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Checking My Ego!

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( This article is a web writing series in response to Oprah Winfrey’s Lifeclass — conducted virtually via the internet from October 10th through October 15th, 2011

I decided to enroll in Oprah Winfrey’s Lifeclass this past week. The promotion was so enticing. Oprah Winfrey televised a sneak preview of the class online that will offer participants, for one week, a list of questions about their lives. The talk show host also talked about how she would also answer the questions about her own life. Before I did anything else, I checked into my class online. I then turned off everything with a battery, except my television, and tuned in. The classes are interactive online if you don’t have cable through Facebook or via the OWN Network.

Tonight’s Lesson: “The False Power of Ego & Question: “Where does your ego get in your way?”

I wanted to make sure that I really answered the question honestly. I believe that is the best practice when doing something of this caliber to see results. Okay, so what have I been going through as of late? I recently had a conversation with one of my professors; she stated that she gave me a particular grade, because she had to edit my work. I was livid, and listened to her tell me how she would not allow me the opportunity to make up the points. I kept feeling at the time that my professor thought I didn’t know how to write academic papers, and that I did not understand the lesson.

My ego stepped in and had me believing I was in the right about the situation. However, talked with my mom and a few other people about it, I had to humble myself once again. Despite my professor having the power to give me a grade that she wants, does not mean that I am less than.  Yes, she actually put a minus sign on my grading rubric. I had to really think about where she was coming from too.

After the phone conversation with my professor, this weekend, I decided to check over my assignment that was due this week numerous times. Needless to say, my eyes hurt, and I had too much coffee in my system. I turned in everything today and felt complete. I took the proper steps for the editing process (I did allow someone else to check over my work).

What I learned through this lesson is despite how someone feels about my work or art form, it is me creating, thinking, writing, and analyzing it all. I will never see life like anyone else. I believe that is fair too and is common sense.

 I understand that listening is always the key in any situation presented. I will always do that first and then respond. I have to be fair with myself to: My ego doesn’t have to get in the way in any situation unless I allow it. I can always do better at any given task at hand and that is fair in understanding the flip-side of things.

I checked my ego tonight.

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