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Raising His Righteous Nature…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) “The World Teaches You How to Make His Nature Rise; I’d like to Teach You How to Make Him Rise into His Nature

Sisters I know that Ebony, Cosmo and whatever other magazine that you faithfully read tells you how to seduce a man, how to drive him crazy sexually, how to entice him and they lead you to believe that by doing all of those things, you will be his woman. While they teach you how to make his nature rise, I’d like to teach you how to make him rise into his nature (God).

Let me break a few things down. Having sex with a man, doesn’t make you his woman, it just makes you a woman he had sex with.  Whatever/wherever you intentionally appeal to is what you will receive. You appeal to the lower nature of a man, that’s exactly what you will get. Nothing more; nothing less.

Sisters, are you telling me that all you have to offer a man is your womb?  You think your sex is kryptonite and will just render a man helpless right? After you make his nature rise then what? After the act is over; then what? What are we left with besides stained sheets?  Your womb does NOT come with an iron  clad guarantee Sisters! Having sex with a man doesn’t guarantee marriage, security, or stability, what it will guarantee is continued emotional and mental wear and tear on our bodies, minds and spirit.  Why is that we seek advice or instruction from those types of magazines when the BEST instructions resides in the Bible? Does the Bible not speak on the importance of a virtuous woman? Is not her price far above rubies? So why are we cheapening ourselves?

Since so many of us focus on making his nature rise, let’s talk about “nature“.  We were made in God’s image right? So the nature of God is in US. What is HIS (a man’s) nature?  A man’s nature is to protect, maintain, secure, defend and provide.  Sisters, you think a man will protect us, secure us, defend and provide for us all because we creatively brought him to an orgasm? What did you offer besides pleasure?  What can he expect from you, outside of making him FEEL GOOD?  You think a man marries a woman solely based on the fact that he can have sex with her? No a man marries a woman he can MAKE LOVE to and WITH. By making love I mean when a woman introduces a man to her mind and he falls IN LOVE with it, when a woman introduces a man to her spirit and he falls in LOVE with it, when a woman introduces a man to her character and he falls in LOVE with it when a woman shows she is a woman of God and he falls in LOVE WITH her because he sees God in her.  He loves her enough to “make” her his wife, to “make “a future, to create children with her, that’s “making love“.

Now what is YOUR nature Sister?  A woman’s nature is to nurture, console, support, and comfort.  Women were created to be HELPMEETS. That means that we HELP our husbands to achieve their fullest potential, we HELP our husbands reach their goals, We HELP them be GODLY men, by being GODLY women FIRST.  When we help our Men “rise” into the thinking of God, it is then we will experience TRUE ascension.  Your womb wasn’t created as an “incentive” or a bargaining tool for marriage, your womb is the privilege AFTER marriage has already taken place.

Men need to be fed mentally, spiritually and emotionally as well. As much you think he wants a freak, at the core of his essence he wants a woman with substance. I know this world tells you that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach or lower desires….but I can definitely tell you it is through the path less traveled….”his mind”. When a man seeks a wife, he probes her MIND more than anything else, because while he realizes that in her womb is where his legacy will be cultivated; he further realizes that in her mind is where his legacy will be CONCEIEVED.

A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than Its Woman“.  So Sisters, let’s rise from the bedroom. Let’s rise above our waistlines. When WE rise, so does HE. When WE lie down so does HE. We can’t have vertical outcomes with horizontal thinking and actions. There is only so much we can accomplish on our backs. Contrary to what you’ve been taught, a man wants his MIND BLOWN…above anything else. Your brain is your most powerful muscle…learn how to work that!

Staff Writer; Nojma Muhammad

To learn more about this talented sister, feel free to visit; Nojma Reflects.



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  1. ALee says:

    This. This right here is powerful! Thank you Sister for this!

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