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Book Review; Killing the Silence With JW Bella.

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( A storyteller has many purposes; one is to challenge the reader to look at themselves from outside, and within self. They challenge us to question the things we are silent about and embrace the aspects of self that we aren’t quite willing to acknowledge. As the reader we unknowingly invite the narrative to push us out of our comfort zone prison, and sometimes it can leave us feeling raw as we experience every growing pain of the characters. Through our interaction with the story, we follow characters that jump off the page appearing as real to us as our own mind and fears. We laugh, with them, cry with them, get angry at them, come of age with them, and triumph with them. This is the beauty of allowing a story to come alive within you. This is the gift author JW Bella imparts into every reader in her new novel: Killing Me Silently. This novel is a challenge that every reader should partake of, for the culture and for self.

In her latest narrative JW Bella uses the art of story telling to challenge many of the issues a black woman can face regarding the very ideal of owning her power. She uses aspects of fantasy that are closely akin to the culture of her Southern Louisiana roots to caution the reader about the consequences of silence. While the story focuses on said themes for black women; the author takes on addressing generational curses.

 Killing the Silence With JW Bella

Killing the Silence – Click on The Link Above!!

She gives the readers relatable characters, they can feel, that challenge dealing with accepting where one comes from…without becoming a slave to the very ideal of “respectability”. JW Bella writes with the intention to will her readers to own and live their truth. She weaves the narrative in a manner by which the reader won’t be able to put the book down because they need to know what will happen next. This is the mark the master storyteller, and she leaves readers wanting to know more long after the story has ended.

Killing Me Silently is a great book for adults, and young people. It is a good medium to use as a starting point to discuss gifts & talents, repression, the negative consequences for dimming one’s life, toxic ambition, and it displays what can happen when parents are not willing to have necessary discussions with their children. The theme of knowingly allowing one’s child to suffer alone for having not healed is one that can open dialog in many families. Because this book allows the reader to approach these topics using the characters and story it is great for book clubs, and community discussions. Killing Me Silently is a page turner that will allow the reader to experience an array of emotions as this journey to self-truth is taken. Allow yourself to have an entertaining, soul stirring experience as you read Killing Me Silently. I encourage you to take the challenge.

You can pick up Author JW Bella’s Killing Me Silently on, Barnes and Nobles, Books A Million, or anywhere books are sold. You can also read more about JW Bella, and check out other titles, at

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