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Whitney Houston Secret Life.

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( I swear folks really do like to show their behinds after someone has passed.

No, I’m not talking about Bobby Brown and his entourage/uninvited family members, who decided to ignore the immediate family’s request that attendees bring only two or three additional guests to Whitney Houston’s funeral and then made a scene/spectacle because he couldn’t get his way.  We’ll just chalk that up to the silliness and family drama that often occurs at funerals.  No, instead, I’m talking about LGBT Activist Peter Tatchell, who penned a piece for the UK Daily Mail entitled,  “Whitney’s REAL tragedy was giving up her greatest love of all – her female partner Robyn Crawford”

Oh yeah, folks get real messy and ballsy after someone passes. They start fighting over money and estates and challenging each other over who loved the deceased more and showing up at the funeral to declare that they have been having a secret affair with the deceased for 20 years and have several children in another state – unbeknownst to the deceased’s faithful wife.

But Tatchell, who as far as I know didn’t attend the funeral, claims to have inside knowledge of Houston’s alleged lesbian affair with long time assistant/best friend Crawford. According to Tatchell, he met Whitney and Crawford at an HIV vigil in London in 1991, where Houston was speaking in support of people with HIV.  He says that, “When I met them, it was obvious they were madly in love. Their intimacy and affection was so sweet and romantic. They held hands in the back of the car like teenage sweethearts. Clearly more than just friends, they were a gorgeous couple and so happy together. To see their love was infectious and uplifting.”

He then goes on to say that homophobia undoubtedly added to the pressures on Whitney to stay quiet about their relationship and is a contributing factor to her early demise. According to him, “Whitney was happiest and at the peak of her career when she was with Robyn. Sadly, she suffered family and church pressure to end her greatest love of all. She was fearful of the effects that lesbian rumors might have on her family, reputation and career. Eventually she succumbed. The result? A surprise marriage to Bobby Brown.”

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11 Responses to “Whitney Houston Secret Life.”
  1. toomanygrandkids says:

    When they got married, Bobby and Whitney were drug addicts. Everybody knew it. They were rich drug addicts who could afford to do buy large quantities of drugs. Crack, weed, and Bobby mentioned that he had done every drug known to man. Whitney said on Oprah that they bought/did volumes of drugs. “Somebody out there made a whole lot of money,” she told Oprah. That somebody was the drug dealer(s).

    Ever since Whitney’s been in show business, her and many other “stars” (even regular ppl) talk about God this, God that. At any given time, they’ll recite scriptures as if they’re giving a lecture when all along they are sinning more than folks who don’t go to church. Whitney said on Oprah that “God’s spirit was the best spirit one could have,” or something like that. Well, folks don’t realize that it requires more than God’s spirit alone to pull yourself thru rough times and hardships. It also requires YOUR OWN spirit, heart, mind, and strength. How does God’s spirit prevail when in your mind and heart you have a weakness for drugs or any other addiction? Drug addicts love getting high b/c they love the feeling of being high. Whitney was no exception. When they showed a pic of her in the back of a limo, I wondered if they picked her up in the projects. Being rich and famous doesn’t hide the look of drug use.

    Whitney’s death was caused by Whitney and her addiction brought on by her brother introducing her to crack.

    Whitney’s powerful voice was hailed as a “national treasure.” It’s a shame that she didn’t treat it or herself as one.

  2. toomanygrandkids says:

    There’s a book titled “Good Girl, Bad Girl” written by an ex-body guard named Kevin Ammons. He was a married guy having an affair w/ Whitney’s publicist Regina (forgot her last name). He mentions the lesbian relationship between Whitney and Robyn began when they both attended a summer camp. They were teenagers and neither one of them had any real friends. In the neighborhood where Whitney was raised, the girls were jealous of Whitney. Her mother, Cissy, would dress her up like a ‘princess’, starched and ironed dresses, dress shoes, and she wore barrettes and ribbons in her hair. Many times Whitney would come home from school with her dress torn and ribbons snatched out of her hair by kids who bullied her. Cissy made Whitney go back and fight those female bullies. Thank goodness. Once she fought back, they left her alone.

    If I’m not mistaken, it was Bobby Brown who said that his marriage to Whitney was indeed a matter of convience. Of course, he stated this years later after their divorce. By this time, the ‘lesbian rumors’ were fully in effect. In his book, Bobby only verified what the public already knew. Whitney and Bobby’s marriage was suppose to get rid of those rumors. Not with this Regina chick telling the author all of Whitney’s personal business. He mentions the ‘drag out’ fights between Whitney, Robyn, and Bobby. He told Robyn, “I’m not sharing my wife with you so get used to it.” He couldn’t’ve been talking about business-wise b/c Robyn was her assistant so I believe he was referring to their sexual relationship.

    Before Bobby even came into Whitney’s life, she was doing drugs. We now know that her brother Michael was the one who introduced her to crack cocaine. He finally confessed to the world. With Cissy sitting beside him, Michael told Oprah that it was him, not Bobby, who got her hooked. Him and the other brother, Gary, had been in and out of rehab a million times before Whitney and Bobby even hooked up.

  3. Brian Wayman says:

    Dear Friends of Whitney Elizabeth Houston,

    I am writing this letter to you today in an effort to reach out and touch those in our lives for which we admire and respect because of the GOD given talents they are blessed with and who have sacrificed and devoted their lives to entertain all us. With all their access to fame and fortune, easy availability of unlimited drugs and alcohol prominent within this industry and the sudden death of young talented and legendary artist such as; Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Mikey Welsh, it has come to my attention as one of their fans and a Disc Jockey for many years exhibiting their music that something more concretely needed to be done. We must bring to light the causes of their early deaths and take actions to protect them from themselves and the sometime irrational decisions they make that bring theirs lives to early demise. To ensure Whitney Elizabeth Houston’s life causes and her death would not be in vane, I proposed that every artist within the entertainment community take the following Entertainers Standards of Conduct Oath and to become the “Wingman” for someone they admire, respect, love and care for. Let your voice be heard and demonstrate through your works and deeds that you loved Whitney as much as she loved each of you. I pray it will help each of you and all of us who could use a little intervention from time-to-time as we struggle with the demons in our lives.


    Brian Wayman Layton, Utah 2 /19/2012

    In Memory of Whitney “Elizabeth” Houston

    Entertainers Standards of Conduct Oath

    Because you love me and because I love myself, I _______________________________ , hereby solemnly swear before my GOD, my family, my closest friends and the professions for which I am beholden, to uphold the following standards of conduct as a condition of my employment throughout my contractual obligations. Because you love me and because I love myself, I will maintain the highest levels of personal and professional integrity by setting the example through righteous living both in the publics view and in my private life. I will not bring shame to my GOD, my family, my friends and employer by indulging in the abusive, dangerous and unhealthy pleasures of evil. If I am exhibiting lawlessness and reckless behavior, I will cease that behavior immediately and be the caring and loving person GOD wants me to be. I will not abuse or consume harmful and additive drugs and chemicals substances legal or illegal into my body nor will I offer them to those around me. I will only surround myself with those who truly care for and love me and I will separate myself from those who would harm and enable me to self destruct. If I am in trouble, I will seek the recommendations and accept the professional help that I need without repercussions because you love me and I love myself so help me GOD.

    Written by: Brian H. Wayman Layton, Utah 2/19/2012

    Take the pledge today and get on the path to recovery.

    Can you help get this out to Clive Davis, Cissy Houston and others who could propell this effort forward?


    Brian for the love of our artist!

  4. MLd says:

    Sorry for the errors it’s the add to that, Whitney once said in a interview that once she’s gone there would be stories about her. This was a intelligent lady. What I find kind of strange with all of these stories about her being gay or one has mentioned that maybe just maybe she didn’t go by titles. Maybe they were in some sort of relationship that wasn’t defined by a title but simply by love. She never once said no I haven slept with Robyn and I’m sure she would never say that but I’m just saying she didn’t say that. She did say she loves everybody. She did say that she was a mother..she said the obvious of which you can use titles but sexuality isn’t about titles. I think that she was with Robyn and Robyn probably was the only girl she’s been with, but I also feel like it wasn for us to know because if it were then we wouldn’t be here playing the guessing game or assuming. She denied it for a reason and I feel like if it were true it was a good reason. It’s called a personal life for a reason

  5. MLd says:

    I don’t know what her sexuality was and neither does any of us. Only Whitney, Robyn, god, and her know the truth and just like everyone is trying to out her while she’s dead is the exact reason why it would have been horrible for her if she would have came out. As far as drugs, none of of know when it started. Jennifer holiday isn’t a reliable source for all we know..she wasn’t specific. She said that they were around it. I find it somewhat hard to believe this because there are way too many people who have come forward saying it started with Bobby. One of he bodyguards says it all started with Bobby brown and he hate him for that. One of the people who worked for her who no longer worked for her stated that she told someone Whitney likes bad boys and she had a bad feeling that Bobby would bring her down and it happened. It’s obvious Bobby influenced her because she always seem to feel the need to stand by him and make sure he was mentioned. Een on oprah she said when it Started and she also said that she wasn’t getting high aloe try always did it together. Either way, she tool responsiblity ad didn’t feel the need to Blame but we saw when she turned the corner so no need to rehash that. As far as het being gay, I could see it but at the same time it’s like women can’t be best of friends unless they are gay..I was tortured and tormented in highschool because everybody thought me and my best friend were that close. She was my only friend and they made up some of the most ridiculous rumors I’ve ever heard in my life. We can talk about the addiction until our head turn blue, but what we should talk about is hat caused the’s depression…what caused the depression..I’m sure there is a laundry list of things that w don’t know about, but the media and tabloids put ther stamp on it and made things worse. People should stop lying and stay out of these people business and let them live and enjoy life like all of us want to do. They are human who make mistakes just like us

  6. Letty says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble but Whitney was in fact in a relationship with Robyn they denied it because of her image family society and record label pressure. It was no secret to us on the inside of the industry. They even moved in and lived together for 4 years Whitney dedicated albums to her and she was her assistant. I too feel that that led to her demise she could never be loved and accepted for who she really was. She had to put this front all the time and carried too much on her shoulders and she buckled under all that pressure

  7. faux pas says:

    good read. I could not agree more with many of the comments. sexuality is fluid. we love who we love. period. no judgement here. thanks for posting.

  8. Milagros says:

    After reading the story about Whitney again sounds kind of biased and a bit racist to me..Too much drama for me..Like has been said by untruthful This is inaccurate fodder for the media and other haters

  9. paul says:

    Whitney dead because of article like this she was a addict before she met bobby brown states Jennifer holiday on cnn when she you’re. Forced to live a lie you look for escape through other means god bless Whitney she had no one to love her

    enough to tell her to be free instead they let her smoke and drink herself to death all because they didn’t want there checks to stop

  10. Milagros says:

    As much as i loved the voice I hated the voices behavior I am glad that Whitney is now out of the Picture for her sake and the sake of others especially her daughter. I also hope that the rumors concerning her daughter are not true and that if they are they can be STOPPED RIGHT NOW VS ALLOWING NEGATIVE DRUG USING BEHAVIOR TO CONTINUE LIKE HER MOTHERS WAS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE.

  11. Untruthfull report says:

    This article is full of inaccurate information, no one should take it seriously.

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