The UN-Sanctity of Marriage.

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( Let me start this by saying please excuse my mouth in advance. I have a genetic disorder called “cussin” I know my mouth is terrible so I’ll try to cut down on as many of the obscenities as possible. If you are offended by bad language flip to the next article now or forever hold you piece! HEREWEGO!

In 2011 the term alone “Marriage” is “UNDER VALUED” it’s taken very lightly by those who play with the idea of being married. And not taken serious enough by some who have already committed themselves to each other. VOWS??  WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE?? Vows to a lot people nowadays should classify as THIS SHIT APPLIES TO US FOR ONLY AS LONG AS WE HAPPY.  I pledge  these 3 and a “possible” vows to you. 3 and a possible huh? Marriage already sounding like a bad hand of spades. And what usually happens with a bad hand? SOMEBODY USUALLY RENIG!!

Let me get this out the way quick. First! (Open Marriage) GTFOH! Why get married?  It’s just basically a way of saying you can fuck whoever and not have to be liable to your spouse for your actions. The only thing you are committed to is you valiantly attempting to convince yourself that you do NOT have commitment issues.  And what’s worse than the presenter of the idea? The person that agrees to it!

Black Couple In Love.

(The Business Agreement) In 2022 some of y’all ain’t married. Y’all asses In “Business” together!!  Have you heard a man or woman say “we work well together” or refer to their spouse using the term “Partner” well dammit there it is! Them two is in the “Business” They embrace the concept in marriage that WE can do/achieve more together… than as individuals. They recognize they can obtain a lot of possessions, houses, cars, bank accounts the “LOOK” of happiness but your other signed contractual obligations (i.e. mortgage, car loans) are more valuable to the two of you than your marriage certificate. Those possessions can hide the fact that your marriage and friendship is really isn’t that good and a lot of times y’all end up finding out you two really don’t know each other and the marriage is held on by its value its contingent on the possessions you two obtain together. You Co-Exist or Co-habitat with one another. But as soon as stock in your business aka’ (possessions) go south generally so does your marriage.

(The Braxton’s) Ladies are you a Braxton Broad?  Real Talk!! AS A MAN!!  ON EVERYTHING I LOVE!  I’m am 100% positive I could not marry a Braxton Broad (BB)! If civilization was dependent on me and a BB then dammit put us on the endangered species list because when I die THAT’S ALL FOLKS! See when you marry a BB you marry 6 women not one! None of them will stay out of each other’s business long enough to even SEEK their own happiness. Which is why they will remain miserable together. Ladies, sisters or girlfriends can either qualify you to be a BB.  Be careful who you invite in your marriage because everybody that’s cheering for your team AIN’T ALWAYS CHEERING FOR YOUR TEAM!  They don’t want to be miserable alone and misery loves what?? They can alter your marriage and you not even realize until it’s too late

In a marriage your siblings/ girlfriends role should ONLY be SUPPORT… Not INTERFERENCE… Support is when you need or ask, not when they feel they should intervene!  What goes on between husband and wife is between that husband and that wife. And if you are married that definitely means you need to focus on your own household. And if you single you just need to STFU!  What GOD has formed let NO man put us under meaning as a spouse NOBODY comes before you and no one can come between us!  Some of y’all married to your mama, sisters, & girlfriends first…then your husband!

(The “Jim Jones” Dudes) Fellas your turn I can’t leave you out. So Jim Jones Jr. Jr. you a mama’s boy huh and your mother and your wife don’t see eye to eye? What most men don’t realize is that your Wife is your family you created through Christ.  YES!! She comes first. And no man should have to choose between his mother & wife but best to believe if EVERYBODY knows their role this won’t be a problem!  And real talk all mothers do it! The want the best for their son but a man knows how to and should “Check” his mother when it comes to his Wife. A mother is seeking CONFIRMATION which only her son can give her. Her confirmation is validation that her son has chosen and stands by HIS wife and then the mother will fall into her role.  If a man doesn’t check his mother the wife is usually considered not to be good enough for her son! Confirmation to your wife is simple. She sees that you have her back! He doesn’t let the two most important women in his life go back in forth!  Women are creatures of endurance and your wife and mother will go back and forth forever if you allow it because they are fighting for your love. You have the woman who birthed you and the then woman who got your back and you committed your life to and those two not working together can be extremely detrimental to your marriage.  So if they making a lot of noise it should be the same noise “One Band One Sound

Once you get passed the “Act” (Meaning: proposal, rehearsals, fittings, ceremony, cake, electric slide, first legal hump session) y’all know “The Act” of getting married, don’t mean it’s mission accomplished! Acknowledge that marriage is work! Consistent work which that allows and produces growth. Growing together and in the same direction. When you stop growing together the marriage will become stagnant which allows for distractions & interference and also for you two to grow apart!  Can we be married is not even an issue anymore. The issue should be are you & your spouse willing to do the work to sustain it!


Staff Writer; Jamal Montague