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Friday, June 22, 2018

Ron Paul America’s Hope for a future…

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( I would like to say the new world has not been in such a despondent state of precariousness since King Manuel I set Vasco de Gama loose of to this region from a village on the Tagus River in 1497. Although the same level of disease and pestilence may not be present, a future of slavery and servitude just might be.

Americans, especially African Americas, please wake up and stop falling for the okie dokie, this free thinker cannot think freely for us all. Historically we had jobs and our dollar was worth something in most cases when backed by Gold.  Now with internationalist and globalism we do not because in decades prior, we would have stopped the outsourcing of jobs by imposing tariffs. And I anticipate things only will get worse before they get better for taking advantage of idiots is what politics is all about for the Obama administration and the republican led congress.

Yes Virginia, they are all in the same gang. They are all millionaires protecting millionaire interest, not your or mine or the average American. I just as, Tea party of Obama supporter, what do they have in common with you? Nothing, your wallet can empty and your house can foreclose but not theirs. True Obama at least promulgates a plan while the Republicans have no plan, but his plan worked for all in congress and the senate regardless of political affiliation.

Although the US consumer base is probably the largest in the world and buy more stuff than any other nation, our politicians both republicans and democrats only gives away access to the best market on the planet. Jobs will only return via a top level educational constituency and manufacturing growth. the only way manufacturing jobs are going to return to this country is if corporations find their foreign made products cannot compete with American produced ones.

Dr. Ron Paul understands, for if Obama or the congress did, they would have proposed a value added or import fee to raise the cost of foreign made products to the comparable US produced materials to mathematically negate foreign cheap labor. Yes 3rd grade math would advocate such. Lesson being, if a company desires to sell in America, then make it in America. This would also go a long way to assist in paying down the nation’s debt – but what do I know as a free thinker?

In terms of a corporate tax rate of 35%, most US corporations don’t pay anything near that if anything at all, since the corporate share of income tax in terms of all income tax collected is about 7%. Part of the decrease is due to the moving of companies off shore. Part is due to the loopholes and tax credits that companies use to decrease their tax. A flat corporate income tax would help solve the deficit. Tariffs would force more companies to do business here which increase the corporate share of income tax. Obama’s jobs bill speech indicated he was not on my side and it broke my heart. I know he is smart enough to understand what is aforementioned, but it proposed nothing that would help the average American and actually sounded as if his sole goal was to fire up his union base: union construction, teachers and other public sector workers like police and fire persons.

Although Obama’s plan does not do enough, a proposed 1.5% GDP increase in 2012 with 1.2 million – 2 million jobs isn’t bad given the Republican congress as his opposition. But facts are facts, job creation requires more than yelling, demanding and good subject verb agreement when many parts of the world, pay is around 15 dollars a day or lower. Nothing in his plan deals with this, or preventing jobs from being shipped out of the country or even maintaining Davis-Bacon act wages. More interesting, it Seems Obama forgets us little guys while Republicans ignore us. The many who do not have a drivers license, and now on a felony probation for not paying child support, and as a result not able to pass background checks, or who have a bad credit report due to becoming one of the long-term unemployed?

America, any dream of days of yore may be over. The Middle Class has disappeared along with manufacturing. All we have is quasi-sovereignty and our debt is eroding that. Only a question of time when what we see in the streets of Greece, Italy, Israel and Libya takes root here. There are no shovel ready jobs in America, we don’t even have shovels let alone make them anymore.

Staff Writer; Torrance Stephens
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17 Responses to “Ron Paul America’s Hope for a future…”
  1. belle says:

    Wow, someone in the media who actually understands our economic problems and can speak intelligently – and eloquently – about them. And, who recognizes that the solution is…Ron Paul Congratulations, Mr.Stephens, you are a diamond among a whole bunch of media rocks. Ron Paul 2012.

  2. Donn says:

    Finally!!!! Someone has enough sense to state the “jobs” problem as it really is.

    All of the stimulus money the Fed can print won’t overcome the fact that our economic base is gone and it ain’t coming back.

    America became the greatest country the world has ever seen because of our manufacturing ability. Let’s face it, after WWII, we had the only standing factories in the world because all the rest of them got bombed to hell. We had the resources and the knowledge to “own the world”.

    Now, all of the politicians talk about creating jobs. Really? How do they think we are going to compete with virtual slave labor and no environmental restrictions? Every trade deal we have signed simply makes it easy for other countries to sell their stuff here, but we can’t sell shit to them because our union workers make more in a hour than their slaves make in a week.

    Wal-Mart sells nearly a billion dollars worth of goods a DAY. 93% of it is made in China. We have an American company who is nothing more than a retail outlet for China. Thanks to the real hidden tax, (inflation) we can hardly afford to buy China’s shoddy things, much less true American quality, if we even make that item anymore. Try buying ball caps for your little league team that are made here. Good luck!

    What America is about to learn is that we are following in the footsteps of the many fallen “empires” that litter history.

    I’m going to predict that by November 2012, there is going to be blood in the streets and probably Marshall law. That’s going to make an election impossible. The fascists have already won. It’s just a short amount of time now before the general populace realizes it and revolts. Thanks to the so called “Patriot Act”, the powers that be can do ANYTHING they damn well please to us and it is legal. The average American citizen doesn’t have a clue about how all of our rights guaranteed by the Constitution have been stolen without a shot.

    Too bad we didn’t have enough sense to elect Ron Paul the first or second time he ran, we might of had a chance to save this Country then. Even now, the voters are too stupid to realize that everything he has said for 30 years has been dead on the money.

    My dad told me way back in the 60’s when Barry Goldwater was defeated by a landslide that the American people didn’t have enough sense to elect an honest Government. It’s pretty obvious he was right.

  3. larry says:

    One problem that I see with this article is that you say many corporations don’t pay an income tax. Wrong, none of them do. We as consumers pay the tax when we buy their product or service. Any corporate tax gets passed on to the consumer.

  4. J says:


    No. I’m quite intelligent.

    Again, I’m a Ron Paul supporter. And I see the bias (you could call it way worse) in the majority of mainstream media about Ron Paul.

    My other comment also wasn’t an attack aimed at the article writer, Torrance. But this article, which is important, could have been more professional.

  5. Dean W says:

    Praven is not quite correct in assuming Dr. Paul wouldn’t rely on tarrifs more. As I understand it, 60% of Federal expenses are paid for by non-income tax sources. Dr. Paul’s official plan is to immediately eliminate the IRS and Federal income tax, which would require a 40% reduction in Federal spending. The balance of Federal income would be through tariffs, etc.

    Can you image President Paul immediately after the inauguration, informing every worker in the country, they would have an extra $100 to spend in their paycheck come Friday? Every Friday? There will be the most incredible economic boom. BOOM!

  6. RestoreThis says:


    It seems you may have a reading comprehension problem.

    Excellent article, Torrance!

  7. J says:

    I’m a Ron Paul supporter, but this article should be revised. The spelling (missing words and letters), grammar, lack of commas, formatting of sentences, etc. is borderline atrocious.

    I read your last article about Ron Paul, which was much more professional than this. Please revise this article? It doesn’t accurately convey what you’re trying to say. It almost reads to cause confusion.

  8. Mila says:

    Mr.Torrance – Another fine piece of journalism. Again, the detailed analysis is very appreciated. Can’t wait for your next article.

  9. Josh says:

    I like that you support Ron Paul, but RP would most likely never approve of imposing more tariffs (unless they came in conjunction with other greater tax cuts.) However, you do have it right that Paul is the only person who could fix our economy (for too many reasons to list).

  10. Vhan Wolfe says:

    Great read. Some small grammar mistakes, but not bad at all. I have also wondered how we could stop sending businesses over seas, & making it so that we pay more to produce goods over seas could make it so that instead of looking to hire people over there they would over here.

    I thought of a thing that would require any American who did business overseas would have to still be forced to follow our laws. In that they would be forced to pay the same rates, & have the workers gain the same protections. I thought this would force us to only hire a work force outside the US for better reasons than to use others poor circumstances.

  11. pravin says:

    this is pretty dumb wrt want to impose tarrifs on foreign goods?you want them costlier? you know what -since you think tarrifs are the way to prospertity,why not implement inter state and intercity in nyc will remain there then,possibly.
    tarrifs are a bad idea .how can making stuff costlier to purchase be ANY GOOD at all. this is seriously poor economics.something ron paul will never approve of.

  12. Sus says:

    I felt the same about the presidents plan that he was just throwing more money at the uion people

  13. Thep says:

    Thanks for the article. I hope this election’s change favors those who walk the walk instead of just talk about it.

  14. Dell Gines says:

    “In terms of a corporate tax rate of 35%, most US corporations don’t pay anything near that if anything at all, since the corporate share of income tax in terms of all income tax collected is about 7%. Part of the decrease is due to the moving of companies off shore. Part is due to the loopholes and tax credits that companies use to decrease their tax. A flat corporate income tax would help solve the deficit. Tariffs would force more companies to do business here which increase the corporate share of income tax.” – Torrance

    Taxes restrict production and growth, which reduce employment, consumption and investing, which improve the economy. Any consideration to “close tax loopholes” in favor of a flat tax would have to weigh the relative pros and cons in a global economy.

    It is precisely because we have corporate global mobility that taxation and tarrifs do not necessarily do what you assume they will.

    Remember corporations exist to maximize shareholder value, which is done through consistent growth of profits. On an income statement, taxes serve as a reduction in revenue, which reduces shareholder value, and also impedes the ability to reinvest for growth.

    If I have 100 units of net profit for example, currently, and have and increase in taxes by 50 units, that means my net profit is reduce by 50. So to retain profitability that means either I cut expenses (workers are an expense), or I relocate to a more tax friendly environment (which many corporations are doing).

    You can’t tax your way to deficit control, when it is a spending issue. We need to bite the bullet and cut stuff. If we are going to raise taxes it should be on the upper threshold, and potentially a consumption tax.

  15. Army Officer says:

    You have it right. Thanks.

  16. betty says:

    Keep up these great articles Mr Stephens! I’m an old white broad and I love ya! Go Ron Paul 2012!!!

  17. garban says:

    Right on brother!

    Ron Paul 2012!

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