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Tall, Dark and Handsome?

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( Here’s a quickie for you fellas out there:

Contrary to popular beliefs: Women don’t like tall dark and handsome guys. What they really like are the feelings they think they’ll get from being with someone who is tall dark and handsome. If you can make her feel these feelings just from being with you, she’ll fall in love with you; just as if you were Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington.

Tall: Women like to be with a man who can make them feel safe and secure. She wants to know that if something jumps off that requires physical protection, the guy she’s with can handle it. Give her the feeling that she is safe and secure with you.

Dark: Be mysterious; hard to figure out. Stop telling everything about your life upfront when you first meet a female. Stop telling her about the things that went bad in your last relationships. I have a policy when first meeting women: I never volunteer info about myself. You wanna know more about me? Ask specific questions. I try and keep the topic of the conversation aimed at her, so that she tells me all about herself. I try to remain a little dark and mysterious in my demeanor; hard to figure out. Be more like a jigsaw  puzzle…the kind with 10,000 pieces that takes forever to build. She’ll enjoy the challenge of getting to know you.

Handsome: No woman wants to be with a guy that another woman doesn’t already want. So learn the art of being desirable. You may not have the natural looks of a male heartthrob. So you should follow the example of guys like the late great Notorious BIG:


“Heart-throb? Never
Black and ugly as ever, HOWEVER
I stay Gucci down to the socks
Rings and watch filled with rocks…”


If you don’t have it in the natural looks department, find a way to increase your looks. Start by keeping your hair cut on point. Dress better, cleaner, maybe even a bit more on the tastefully flashy side. Improve your shoe game by upgrading your kicks…buy better quality cologne to wear. Get a gym membership and start working out in earnest. Improve what you can about your physical looks, but don’t rely to heavily on them. Instead rely on being who you are: your natural personality and your game.

Don’t fall for the trap of thinking you have to pay for a woman’s affection through expensive gifts and dinner dates. Those things are nice additions that should only be introduced when you’ve put in a whole lot of time in already establishing a relationship. In other words: all that stuff comes after the relationship has been established, NOT before. Doing them just to impress a woman is deceptive on your part and gives her a false sense of who you are.

It doesn’t take money and muscles to impress a woman. You should only be using who you are: your personality and your natural energy to impress her. Anything more is just a distraction.

Remember: its the feeling a woman gets from being with you that causes her to fall for you. Your money, looks or job have little to nothing to do with it. Give her the feeling, and she’ll give you her heart.

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