECIES from its proximity.

    The “mating game” is a NO-WIN scenario regardless and this 51 point diatribe was pointless! OH….. and you forgot HOOP EARRINGS…. bitches with big earring are sluts, hoes and escorts! It’s like hanging out a sign in front of the gin mill: Happy Hour!


    One more point: “Let him who is FREE from sin cast the first stone”…

    If you’re AWARE of it, you’ve FUCKED IT!

    It’s like the preacher in Tenn. whom 10 years back said “they call it hooking up now”…. and HOW would you know that unless you were actually DOING IT, asshole?

    Anyone bitching about women being “hoes” and THEN “the Lord” is called out within the same writing is a FUCKING HYPOCRITE and they themselves will be subject to “the Lord”…… you DOUCHEBAG!

    Now pass the strippers and body lube….

    If I offneded you with my vocabulary….. WELL GOOD! Ciao….


    If you eliminate ALL 51 of these points from your objectified perfect potential partner, you will be dealing with a set of BOOKENDS. someone in a COMA or a NUN.

    IF yo uare seeking the perfect mother for your dickwads, look into ADOPTION because we really have too many LOSER KIDS on this planet now!

    OR you could donate all your money to children’s charities and slit your wrists because that’s effectively what CHRIST DID… a man whose BEST FRIEND WAS A HOE.

    So fucking SHUT UP and be glad you got it wet at all! No, I don’t like you. You’ve got 2 legs and are guaranteed PROBLEMS, why would I like you?

  14. Jeremy says:

    Yeah, my recent ex got like 20 of those out of 50. The whole pimp and gang thing seemed a bit far fetched, but you do find women like that these days. There are guys out there who don’t really care about these characteristics in a woman, but I surely do. Loyalty over everything. Sadly, it’s actually pretty hard these days not to find a woman who doesn’t make several checks on this list. I’m 29 years old, but I’m more old fashioned. Through my experience (and I’ve dated many woman on this checklist), my advice is to take things slow with a woman. If she gives up the pussy in less than a month, she may be girlfriend material. If after a month, she’s wife material. But again, it’s all in what you mind or don’t mind within a relationship. Swinger couples seem to be on the same page, but I don’t agree with that shit.

  15. Truth says:

    When she sleeps around you will know.

  16. BMthePrince says:

    Sad but true….And it sucks when you see 30 outta 51 apply to the chick your with at the moment. And come to think about i fell in love with looks and sex skills.
    No denying that. Found out for the past 3/4 months shes been seeing one of my plugs on the low claiming i treat her like shit and she was vulnerable. Heres a 34 yr old woman who has no abity to take responsibility for her life or actions. Just blames people for her hoeish decisions. And i was willing to move past betrayal cause of two years history but after realizing she was sending this guy texts of my convo with her about how he has a beaten coming for his disrespect via social media towards her, reality set in….not only is she and unloyal hoe, she will flirt with the enemie…
    Now thats just to disrespectful…
    Betrayal put christ in his grave….Evil hoe….

  17. Leah says:

    oooooooooooooh my gosh……..

    i can’t believe anyone took the time to write all this trash. honestly, i could not get myself to get past the first 2 points. whether you’re being serious or not, and whether you still hold these views to this day or not, i need to tell you how wrong you are because even though this was written in 2012, you clearly still have people reading it in 2015 and that worries me because it’s basically contributing to a very nasty mentality that ‘hoes’ are subhuman creatures. literally just read all the comments your bitter bros left. so let’s get started!

    ONE: “if you let me pound you out on the very first date”??? if you ‘let me’?? PLEASE you’re a grown ass man, two adults make a decision to have sex, it is not one sided. you write this to warn your bros about hoes but you forget that if they have sex on the first date, your bro was in on it too? why isn’t he a ho? why shouldn’t girls watch out for him? the reason why you don’t hold your bros to these standards is very simply because you hate women.

    TWO: “she’s bi-sexual” I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THIS ONE so thank you for that, i guess!
    “To me, bisexuality is really just another term for ‘freak’.” good thing bisexuality and its dictionary definition are not up for debate. you can’t say, “to me, cats are just furry human babies” or “in my opinion, abraham lincoln is still alive” because it’s not a matter of opinion or perspective, it’s an objective fact. just as cats are their own species and abe is very much dead, bisexuality is a legitimate sexual orientation. here, i’ll even give you Merriam-Webster’s definition: “sexually attracted to both men and women”. notice how it doesn’t say ‘freak ho’. by now, the 21st century, i think we’ve pretty much established your sexual orientation is not something you choose, so i don’t see how it shows a ‘lack of sexual discipline’. in simple terms, the only difference between bisexual people and heterosexual or homosexual is that the list of applicants is slightly bigger. this misconception that bisexuals are loose hoes who can’t commit is ridiculous. sure, i have the ability to be attracted to more than one gender but if i fall in love with someone, i’m sticking with them. now whether i’m unfaithful to them, that has nothing to do with bisexuality. homosexual people can be unfaithful and so can heterosexual people.

    maybe you should stop and think and analyse your feelings and behaviour towards these ‘hoes’? and while you’re at it look up what ‘misogyny’ means. i honestly wish you the best of luck because if i ever met you at a club the chances of me fucking you would be 00000000000000000% and trust me, girls are smarter than to want any commitment with someone like you. i’m telling you this as a girl who’s dealt with mountains of insecurity her whole life, no one is going to put up with your hateful sexist shit for very long, no matter how much they hate themselves.

  18. Real Spit says:

    This is too real and I’m reading this in 2015. This generation is full of hoes and women jealous of their ways. It’s really hard to find a woman who finds these points organically strange and genuinely strives for one man romance leading to love.

  19. buddyugly says:

    I agree what u say about 75 percent pretty good I think the most tell sign is how many kids she has and I feel alot of women have slut pass but the issue with the black women is the social media the younger ones I speak of I feel women have reached there boil point and I’m referring to black women they have little to choose from I think for the most part they slit like they do for reasons like u said,attention from the men they I programed to mate with but there is so much competition between them they thirsty to do what ever gets there attention, but it’s the lack of black men out there set as role models not just for the boys but for the females there needs to be another Martin Luther to reach out to the black community cause or women or men our being extinct, through aids, gun violence, and jail it is just ridiculous we need to fix the hoe problem with or women amongst other things, cause it will just get worse, more and more by disproportionate numbers of black women living that lifestyle, because of intenet and poverty it is getting worse it’s the blatant sign of a loss race of people

  20. unknown says:

    True:#’s 47,37,11,14,21,26,39)

  21. My girl is definitely the number one slut in queens. I was banging her 2 months after she had a baby with some other guy. Due to the fact that she had a baby I couldn’t fuck that dirty ass pussy until 2 months after she had that baby. I remember after the baby was a month old she could only blow me no sex. What’s funny is she used to suck my dick then go home to her man and her 1 month old baby. I’m gonna marry this slut. I got the #1 whore in Queens. I’m so happy.

  22. BRad says:

    Awesome post, very honest and from my experiences I agree with most of these things.

    Especially agree with the fact this is one of the last articles i have seen that has not been infiltrated with feminist bullshit.

    I am going to use some of these points in a survey and create one hell of a upraw within the next 2 months.

    I will post back soon with something.

    Nice article

  23. Jay says:

    Great list but this was not out in time for me and most of the info I did not know till well into the marriage. 1) first visit to her home, 3) lots of male friends, 5) greets every guy with a hug, 6) more male friends, 15) no sexual limit, 16) loves Zane (but so do I with her ;->) 17) more than one sexual partner at a time, 18) Sex with more than 10 (thats a virgin) mine claims over 40, 21) ho friends, 34) visits family, I’m not invited and you can’t reach her, 35)Loves the club she is 53, 39) admits to being wild starting in 20’s, 41) We were intimate about a week when her BF shows up at 1am (This should have made me run), 42) she won’t admit it but I know she cheated on her first husband, 45)phone goes off all day and night IM’s she takes in private, 48) more than 5 guys in single year. those are what she matches on your list, now what not on your list, per her, she is not sure but almost 20 abortions, exhibitionism the older she gets the worse (she does look good though), If she sees a guy she feels is attractive especially in a crowd she will run into him and feel him up on accident of course, She discuss how to have multiple sex partners with her daughter and not get semen mixed up. daughter said ugh. Most of this I found out over the last few years because of medical issues feminine issues and she got scared and started talking. Some I fount out yesterday when i inadvertently saw a love letter from her new\old lover, the same guy that came to the door at 1am 14 years ago. I went straight to the doctor ordered STD STI test full battery. At the moment I can’t even look at her don’t want to touch her. Just nasty

  24. Sentenced-Man says:

    I read this great summary too late. Hence I can confirm that it is so true…

    I married a formed hoe (“reformed slut”) only to be left some 20 years later. Lost house, 4 dogs, 3 children. Have to pay for all of them. She lived on my income. Left with her inherited wealth, leaving nothing … I learned she add multiple ONS without protection until lastly she fell in love with a professor (female hyper gamy, I guess). He however was smarter than me and let her down in time. She’s back on the cock carousel. My children are the true victims, she doesn’t really care for anyone but herself – my mother was so right when she warned me about her wicked ways…

    Guess what? Had I known and had I believed in the signs described above, this would never ever have happened to me. Btw, her name is close to Maryse (Holder). Any questions left?


  25. Enlighted Bruh says:

    I really enjoyed reading the article. Unfortunately I do believe what the good books says, “…whatever you sow, you reap.” I was wild and I thought two ex-hoes could turn the corner. I wished I had remembered #1, #3, #11 (not that her mother was one but she inadvertently soaked up some of mom’s philosophies and outlook). #14 (not raped but her Dad physically abused her mom and she became jaded. #21, #41, #42, #47, #48. I can honestly say I fell in love with her sex skills. LMBO.

  26. kevin says:

    I think that women can have a vast sexual experience being labeled a hoe. Just have quality sex with the few characters that you are in a relationship with.

    I also have this theory going on that I want to hear our thoughts about:

    you know a women will say if can can be promiscuous (in the terms of having multiple sex partners and being praised for it) but women can’t? Well I think that is due to the over-hyped taboo connotation that sex has in America and with the media always talking about who is having sex with who. And there are the men that validate others or themselves based on if their virgins or not. But I think women also perpetrate this type of behavior. If women were more accepting of male virgins then I don’t think some men won’t feel the need to validate themselves through sex. I think there are more men who are accepting of female virgins than male virgins. Many women will end the relationship solely based on sexual performance instead of having the patience to work with the guy.

  27. Youdontknoweveryone says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. My hopes are that those who do read your articles, and others who choose to read any opinion based blog understand that “one must think for themselves,” and consider what you feel is valid, but discard what you can’t prove for a fact (with hard facts). Love you my brothas and sistas!

  28. gee wiz says:

    Ya Im a little late to comment….but honestly, this article is legitimate. I’m 28 and I’ve ran into several hos ..had a kid with one. This article is accurate. Can we talk more about church hos lol. Slime is everywhere.

  29. David says:

    To all the haters especially women.You HAVE to a make a choice in life whether to be a woman with limited sexual experience or a hoe/slut, and no 99% of people don’t change! If you have to do the hoe thing then you don’t deserve to have a good man later on because you made a choice earlier.I know woman who “changed” and don’t slut anymore but karma came back 10x harder than what they put out.They settled down in a happy marriage and one day OUT the blue the husband comes home and says he not in love with her anymore and wants out of the marriage, it’s happened to countless women I know over and over.What women don’t understand is your the gatekeepers to sex.Yeah, you can have some sex experience but you and men can have far too many partners which means you broke some hearts and angered alot of people, and you will pay for that whether you believe it or not, so go play then later get your ASS truly kicked because it definitely going to happen.I’m no prude but the sexing, anything goes all over the world has gone far above board and thats why marriages are not lasting more than 7yrs.Remember sex is powerful no matter what form.Alot of people are dead or in jail because of sex from being hurt, jealous, slighted, lied to and played with.

  30. timekilr says:

    Alot of this makes sense its not necessarily applicable to EVERY woman but there are alot of women who fit this category there are tons of sluts out there say goes for frigging men out there but doesn’t offend – don’t give a shit anyway cuz I’m not them. I like this article gave some may not be accurate but it possibly is.

  31. Mack says:


    I’ve lived in 5 states.

    So let me make sure I get this straight: because I have aunts, sisters, a mother and female cousins, I’m supposed to assume that they were only women of the highest most noble character, who never did any hoochie stuff in their pasts? What planet you been living on homie?! Don’t you know that when Ike Turner or The Temptations were touring, in every city they went to there were scores of women throwing panties on the stage, waiting to ambush them in the hallways of their hotel rooms? And this was back in the 50’s and 60’s. Who do you think all those females were who became groupies back then? They’re the same ones who probably raised you and me! And that’s just some real adult talk right there.

    Truth is: your mother is as flawed as my mother is, as well as millions of others. Their being family members of the female gender doesn’t exempt them from having done some hoish things in their past. They just don’t discuss it.

    This article wasn’t written to empower woman or to denigrate them; it was written to enlighten my brothers. Hence why it was placed in the ‘brother’ talk section…

    And far as i can tell, the world has only told black women how great and successful they were WITHOUT the black man in her life. Or haven’t you been following all the ABC and CNN specials about successful black and single women?

    And where did I state that I would still have sex with a woman in spite of her past or not? Obviously you’re referring to my comment about bisexual chicks. I guess you have personal reasons for why this particular one bothered you above all others on the list, but let me assure you: I make no apology for what I said. Most men out here would tap the skins of a fine chick, even is she was bisexual. Most probably have anyway without even knowing it.

    As for me being full of human excrement, I alleviated that problem several hours ago. 😉

    And finally, as for the type of woman I choose to marry, she certainly won’t be an active participant of what’s on this list. I value myself too much for that, and advise my brothers out there to do the same. And for the record: former sexual promiscuity doesn’t necessarily make for a bad wife; but denial of one’s issues definitely does.

  32. Davido says:

    This article was written from obviously a person who lacks wisdom and has only gained his experiences from living his entire life I assume in one state. You have a mother, sisters, cousins aunts, how do you know if they have not met some requirements on this list. Your argument or advice is flawed highly, rather you should try to empower women, not subject them to what this world has constantly accused them of. And the irony of it all is you state such a list but would end up fucking a girl who does all of this whether you knew of her past or not. TBH YOUR FULL OF SHIT, and time will be the judge of the kind of woman you marry.

  33. JudgedBlackWoman says:

    This is some serious bull shit. You need to write an article like this for men as well. This is beyond unrealistic and extremely selective. People make mistakes and people change. Does that mean they do not deserve a chance at having a good man ever in life? You are being EXTREMELY JUDGMENTAL. You do not judge someone until you have had a chance to get to know them. By writing such a column, women should be aware of brothers who obviously feel they are superior and without blemish.

  34. natalie says:

    “White man” …i mean black woman, i am not sure why you are so critical of brother macks article. One of the few sites whose writers have not been indoctrinated by feminist idealogues of the many mainstream sites that do.

  35. Eric says:

    always has to be some kind of overseer (wannabe),,he saw Thy”Blackman” & aww shit, let me see what the N’s are up too. Keep speaking the truth Mack, like u said about “a hit dog” right…..peace

  36. White Man says:

    Hey Mackass,

    Why does this site have a section called “Speak Your Mind” Tell us what you’re thinking? I thought all opinions were welcomed.

    You do know, you write for a media venue that starts with W W W in case you don’t know what that means (World Wide Web). If you can’t take the heat then don’t put your stuff out there for everyone to read.

    Also, you should have higher expectations for this site and your work; just reaching out to black men limits your audience. In addition, be secure with your thoughts and opinions, if you’re a writer, then judgment and criticism comes along with the territory.

    When’s the last time you read the Join ThyBM Staff section, I just read it and it sounds like this site is not just geared to black men, it speaks of enlightening the community. Community is not just one group of people (black men) it includes population and the public as well.

    One sure way to loose your readers is to insult them just because they criticized your work, smarten up dude!

  37. Mack says:

    Yo White”man”:

    I didn’t expect my article to reach everyone; just those for whom it’s written: Thy BLACK MAN. This is a site for MEN last I checked. This is not a site for white cuckholding. And if that went over your head, google the term for more clarity.

    I don’t kiss women’s asses, and I don’t suck up to them. That doesn’t mean I hate black women. It just means I have a backbone! Something I’m quite sure you lack. I don’t Internet beef, nor do I hide behind my computer screen. You can actually click on my name and see what I look like. I don’t really believe you’re a white man. Probably just another disgruntled sister, mad because your particular hoish ways got exposed. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

    See, guys like me that were actually raised by a father and mother, have a healthy respect for black women. I love sisters enough to tell them when theyve gone astray, as opposed to feeding into their bullshit just to make them feel warm and fuzzy. Real love is direct and forward at times. Plus I love my brothers enough to put them up on solid game, so they can avoid making mistakes out there.

    Now don’t you have some angry black feminist website to go trolling on? GTFOH

  38. White Man says:

    Yo! MACKASS U just proved several things to the world:

    1. You are hating on women, POWER TO THE PUSSY, because it messed you up

    2. You probably were raised by a single parent, who with all good intentions,
    didn’t have the time to teach you much, especially about women

    3. You’re hurting, a woman really hurt you, good for her, Power To The Pussy

    4. You’re in the closet, just come out and stop taking your fears of what you are, out on black women

    5. You need to go find your father and cry for a hug, but he’s probably an asshole too

    6. If you were my son I would disown you, I’d take my belt off and give you the spanking that you obviously are reaching out for

    7. Your writing style, your choice of words and the way you think just proves that black women are out numbering black men by leaps and bounds in everything from maturity to experience, to education, to parenting, to nurturing, to paying the bills

    8. Now when they start putting your asses down, then what will you call them “Bitches”

    9. Black men are still failing their women

    from a White Man, who can’t believe you were hired by this site or company to represent them.

  39. Eric says:

    all i have to say is NICE!!! i know it may be offensive to “some” but there is alot of truth to this column…..& also brother you gave a ton of knowledge away for free. you should be compensated lol…

  40. Mack says:

    Wow. I see I ruffled a few feathers on this one! It’s all love at the end of the day people. But I do find it interesting how, though this was written for MEN by a man, certain women and dudes of a similar persuasion decide to speak up on the topic. You know how the saying goes:

    If the shoe don’t fit, don’t put it on.

    But there’s also another saying that ties in to this:

    A hit dog will holler. *ROOF*ROOF!

  41. Sam says:

    14. She was molested or raped in her younger years
    Is that some kind of sick joke!? That women who have been through that deserve to get shunned. You are a disgusting human being.

  42. wishuwould247 says:

    Women that use the 90 day rule. Most of them use it when they meet good men but don’t apply it to bad boys. So while the good men are spending their quality time, energy and money on them, at the end of the night when he drops her off at home she is calling that bad boy to get her rocks off so she can keep from giving that good man some. I feel thats happening in most cases because I have been on both sides of the fence. When some women see you as good and some see you as bad then you learn alot about how they do things.

  43. BHAA says:

    I wasnt even going to hit the read button on this article but i must say something now that it has been read. I want to know who took the time to write this? Whomever did I hope they take the same amount of research skills and use it towards something to better humanity. I am not a “ho” loose person but god forbid if i was no list is going to deter me or teach me any better and looking at a few of the men in my very own family i do not believe it would deter them either. Instead of preaching on what a person should not do or should look out for i (this is truly only my opinion) believe you should be telling them about the women in which whom would help build thier lives better. Like the qualities and good signs. If you’re teaching someone about a “ho” then they obviously dont know so now all they are going to know is about a ho! Teach them/ fill thier brains with the good qualities to look out for and trust me if they are dealing with a loose woman they will know because she will not posses the qualities in which you teach. The person will enlightten them on thier ways and exit the relationships or teach them better but dang dont just dog them out. I will speak up for the males species so im going to definitely speak up for the womans. ====lastly, I know a male whom had loose tendencies. I couldnt lay with him nor could i place myself at risk with him but i would never dog him. I pray for him, even til this day that God will show him how to be with a woman securely. he finds comfort where he goes for a reason. I pray one day in his lifetime he gets to experience that comfort with a decent woman, whom may help him grow and harness thier relationship. Be careful what you place in the universe for thats what you feed it. Pray for those woman and sometimes men. Pray for em’-God bless

  44. the brain you don't have says:

    This “mack” has to be the worst writer ever. Wow. The grammar and the syntax alone is horrid without even mentioning the subject matter which is even dumber. Here’s my article: “How to know if a blog writer is possibly an idiot” (link to this article). Get a clue dude.

  45. Donne Redd says:

    @ sankofa:

    Yes, Hon.. Triad Relationships, they do exsist! But these are relationships for folks who wishes to just keep the committment down to only 3 (2 men,1 women)(2 women, 1 man)(3 women)(3 men) However the folks want to make it..

    But remember, maturity must be there and not everyone can be mature. If someone gets jealous or have a “agenda” all that can fall apart. Everyone must be on the same page to make it work..

  46. sankofa says:

    what the fuck???Triad relationship? Your two cents is noted. Mack, bro man, I think i met/knew a couple of before.

  47. Donne Redd says:

    “Coming from the “I” and I alone, It’s a good thing that everyone is entitled to their opinion..

    I like to comment on the “Bisexual” area. FYI: As an Educator and A Director of an lesbian/bisexual Organization, Not all Bisexual women are “freaks” and do believe in committment. there are Bisexuals that are in long-term relationships with either a man, or a woman. and there are some that are in a “triad” relationship and it’s works. it all depends on the maturity of the people involved..

    Education about Bisexuality is very important so that folks can be aware and have better understanding..There are websites about bisexuality, check them out..U will be quite surprised of the information you will find! Just my 2-cents!”

  48. Mack says:


    Thanks for the comment.

    You know, I thought about that one. But I don’t think women do that because they’re ho’s. Sometimes its more about getting attention from the thirsty dudes out there. So maybe they’re attention-hoes? But the perception is definitely that she’s a hoe either way. So good point.

  49. Realman says:

    If she walks around in public showing her thong and ass off. I don’t think you mentioned that one.

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