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Herman Cain Will Never Get Serious Consideration from Blacks on Democratic Plantation…

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( I am a proud graduate of Morehouse College. I am among a distinguished group of alumni who include Martin Luther King, Jr., Edwin Moses, Spike Lee, Samuel Jackson, Maynard Jackson and current Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. It is unfortunately, most African Americans will not give Cain any objective consideration simply because he is a member of the Republican party. This confuses me and is also an issue of consternation when we look at the history of African Americans.

Cain, the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, once served as a Federal Reserve Bank chairman in Kansas City, takes heat from the Republicans establishment just as much as the general black community, including former Bush adviser Karl Rove conservative columnist Charles  Krauthammer who said his campaign was all about “entertainment.”

Although a long shot and the fact that many consider Barack Obama, America’s first African American president, Cain if elected would be really the first black president into office. This is not about his skin color, but rather his experience. His experiences and history of a robbed heritage, more akin to most African Americans that that of President Obama. Obama can speak of his lineage to Kenya through his father and Ireland through his mother. Most African Americans cannot trace their family history to any specific person, time or place in Africa.

Cain, the son of a chauffeur and a domestic worker in Georgia, graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in mathematics, and he earned a master’s degree at Purdue before joining the Navy. His rise in the corporate world, first at Coca-Cola and then at the Pillsbury Company, where he was an executive overseeing Burger King and chief executive at Godfather’s Pizza.

At 65, Mr. Cain, platform will push for new energy policies to make the United States less dependent on foreign oil. In a recent interview he said, “My great, great grandparents were slaves, and now I’m running for president of the United States of America,” he says later. “Is this a great country or what?” He also upset many Tea Party supporters when he stated that African Americans are too poor to tea party. “They can’t afford to,” Cain said. “So I think the first reason is economics. If you just look at the sheer economics of it. If you look at the typical income of a black family of four it’s going to be lower than a non-black or white family of four,” he explained.

Now I am a libertarian and see no big difference between democorats or republicans inside thebeltway. My reality is that Cain’s experiences is closer to mine than Obama. Most do not know that it was democrats that fought against integration, both in the North and South. That it were the “Democrat-controlled state legislatures in the South that placed the Confederate battle flag  on their state capitol flags.” That the democrats founded the KKK (the first Grand Wizard of KKK- Nathan Bedford Forrest was honored at Democratic National Convention of 1868) and the Council of Conservative Citizens. That no democrat voted for the 14th amendment (Then Senator John F. Kennedy – with an eye on the Democrat presidential nomination for 1960 – voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1957.

Cain has no chance because African American myopia will vote for anyone who is a democrat without out question. Sad fact is democrats are happy to see blacks ask the government to do for them because they will not have to and take the black vote for granted. The way I see it, democrats are like Church’s Fried Chicken and the Republicans are Ruth Crisp. Democrats will sell us foods that kill us and set up shop throughout our communities. We accept without question for that is reality on any plantation, democratic or republican.

Written By Torrance Stephens

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10 Responses to “Herman Cain Will Never Get Serious Consideration from Blacks on Democratic Plantation…”
  1. DaTruth says:

    @Torrance Stephens;

    You come off as being one of those black people who demand attention at any cost. You write an article about Herman Cain and basically praising him while criticizing black democrats but on your web site you put up videos showing right wing racist Israelis protesting against African immigrants.

  2. Coco says:

    Cain has no chance. He may have attended the college of Martin Luther King Jr, but he never carried the burden that great man did in the civil rights movement. He has stated that black people are brainwashed and insults their intelligence. He on the one hand states that black people cannot attend Tea Party events because they are poor: and then turns around and slams Harry Belafonte and Cornel West saying anyone can become rich like he did: I don’t think he even sees that his own statements contradict him. Herman Cain isn’t fooling anyone.

  3. We need a REAL businessman and conservative to lead us out of the fiscal disaster we’re in. Don’t underestimate the Cain Train, friends. Although the other night’s debate didn’t allow him to shine, Herman Cain’s star is still rising and I think Americans will like what they hear as they get to know him better. He’s a proven business success and America is desperate for a change of course, before Obama ruins us.

    Check out this short video that pits a hopelessly out of his league Obama against Herman Cain as they articulate alternate thoughts on the economic disaster we’re in. Barack Obama’s worst nightmare, indeed!

  4. I received a letter soliciting a contribution for Mr Cain’s Presidential campaign yesterday. He states that he is a descendant of slaves and as President he would govern according to the Letter and Spirit of the Constitution, yet he stated that as President he would not appoint a Muslim to serve in his government and that Islam has no place in America. I say as an American Muslim descendant of slaves the Constitution explicitly forbids the establishment of a national religion. The US Supreme Court has consistently supported the notion that no religious test be required for employment in this country.

    As a Muslim American and registered Republican, I can not support Herman Cain at this time.

  5. A real Black Man says:

    The views of the Democrats and the views of Republicans flip flopped during the time period you mentioned. The democrats of today are actually the republicans from back then. I suggest you do your research before you write your article next time.
    Also the fact that you graduated from Morehouse doesn’t make you a certified genious. Delete the whole first paragraph and please check your facts. Also just because Obama grew up in a different way than you did doesnt make him less black.

  6. Hbeing814 says:

    Black Republicans…Oxymorons

  7. Todd says:

    Dems buy poor votes with handouts. Repubs buy corporate votes with handouts. Both need to be altered.

  8. “hat the democrats founded the KKK (the first Grand Wizard of KKK- Nathan Bedford Forrest was honored at Democratic National Convention of 1868) and the Council of Conservative Citizens.”

    The Council of WHAT Citizens?

    Ah. I see…

  9. Chris says:

    The democratic party has been lying to black people for decades, Herman Cain and the republicans are actually trying to help black communities, ppl gotta wake up

  10. Thank you Torrance for speaking this truth on this matter. Mr Cain is telling it like it is. THE TRUTH. America is broke. Politicians in DC are lying to U.S.. all of U.S.. no matter our race. We have got to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and get this Country back on track. Herman Cain isn’t pulling any punches, he isn’t a POLITICIAN. When he tells you something you can believe it’s the truth. He’s going to walk U.S.. through this most difficult time while correcting the mess those PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANs in DC have gotten U.S.. into. it won’t be easy. But together we can all stand UNITED TOGETHER for the good of all of U.S.. and get a good honest man on side this time. Please consider Herman Cain.

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