Democratic Party Still Tricking Our Community.

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( First off, let me say I am neither a Democrat nor a Republic. I vote for the most qualified person who also represents my values, beliefs and ideals the closest. And if neither the Democratic nor Republican party existed, everybody would be free to do the same. Nevertheless here we are in a land where the blood cries out from the ground in a testimony against treachery, racism, discrimination, deception, theft, murder, lynching’s and oppression. I am not about gloom and doom, but I am about reality seen through the eyes of fact, history and those who are awake instead of denial.

Like David T. Howard, many of you who are African-American have inherited the last name of your ancestor’s slave masters. Sadly many of you suffer from lack of self-worth, lack of identity and retroactive Stockholm syndrome. Your ancestors were taken from their land, given a white-washed pseudo-Messiah, told how to act, brainwashed on how to think then handed a political party. The same political party of the deep south which promoted and supported the KKK.

The same political party which stood against your right to vote. The same political party that predominantly owned the slaves. The same political party that even today practices eugenic genocide via irresponsible, selfish women who kill unborn child after unborn child in the womb based on convenience, calling this dark behavior “abortion” because they cannot stomach the real name of what they do – murder. The same political party which promotes the perversion, confusion and deception of LGBTQ. The same political party which still tricks African-Americans into thinking the Democratic party cares about you. But the truth is they do not.


Yes there are African Americans in key positions of the Democratic party. But that does not mean they hold the power. Here is an analogy as of 2019. There are African Americans in key political positions all over Atlanta and Fulton county, but they do not hole the power – even though they hold the positions. That is a fact. Yes it appears African Americans are catered to in the Democratic party, but that is simply because the Democratic party wants “black” votes in order to beat the Republicans.

The same Democratic party has been historically willing to buy “black” votes with trap door entitlement programs such as food stamps, welfare, WIC and Section 8. And before some of you assume I don’t know, yes I know entitlements are not just by and not just used for “black” people. However that does not refute any of the truth I just shared. Beware of “Hansel and Gretel” type handouts from the Democratic party.

The Democratic party is tricking you “black” man.  Wake up “black” woman. And while some of you want to say “that was the old Democratic party which is now the modern-day Republicans”, you would only be partially right at best. In fact, I challenge you to substantiate what you just said instead of giving me parrot-type talking points you have heard others use repeatedly.

I suggest you watch this: 

I am not here to promote the Republican party. Actually both parties are two sides of the same coin, most of you just don’t see that. They are playing both sides against the middle and you who are unsuspecting are the ping pong balls. With the guaranteed African American majority vote, the Democratic party, upon close observation, has not been obliged to truly represent the interests of African Americans. They only appear to do so in contrast to the Republican party which does not appear to do so at all. So you see, all comparisons are relative.

The Republican party position? It is “don’t ask us for anything free or to help you black man but if you can pick yourself up and make something of yourself without blaming “white” people, we have no major problem with you. Ideally just don’t date our daughters and stay in your own schools and neighborhoods. African Americans and “black” negroes are different economically, behaviorally, academically and intellectually. Caucasian America owes black people nothing”.

The Democratic party position? It is “now everybody knows those negroes cannot take care of themselves without our help so we push entitlement trap door programs that create cycles of dependency. We are the black man’s parents. We teach him and his family how to think and how to succeed based on what we label as success for him. We lower standards so he can reach them because he is not our equal. But we make it sound good so as to appear to be helping him succeed. He and his woman/man or whatever can be deceived so easily. Without our free stuff handouts, the black family would not make it because black people have no idea who they are. We don’t like them either but they can’t see that and we can use their votes to help us.

Their position on black people continues “They are gullible if we make them feel good about themselves as if they have reached the promised land. But in reality, we have redefined their promised land and it is full of quicksand. Now watch them trust us and rush in blindly. We even help put people in place who are black on the outside so black people will feel empowered and shut up, even though they have no real power. They are so locked into the belief of the big bad wolf Republicans that the blacks will never see what we are doing to them a little bit at a time. They so easily live in denial and fall for illusions. true. They don’t think deep enough, read or research enough to catch or expose us. We the core Democratic party are the new Willie Lynch. But the niggers don’t have a clue as to what we are doing to them, not for them. And if they are told, they will never believe it. They are not that bright. And they will ostracize, criticize and ignore those who expose our plan.”

How many free “black” people during slavery were Democrats? Hmmmm.

I was once deep inside the Democratic party at the conventions and with the delegates. I know what I am talking about. Ron Brown, former head of the Democratic party and campaign manager for Jesse Jackson, knew this too – before his plane mysteriously crashed.

I find it odd that “black” people want to ignore and forget Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass and so many others who impacted our lives, communities and opportunities were NOT DEMOCRATS. Of course I am not about to brag about Stacey Dash, Herman “water boy” Cain, Ben “coon” Carson, Alveda “I’m strange” King, Clarence ” I think I’m white” Thomas or Jimmy “buffoon” Walker. But there are and were many other reputable, reasonable and highly intelligent African American REPUBLICANS who made all the difference in what they accomplished for “black” people.

Maybe you make the assumption that I have been brainwashed or that I am a Cointel Pro operative or coon. But before you finalize that hypothesis, check the facts and check the history. I am wide awake but are you? Yes I voted for Obama twice because I believed he was the most qualified candidate, but not just because he was half “black” and not just because he was a Democrat. In fact, if you do a little research, you will find out as Tavis Smiley and Cornell West did, that Obama was not all he appeared to be and he did much you may not know about. He was a team player but not on your team. Do the research for yourself and you will see what I mean. In fact every modern day president is a “team” player who does not receive orders and instructions from America’s citizens.

Whose playing games? Why do you think Nancy Pelosi (head of the Democrats in Congress) held the entire Democratic House of Representatives at bay while Former President Donald Trump pushed and pushed the envelope right to the edge? You need more evidence Nancy, really? Why do you think there are still Democrats in Congress who have not even signed on to an impeachment hearing? Why do you think the Democratic House of Representatives just has meetings and issues subpoenas instead of ever sending the Sgt. at Arms to lock somebody up – anybody in violation? The Democratic party is a toothless old lion or it is protecting the government instead of the people. Wake up people! Don’t be a zombie bandwagon voter. Think, research and don’t vote for someone just because he or she is a Democrat as you are.

Racism is real and I don’t even like to use the terms “white supremacy” together in the same breath because such is an oxymoron, to say the least. but every African American who does hiss research, knows history and opens his or her eyes is not a traitor either. How many of you thought Uncle Tom was a traitor to the African American community? Wrong.  Josiah Henson was a hero. Have you even read the book? I just gave you one illustration of how African Americans grab a false narrative and run with it. Are many Republicans racist? Likely so. But not all. Are many Caucasian Democrats in favor of “black’ people? Try playing “guess who’s coming to dinner”, date their daughters and see for yourself just who is for you and who is not. Or better yet, just look at who heads and who sits and listens in churches throughout this country every Sunday.

I am about the truth, the facts and the evidence. Eyes wide open and never in denial. So ask yourself why you are a “black” democrat, if you are. Most African Americans over 50 have conservative values. But if you automatically agree with the values of the Democratic party (or rather the lack thereof), you might want to re-examine the definitions of right and wrong, good and evil. Wake up people! The Democratic party does not care about you.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw