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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Washington Politicians, Shame on You All…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) My America is land of the free and home of the brave. But this is only in theory. The actual truth is that the bravest folk in our great nation are those who think, read, who are of the middle and lower classes have no insurance or jobs and tend to be in the military. Yes this is the back bone of our great nation and all of the rest seem to be holding on milking other for their ride.

Take for example our politicians. All I can say is “shame on you.” You cannot do the work of the people and tend to only do what is best for your wealthy associates regardless of party affiliation for the simple truth in policy, action, and money there is no distinction between any politicians in Washington. Last I heard Obama was just as bellicose as Dick Cheney and has dropped more  bombs from drones than Donald Rumsfeld ever did.

What if any, additional evidence do we need to see that our political system is completely broken? These super committee fools couldn’t eve come up with at least $1.2 trillion in deficit cuts over the next decade I a two month period. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the U.S. national debt has passed the 15 trillion dollar mark and we are facing trillion dollar deficits – can you say national financial disaster. Now we are going to have automatically triggered budget cuts of $1.2 trillion in starting in 2013. And I wait and see because mathematically, we may not have even this many in cuts since they include almost $170 million in savings projected to occur as a function of reduced interest cost on our national debt.A national debt that just last week went above the $15 trillion mark.

Yep folks, shame on them, they are too weak, ductile and fleecy to roll up their sleeves and do some actual work. They are not brave enough to do what needs to be done and should be ashamed since our men and women fighting over seas in wars they did not ask for are the epitome of bravery.

But what can we expect, my America is a nation that gives a single mother more time in federal prison for lying on her food stamp application than anyone involved in the Wall Street mortgage fraud, sub-prime lending or complex paper schemes that help produce Americas and the worlds debt based conundrums. Last week, U.S. District Judge Henry Wingate sentenced Anita McLemore, 47, the mother of two teenage children, to three years in prison. The mother of two pleaded guilty in July to one count of submitting a false claim to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Temporary Assistance and Food Stamps program.

Ms. McLemore, received $4,367 in benefits. This in comparison to six defendants in two related mortgage fraud cases involving fraudulent loans totaling about $5.8 million received sentences ranging from house arrest to 30 months in prison. In addition to the three-year sentence, Wingate fined McLemore $250 and placed her on supervised release for three years after serving her sentence.

These fools obviously do not get it, from Obama to the Congress, they do not have a clue; they cannot see that as a nation, there is a very good chance that we will suffer another major credit downgrade on U.S. debt. And if this happens, a large proportion of the financial transactions that occur worldwide would not be able to happen if that takes place. No one with the exception of Ron Paul (this is a must see video of Dr. Paul in 11/19/11). He would end the Federal Reserve and starts issuing debt-free money, and move to cut our budget deficits. All these folks on TV want to do is fix a broken system, without out acknowledging that it became broke in 1913, prior to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the national debt was only about $2.9 billion.

We are in the last days of the Euro and the Union possibly and we are no better as a nation. According to U.S. Representative Betty Sutton, America has lost an average of 15 manufacturing facilities a day over the last 10 years and last year alone, as a nation we lost an average of 23 manufacturing facilities a day . Data reported by the Economic Policy Institute, notes that our economy loses more than 9000 jobs for every $1 billion of goods that are imported from overseas.

And what do we have to show for it? A dysfunctional Supper Committee, a Dysfunctional Congress and a dysfunction White House Administration. I am sorry but shame n all of you Washington, DC politicians. We are suffering, we see the problems, but you don’t and will not listen to us. But why should they? The average net worth for a member of Congress is now approximately 3.8 million dollars and more than 50 percent of the members of the U.S. Congress are millionaires.

Staff Writer; Torrance Stephens
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2 Responses to “Washington Politicians, Shame on You All…”
  1. 1iberty4all says:

    Thank you for the video link to Ron Paul in Iowa with the newspaper grill session. I’m surprised that informative video is not more readily available in many google searches.

    I feel for the mother that was given the overly punative sentance. Fraud is a very serious crime, but the motive for a mother to fraud for her childern should have been considered by the judge in that case, and he should have stepped in, reguardless of the jury decision. I would hope that an appelet court and judge provide some humanity to the law in this instance.

    The only solution is to send people to Washington that uphold the Constitution. Slick promises are not enough to get the tough work done. Only those that respect the Constitution will find the resolve to not wither under the external influences.

  2. James Davis says:

    Raw Dawg, I think you made some very valid points. It really is all about money. When I saw that piece on “60 Minutes,” which showed Congress passed an insider trader law that sends American citizens to jail but exempted itself, (Congress)from the same law, I knew in my heart that Congress was dishonest. For how can you call yourself legitimate, when you have a law which allows you as a member of Congress to make millions of dollars trading stock on information not released to the public and punish your own citizens with long jail sentences for doing the same thing. Remember the saying, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)
    Where are the good men and women. Where is the outrage. Were there ever any good men and women? http://www.sslumpsum.com

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