A Short Guide to Airsoft Safety.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Airsoft is a popular sport played globally by thousands of enthusiasts. Whether played for leisure or competitively, safety is paramount. Injuries can happen like any other sport involving projectiles; airsoft is no different. Law requires safety equipment, and airsoft clubs must observe that all patrons are fully equipped with the appropriate equipment. Using airsoft weapons can cause actual harm, and the safety equipment is there for your benefit and should not be considered to take the fun out of a very engaging and highly addictive sport.

Unlike many non contact sports and hobbies like chess or blackjack, airsoft is highly physical and high-octane, so please remember to play safe and ensure you observe the safety rules. Here is an essential guide to what you need to know to protect yourself.

Be Familiar With Your Weapon

Ensuring you know how the gun works before playing airsoft is essential. Understanding the safety setting and learning the various firing options can help reduce the accidental discharge of the weapon. Understanding the loading and unloading of the gun is of equal importance in ensuring safety.


Wear Safety Equipment Before And After Playing Airsoft

The safety equipment provided is there for one reason only, your safety. When playing airsoft, it is essential to wear safety equipment not just when playing but before and after while any weapons are active. The equipment should protect your eyes, face, and head. It is also recommended to protect against any bare flesh. While the airsoft gun should not pierce the skin, they are capable of causing bruising.

Don’t Ignore The Staff’s Safety Instructions And Game Boundaries

The staff at airsoft sites are well trained and experienced at their job. Listen to their instructions; they are not trying to take the fun out of playing. All the rules and advice given are purely designed so that everybody can enjoy playing safely. Understanding the boundaries of the area is just as important. This knowledge will help to reduce spectators being injured by stray ammunition.

The Weapon is Not a Toy

Yes, it is exciting getting ready to play a game of airsoft, but the number one rule with any projectile weapon is never to point it at anybody outside of the game. This exercise in safety should be common sense, but until you are in the game zone, keep the safety on and muzzle pointed towards the ground at all times. Only aim at somebody who is wearing the appropriate safety gear and who is aware they are in play.

Only Load Your Weapon Just Before The Start of The Game

To avoid the potential injury to others and yourself, only load your gun when you are entering the area of the game. The opposite rule should be applied when your game finishes, empty the weapon of any ammunition to avoid any accidents.

Safety Mechanisms Can Fail

All airsoft guns have a safety mechanism built in, but just like anything with moving parts, they can malfunction. While the safety feature is an essential part of the gun, it should not make people apathetic towards the way they handle the weapon. The safety switch is not a substitute or excuse for failing to control your gun in a responsible manner.

If The Gun Fails, Ask For Assistance

There is nothing more frustrating than during play your gun malfunctions. Do not stop and try to fix the issue yourself, even if you think it is just a battery change. Either switch to your airsoft side arm or remove yourself from the field of play and ask the staff to help you fix the weapon or give you a replacement, allowing you to continue your game.

Take Good Care of Your Equipment

Keeping your weapon clean, dry, and away from extreme temperatures will not only save you money in the long run and ensure the gun remains accurate. After each use, make sure the gun is empty of ammunition, and you clean both the outside of the gun and the inside of the barrel. A well-maintained weapon helps you avoid injuring yourself and others.

Staff Writer; Mark Jackson