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Faking The Funk President Barack Obama…

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( “Fake the funk and your nose will grow.”. Those words by American poet George Clinton weren’t exactly correct. We have been faking the funk but our noses aren’t growing. However, our noses are certainly “wide open”. Collectively, we have had this big love affair with our current President. Why all this love? It is simply because we have proclaimed him Black. Yes, Black like us but the fact is he is not Black like us—far from it. His father was a Black Kenyan, who he hardly knew. His mother was absolutely  White and for the most part she raised him along with her Indonesian husband  in Indonesia. After that he was given to his White grandparents. These were his formative years and there was no Blackness in any of the aura.

It shouldn’t matter what race our president is but we have made it very important all of a sudden. We blindly voted for him despite signs a social agenda and anti-capitalistic philosophy. These indicators turned out to be true and, yet, we still support him simply because we proclaimed him to be Black. If this is Black then we should go for orange, green or something different. Don’t worry, it is not Black. We should start regarding him for his actions. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wisely proclaimed “Judge on the content of one’s character not the color of one’s skin” but however we have violated that admonition.

There are not many Blacks advising him either. The two highest ranking Blacks in the White House are of a similar ilk. One was born in Iran where she was partially raised and then went to England. The other is biologically Black but was raised by White adoptive parents. Listen, they look at us and see a group of people who they don’t understand. There is a rub here and it is taking its toll on us. We must mature and stop giving a pass to people whom we assume think like us when it is clear they don’t.

Oh how it hurts. It is like a failed marriage. The more we try to make it work; the worst it becomes. Even the Congressional Black Caucus is starting to become very frustrated. It is getting real bad when Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Congressman John Conyers start calling the President out. But they have no choice. America, as a whole, is in a recession but Black America is in a depression. Our unemployment rate is the worst it has been in our life time. There seems to be no plan. I remember the late Adam Clayton Powell once stated, “Vote for the man with the plan”. There is no plan y’all.

Will there be a plan soon? There had better be one and it should be brilliant at a minimum. Our nation is starting to economically wither and Americans must hold our leaders accountable regardless of their race. If this failure continues we must consider upgrading. We cannot let race get in our way. As the late Thurgood Marshall once stated, “Show me a white snake and then show me a black snake and I will show you two snakes.” I do hope my point is getting through. There is no time to put our heads in the “sand” and hope things will get better.

One day we will have a Black president. Some of us thought President Bill Clinton was Black. He was probably the closest thing to it. Let’s be patient and vote wisely as our future and our children/grand children lives are on the line here. It is a matter of national security and our legacy that we choose wise and committed leaders. There have been great presidents, average presidents and poor presidents. Our constitution and love of individual freedom has gotten us through the bad times and wrong decisions. Let’s remember that it is our democracy that makes us free. Big government and bias decision making are not the ingredients to that greatness.

African-Americans are the pride of the world. People everywhere admire our resilience and determination. From that lineage we will produce more great leaders. Some will become entrepreneurs, corporate executives and, yes, great politicians. We must study each and every person before we decide who should lead us. He or she may not be Black but there is nothing wrong with that as true leaders can be of any color. Be non partial in your decision making. Each elected official must further America with greatness and that means progress for all Americans regardless of color. We should never accept defeat or poor performance because of race. Let us stop faking the funk and address our economic predicament.

Written By Harry C. Alford   



11 Responses to “Faking The Funk President Barack Obama…”
  1. planetofsong says:

    quote “African-Americans are the pride of the world. People everywhere admire our resilience and determination. ” unquote.

    Prove it! And stop whining! Oh and stop killing each other, even when you are rich rappers! Because then the oh so victimized, society is at fault, blah blah, just doesn’t hold up. Maybe, you just are ‘different’, regardless of whitey being at fault for Everything.

  2. planetofsong says:

    We want we want. This is always the case. Government Cheese, they solve your problems from free handouts. Really?
    How DO they Do that? With non existent printing money! The Government is Broke!
    It’s high time people stopped looking to broke Daddy to solve their personal problems. Government is not your Sugar Daddy, Savior Baby Jesus, or Fix it Man. That’s other peoples money you are living on. Get up off your lazy ass and make a living, like every other non loser in this world. Christ, you’d think a living was ‘owed’ to you for being a sweaty, pissy, whiner.
    Get a fucking life. ANYONE CAN DO IT. Unless you are a useless piece of shit.

  3. KoolBro says:

    I see my people have awaken. President Obama seems to have no problem pimping the black vote. We shall see how many head to the polls this time around. We want jobs among other things.

  4. michael says:

    I agree so much with @GetPrissy

  5. James Davis says:

    If this is a call to arms, what is it that we are rallying around. If this is a rejection of our President, on what basis do we reject him. The connecting thread which runs deeply through your statements has to do with our economically dire circumstance. We brought Mr.Obama to the dance and now your prescription to our economic depression is to leave him. Is there someone else you would like us to attach ourselves to. That doesnot sound like the proper thing to do. If we thought enough of him to bring him to the dance, shouldn’t we support him. These are challenging times for him. Let us at least wait and see what he comes up as a plan to get us out of this mess.

  6. Dell Gines says:

    Get Prissy. What is a pseudo Black intellectual?

    I have a mixed set of feelings on your post. I am not an Obama support, primarily because I am not a democrat. I am not a republican either. On another post I wrote a pragmatic defense of some of Obama’s policies that were in part similar to yours. I also agree with you about the fallacy of supporting Obama because he is Black. However I don’t think it is because he is Black alone that he is supported, it is because he is a Black democrat. I don’t see us rallying around Herman Cain. So that context has to be applied as well.

    A few things I would like to discuss further about your post: In relation to jobs, opportunities, and educational qualification. By what standards SHOULD a president be measured by? You analysis is ambiguous in the context of presidential measurements specifically as it relates to us Black folks as are the Obama detractors. You are measuring policy outputs as opposed to policy outcomes. Should a president be measured in what he is trying to do versus what he actually accomplishes? In fact I could make the equivalent argument around generalities like you for every President in the history of America. So in your opinion, what exactly should a Black American analyze to determine the success or failure of Obama by?

    Secondly, you state, “why don’t you use this blog and your obvious gift of words to bring educational and social unity to “we Blacks”? Dating Do’s & Don’ts and Why You Love Being a Black Father seem awfully minuscule in comparison, no?”

    There is a wide range of topics on this blog. I find it very well rounded and balanced which is why I am more than happy to write for it and promote it. Maybe you should consider writing for it also.

    In regard to your slight against some of the other post I must say disagree. I don’t find them miniscule at all. I was a breakout panelist at a Black male success summit for over 250 young Black men ages 9th grade to 12th here in Omaha Nebraska. 5 Years ago we had the highest Black childhood poverty rate in the nation, 3rd highest Black poverty rate. Per capita we have one of highestrates of Black on Black violence in the nation also. These kids, like many of our kids in urban metropolis’ are live within this reality everyday.

    That is the context for this next statement. In an instant poll, 51% of these young brothers said their father has played no significant roll at all in their life. Over 60% said no role or minor role. 25% of them said no Black man has had a significant role in the history of America.

    The point being that articles about the joy of being a father are pretty damn important. Rules about dating, and preparing for significant relationships are pretty damn important to our condition.

  7. @GetPrissy says:

    I would love to consider this as a legitimate call to action, but there is no basis. Unfortunately, “Staff,” asking us to reject Obama because he is NOT “Black” is the same ad hominem fallacy as supporting him because he IS “Black.”

    Personally, I believe all of the pseudo-“Black” intellectuals have made the same mistake as their Tea Partying detractors: they’ve looked at favorable statistics that support their bogus claims that Obana is not working to help Black America.

    Ye dissenters love to spout off unemployment rates, and Black net worth averages. What you fail to also spout is the number of jobs available in this country, which is in the hundreds of thousands. You fail to mention that “we Blacks” don’t often qualify for these positions because of our levels of education. You ignore the fact that, up until the latest round of porked-up legislation, Obama supported reform that made it cheaper to go to college and get the required skill set. And, as icing on this double-chocolate cake, you can’t seem to understand that by keeping the Big 3 in business, he was protecting thousands of jobs that “we Blacks” ARE qualified for.

    Instead of blaming a bureaucratic government whose job it has never been—and will never be—to protect the interests of and repay the injustices to “Black America,” why don’t you use this blog and your obvious gift of words to bring educational and social unity to “we Blacks”? Dating Do’s & Don’ts and Why You Love Being a Black Father seem awfully minuscule in comparison, no?

  8. planetofsong says:

    There actually IS a Black agenda. Too bad no agenda can be reached in a corrupt politic like we have today. Get it: It’s a Class war, with Banksters winning no matter what skin color. Blacks being 13% of the population but 30% of the population are losing their homes, 44% of the people are on food stamps, that is 1 in 6 families in the nation. And most white people do not have a gang related/drug dealing infrastructure to fall back on. We don’t know how to pimp our women out to pay the bills, they just don’t play like that. They have this shit called ‘paternity’ that actually makes you PAY for your babies! You have to get a job. It’s shocking!
    13% of the population cries and has cried oh so much for 150 years- we all walk on glass before you. Not your fault, ever! Never, never, never. Its always someone elses Fault.
    Guess What? It’s everyone! not just your sorry ass.

  9. michael says:

    wow what a loser! Harry C. Alford if you are too sensitive then maybe you should leave blogging alone.

  10. Readyformorechange says:

    Oh man, who is this Harry C. Alford. He expresses my sentiments exactly. Would you want your son or daughter be given a “pass” just because of their skin color? Especially when they must compete in the same society as anyone else. Of course not. why would anyone be given this pass if the proformance is subpar?

    Unemployment should be address with the same vigor as the Big Three Automobile Makers (who after being bailed out, went on to give themselves multimillion bonuses), Wall Street. etc.

    Is this the change we were promised two years ago? I think not…..Keep on stating the truth, one day we will all wake up and hear the truth. Skin color does not pay the mortgage, feed our families, educate our children. Thank you, Mr. Alford!!!!

  11. Hello says:

    There is no “us.” “Black” is a skin color, not an ethnicity. Please educate yourself. There are millions of people who can be physically characterized as African-Americans who don’t “share” a point of view, an interest, etc…There is NO black agenda and when people like you realize that, the NATION will be better for it.

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