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Troy Davis Case; Polls show President Obama should have spoken up.

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( In a recent Your Black World survey, the majority of African American respondents (56.9 percent) believe that President Barack Obama should have spoken on behalf of Troy Davis before his execution last week. Davis was put to death after a pile of questionable evidence emerged over the years showing that there is a very good chance that he did not commit the crime for which he was executed. Former FBI Director Williams Sessions said that the case had too much questionable evidence for the execution to go forward, and prominent figures from around the world, including the Pope, former President Jimmy Carter, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton all fought against Troy Davis’ execution. 

While the majority of black respondents felt that President Obama should have spoken up for Troy Davis, 34% believed that he was right to remain silent.   Another 9.1% of black respondents said they were not sure.
Respondents were also asked if they feel that either President Obama or Attorney General Eric Holder should have attempted to legally intervene in the Troy Davis case.  While the federal government cannot legally stop a state execution, Davis’ death could have been delayed by ordering a federal investigation.  An even higher percentage (65.8%) of black respondents believe that either Holder or Obama should have tried to legally intervene to stop the death of Troy Davis.  Another 26% said that they were right to not attempt to  legally intervene and another 8.2% said they were not sure.
President Obama’s decision to speak up on behalf of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates after he was arrested on his front porch two years ago lies in contrast to his silence on other questionable acts of injustice committed against black men
Some would argue that the president missed an opportunity to revamp his waning black support by speaking up on behalf of Troy Davis, but others might argue that it would be politically risky for him to step in on such a controversial issue during election season.  Whether the president made the right decision on Troy Davis is up for debate, but his silence leads many to wonder exactly where he stands on issues that matter to “us.”
Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins
Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition. For more information, please visit


5 Responses to “Troy Davis Case; Polls show President Obama should have spoken up.”
  1. Levern johnson says:

    First off name man should be allowed to decide a man/womens faith wit a damn injection. NO man should be able to say if a person should die.No man but GOD.No i do not belive that davis did it. I personally think tha case was that they looked at it like this. A black male killed a white male. The state of georgia has alot of racist people there anyways.. And i do hope god have mercy on the souls of the people who decided to make that decision. And the person who gave the injection. And for the bitch that was on the news smiling after the injection. Somebody should have smacked yo ass so hard.

  2. James says:

    Obama is no stranger to speaking up for white folks in trouble. Two Israeli/US hikers/spies caught in the mountains of Iran. Another in Cuba arrested for spying. Raymond Davis who killed two people in broad daylight on a crowded street. Spies in North Korea. Even a billion dollar thief in Russia (with Israeli passport of course). Obama really does know how to open his mouth for white people and especially jews. Black folks like Troy Davis – even after many of the top legal scholars – including former prosecutors, FBI directors, pope, Jimmy Carter & an extremely long list of some of the top political activists in the US & around the world question the evidence used to murder Davis, Obama says its not his policy to “interfere.” What a sorry, cowardly, pathetic human being. Obama is one of those negroes who forever tries to please the most racist and right wing white folks. With this final incident, he can be guaranteed the absence of one vote less than what he had in 2008. Personally, if I felt I had to vote for the lesser of two evils, Satan himself would be the lesser evil to Barack Obama.

  3. Akpama K Reuben says:

    I am not an American,but a Nigerian. i feel this had to do with human life, regardless of tribe, color or nationality, and as the President of America i expected Obama would have gotten involved in the case. One day, some is going to ask the President, why he did not intervene. its really going to be painful and hurting to his family,friends and we his supporters, who felt he should have atleast, had another trial, if with time it is proved that he was innocent.


  4. Adam Morris says:

    This isn’t just a black issue. I’m white and I’m outraged. I called the WH, Eric Holder, and GA Governor and Parole. I’m incredulous and pissed. It’s a human one and I am very disappointed in our leadership. I hope Obama goes on the record about this, someone’s going to ask him about it at some point.

  5. BlackBeauty says:

    What poll?

    How many African Americans were “polled”?

    Again, this is another foolish commentary by Dr. Watkins (who should know better) that is intended for the sole purpose to incite black people!

    Where has he been for the last 15 years? Why not a mention of Troy Davis until the controversy started?

    Stop the crap Dr. Watkins. Intelligent, thinking black people are not taken by your unworthy, emotional commentary. For a man who is supposed to be a “scholar” you are limited in your research and on subjects that could be a help to black people. Of all the problems/issues we have this is what you come up with.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Davis is dead!

    Move on to something else more productive!

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