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Why aren’t African-Americans outraged at Obama over economy?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Between 2004 and 2007 I was a spokesperson and liaison for minority media at the Republican National Committee, and I routinely fielded questions from black journalists about what the Bush White House and Republicans were going to do about the “alarmingly high” 9% unemployment rate for African-Americans. People were outraged when I had the audacity to point out that unemployment was still pretty low (the overall rate was 5%) and that there had been record-breaking continuous and consecutive job growth month-over-month. No matter, the black community was still in a “crisis.” And it was all the Republicans’ fault.

Apparently it still is. After all, who else can be blamed? Some folks get downright indignant at the mere thought that Obama would be challenged on this issue. Others dare not question his administration, perhaps for fear of  being labeled racists. Others find themselves, as I recently did, engaged in a heated discussion with a brother who insisted (to the point of calling me a liar) that unemployment was far higher under Bush than it is under Obama. I also recall (during the Bush years) one angry young sister in a long line outside a Washington, D.C.-area gas pump when prices were $4 a gallon screaming how it was “all Bush’s fault.”

The economy has been far weaker under President Obama than it was under President Bush, which is why Obama’s disapproval rating on the economy is at 60%. Even after all of the bailing-out and “stimulating” that was supposed to create jobs and bring us back from the brink, we’re at over 9% unemployment nationwide. The unemployment rate for African-Americans stands at 16.2%.

Conservatives aren’t surprised by the economic consequences of Obama’s failed policies. What is surprising is the deafening silence among my counterparts in the press corps. No outrage. No outcry. Not a peep. People aren’t asking the same questions of this president that they asked of Bush. Where are the critical, “non-partisan” voices who spoke out against Bush? Are they calling the DNC and demanding action? Are civil rights leaders blaming “racist” Obama administration policies for not getting black folks out of these dire straits? Where is the equal-opportunity reporting?

It’s no coincidence that the Obama administration has begun to ramp up its so-called “outreach” to black Americans by touting a new African-American White House webpage. It’s not because President Obama has been successful at closing the achievement gap between white and black students, delivering on substantive health parity issues that plague minorities or creating incentives to help jumpstart minority businesses and create jobs. It’s because that’s what Democrats do when it comes time to court minority voters. They pull out the spit and polish to ensure the shoe looks shiny and new. It would behoove black media and GOP hopefuls to pay more attention to the worn-out sole rather than the shine.

Written By Tara Wall

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4 Responses to “Why aren’t African-Americans outraged at Obama over economy?”
  1. Sapphire says:

    Please tell me how African Amwericans getting “OUTRAGED” at Mr. Obama over the economy going to do?

    The economy is bad for everyone!

    Stop being a part of the problem, hang tough, and ride through it like those before us had to do.

    This too shall pass!!

  2. Frank says:

    I have short patience with hypocrites; conservatives are more guilty on ruining the economy than so called liberals. President Obama’s economic policies are not failures; the stimulus did save some jobs. Compared to the republican alternative which would have made matters even worse is despicable. The right wing hate Obama so much they are willing to destroy the US if they don’t get their way. Many banks and corporation have been sitting on two trillion dollars of cash for months from profits but refuse to hire US workers. If that’s not enough proof to convince the public they are sabotaging the US economy just to make the President look bad then you are truly blind.

  3. Todd says:

    A global minimum wage would be nice Hbeing. Unfortunately our minimum wage would make a lot of people wealthy in other countries so I don’t believe it would work. I’m pretty sure the chinese laborers are making less than a 10th of what our minimum wage is.

    The outsourcing is just getting uglier and uglier too. Now even engineering jobs are outsourced. Why pay a BA in engineering $50k when you can pay a PhD $20k?

    I think the solution are tariffs based on foreign payroll percentage or percentage of foreign employees. The problem is we have this bullshit WTO that oversees everything and would probably prevent any such tariff from being put in place.

    And you are right by the way about it not being Obama’s doing. This was years in the making. And I am a conservative voter.

  4. Hbeing814 says:

    Probably because he didn’t preside of over the 25% reduction in American manufacturing labor from 2000-2008. The fundamentals of the economy have changed and this is the new reality henceforth. We need to push for a global minimum wage to force companies back home. Otherwise, they will continue to exploit slaves around the world no matter what the POTUS does. Get a grip.

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