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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Republicans Revisit Jim Crow Laws: Want to Require Photo ID to Vote…

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( Across the nation, Republican state legislatures and governors are pushing the idea of requiring that voter’s present picture identification at the voting booth. The GOP is rewriting voting laws in at least thirteen states thus far and more may be on the horizon. These efforts are being implemented under the guise of “fraud prevention.”

In South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley, although there is no evidence of fraud in any recent elections, Republicans have changed laws to require a  picture IDs at the poll in order to vote. Just last week Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Rick Perry of Texas signed into law the requirement for a valid picture ID to vote. This week, in Florida, Governor Rick Scott is expected to sign a similar requirement into law. In Ohio, changes will reduce the number of provisional ballots cast on election day and do away with the five-day period in which new voters can register and then immediately vote, a rule that some say invited fraud.
Democrats argue that these laws are aimed to discourage voters, particularly those who don’t have photo IDs, typically the poor and minorities. They also contend that such laws are equal to those implemented albeit unconstitutionally, during the period of Jim Crow in America where literacy test and poll taxes were put in place to keep poor whites and African Americans from participating in voting.
Although the fifteenth amendment forbids laws that obviate voting based on race, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 protects the rights of minority voters and eliminates any voting barriers obstructing voters rights, the Republican Party strongly support these measures.
Strange it seems given that these strict constitutionalist cannot point to any reference in the constitution of bill of rights requiring an ID to vote. Another concern is that many, including disabled, students and the elderly may not have “officially” accepted ID’s such as pass ports or drivers licenses. GOP-controlled statehouses nationwide are also restricting early voting, and imposing stricter rules on those who can register to vote.
These changes for some equate to a new poll tax. ID’s cost money, and some people just don’t have the money to get them. A study conducted by the New York University’s Brennan Center in 2006, claims that 11% of the American voting-age public—that means tens of millions of people—don’t have a photo ID.
Written By Torrance Stephens

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14 Responses to “Republicans Revisit Jim Crow Laws: Want to Require Photo ID to Vote…”
  1. charles says:

    I’m not sure why you need a photo ID to vote.
    Your name is on the register and that name can only vote once.
    So what is the problem?

  2. Judy says:


  3. mw says:

    Playing politics with the right to vote is prison mentality. Problem is here in America we encourage people to vote. And we abhor scams that suppress that right.

  4. neutrondave says:

    Funny. Dems have no problems with a 6 year old getting a ‘pat down’ to get on a plane, but prove you’re hear legally… RACIST!!! Obama ran on transparency. This is pretty darn transparent.

  5. KAYLA says:

    Republicans are running the government now. They will win the White House again one day. Be prepared to survive their onslaught on non-rich non-wealthy people.

  6. KAYLA says:

    People came out to the polls and voted Obama in and had to show ID then and during the Bush terms. Shouldn’t make much of a difference in my area. If they believe people won’t go vote who don’t have an ID thus they will win by lack of voters by the power to create laws that make it necessary to have one…shouldn’t these laws be blocked/changed? Trying to win by hook or crook shows you they are up to no good.

  7. Sophia says:

    Since all employers ask job applicants to provide a photo ID, any able-bodied American citizen between the ages of 18 and 65 who doesn’t have a photo ID is basically admitting that they have no intention of looking for a job.

  8. Zzyzxroad says:

    Let’s go all the way back to the time when only property owners were allowed to vote.

  9. freeta goodholm says:

    I think the author means visit not “revisit”.
    Mitt romney, Sarah Palin, Nikki Haley, Rick Perry, and Rick Scott would have to be democrats to revisit Jim Crow.

  10. right tackle says:

    “Republicans Romney, Palin, Haley & Perry Revisit Jim Crow Laws: Want to Require Photo ID to Vote…”

    This is what Democrats say when they want to defend voter fraud.

    I am shocked that I can go into a voting place and NOT have to prove who I am!

    My daughter had to produce a birth certificate just to play soccer (hey obama)! How often do you have to produce a photo ID to cash a check?

    In what bizarre, twisted world is it racist to require some minimal proof of identification to conserve the sanctity of the voting process?

    How often do minorities (along with everybody else) have to produce a photo ID to do any number of things?

    I’m sorry but there can be no other legitimate reason to oppose this requirement other than to protect the ability to commit voter fraud. If someone can give me one I’m open to being convinced. Voter suppression is NOT a legitimate reason – certainly not if it’s ok to stand outside a polling place in a paramilitary uniform with a club.

  11. MLK says:

    Are you saying that African Americans are too stupid to acquire identification? That’s what it sounds like to this African American. This race card bs is setting us back fifty years and is pathetic. Tripe like this screed makes me sad to be black.

  12. LogicalThinking says:

    This article is pure race baiting at its lowest form.

  13. Erik Latranyi says:

    Democrats say voter ID is racism and plantation blacks jump to carry their water.

    Physical slaver ended a long time ago, but too many blacks are still on the liberal plantation.

  14. SandyLester says:

    How does asking for a photo ID become racism? I can’t get on a plane, the train, write a check, open a checking account, I can’t pick up my grandkids from school as well as dozens of other things without a photo ID.
    Why shouldn’t I show an ID to vote? It is absurd to say it is racism to require an ID. It is foolish not to ask.

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