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Monday, June 25, 2018

Brothers, Phone-Niquette: 12 Tips for Professional Behavior on the Phone.

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None of these are acceptable ways to answer the phone-hence this weeks topic, Good Phone Etiquette.

In business weather you work for yourself or for somebody else how you deal  with people on the phone can sometimes be as important as your appearance since in some industries you may never see your clients.  Here are 12 Phone Basics to keep you at the top of the communication game:

  • Answer the phone as quickly as possible.  Your clients time is valuable and they want to know that you feel that way as well!
  • Speak directly into the receiver and use the speaker phone feature as little as possible.
  • When you answer the phone in a professional manner say, “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Thank You For Calling Classy, BlackGirl, This is Sharelle.  How can I help you today?
  • When on the phone with somebody, treat it as a meeting.  Be as professional as possible and do not be late for a phone meeting.
  • Ring Tones, Ring Back Tones and the like on cell phones are like Trix and for kids-trash them for a professional lifestyle.


  • Always make sure that the telephone is hung up positively before making a comment about the meeting or before beginning another conversation.
  • Putting your clients or colleagues on hold for a short time is acceptable, but not for more than 30 seconds.  If you cannot do that, and the incoming call is urgent, quickly reschedule.
  • When working from home make sure that there is no outside noise that can distract from the call such as animals barking, children asking for candy, televisions blaring or you eating or preparing food. 
  • Easting food, chewing gum and throat lozenges are a big no-no when on the phone.


  • Having a side conversation such as greeting another person or buying something while on the phone with a professional(or personal) contact is just RUDE.
  • Not paying attention and texting, typing or moving papers around while you are on the phone is incredibly rude and shows your lack of interest in the conversation.
  • If you dial the wrong number, apologize, verify the number that you have is incorrect so that you don’t call them back again.  Do not just disconnect the call, this is rude and Caller ID is REAL.

Bonus: VoiceMail VauxPas – Make sure that as soon as you distribute your number that you have a basic voicemail set up, make sure that your voicemail box is never full, and check your voicemail.

Your Classy, BlackGirl keeping you Upgraded so that you are always IN THE GAME when it comes to good communication, a professional image and good etiquette.

Upgrade yourself, your image, your lifestyle and your business!

Staff Writer; Sharelle D. Lowery

Her Team at Classy, BlackGirl takes the Urban Business and Upgrades It! that YOU can do business equally in the playing field!  Contact them at 510-414-2369 Direct or online at


One Response to “Brothers, Phone-Niquette: 12 Tips for Professional Behavior on the Phone.”
  1. hoodgirl says:

    Great Article. It is a good business practice to never let the phone ring more than once, never place a caller on speaker, never hang up the phone before the caller and always press the lever to hang up the pnone.

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