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Mitch McConnell’s Freudian Slip.

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( Prior to a vote on the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to the Senate floor that ultimately failed, McConnell was asked by a reporter about concerns among voters of color. This is how the leader of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, replied. “Well the concern is misplaced, because if you look at the statistics, African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans.” Come again? Are not, African Americans “Americans?”

The McConnell apologists say he slipped and left out a word. They claim that he meant to say, “African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as white Americans.”Okay. Sigmund Freud would say, “Yes, he did slip. He did not say what he meant to say, instead, he said what was in his heart, the textbook definition of what Psychology calls a “Freudian slip.”


You see, there are three camps in US politics today: the Democrats, the Trumpists and the McConnellists aka the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. In this little morality play the Dems are cast as the Good continuing the centuries long struggle between those striving to fulfill the Promise of our founding documents and those forever trying to renege on it. This deadly contest was played out in the Civil War, the Civil Rights movement and in today’s Black Lives Matter movement.

Though Lincoln was a Republican, his party today, largely, is trying to steer the country back into the distant past. I say “largely,” because the small McConnellist wing is only trying to take us to the recent not the distant past. The McConnellists, the traditional Republican establishment, long ago made a pact with the Devil, so to speak. They have long been titillating racial fears to gain elective office. But sooner or later does not foreplay morph into the main event? The main even began on January 6th.

And so, now, the McConnellists, what remains of the traditional Republicans, are caught in the crossfire. Trump is blasting non-stop at them, and the vote against voting rights that McConnell engineered coupled with his revelatory quote has them taking relentless incoming from both sides. The main event, though, is actually going on between the Justice system and the cohorts of brown shirted thugs Trump is assembling. The Justice system had better pull the trigger sooner rather than later, come what may, for the longer they wait, the worse it will be.

But no matter how bad things get, one thing is for sure. “Truth forever on the scaffold, Wrong forever on the throne, Yet that scaffold sways the future, and, behind the dim unknown, Standeth God within the shadow, keeping watch above his own.”

Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin

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One Response to “Mitch McConnell’s Freudian Slip.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    America’s roots were as a western world colony maintained by European criminal colonist. Why do you think that we care about what’s going on in Europe ? It is because European culture is the root of American culture. Americans have never been able to achieve an American national cultural identity.Men like Mitch McConnell anchor their identities in European culture. He obviously sees non-whites as non-American citizens. We should work harder to achieve and maintain our unique eclectic American national cultural consciousness.

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