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If You Took The Covid-19 Vaccine.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Tuskegee 2021, as subtle as the serpent in the Garden of Eden, and you took it while drinking the kool-aid, all at the same time. If you took the vaccine (esp. In Georgia), you made a big mistake and here are 15 verifiable reasons why:

1. Cases of vaccine death or severe injury are everywhere but they are just not making the news. Yet many are coming out and the CDC is even addressing them as people die from the Covid-19 vaccines. Why do you think J&J trashed 15 million doses that people were scheduled and waiting for? Why do you think the federal government “paused” all J&J vaccines, the same government that told you these vaccines were safe and effective? If the blood clots were so rare and unique to only 6 people, why trash 15 millions doses? Think!

2. Cases of vaccine injury and death are hidden within the reports, databases and payout programs of the CDC, FDA and HHS.

3. Both Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer have a horrible criminal track record of intentionally violating safety regulations which then resulted in the severe injury and deaths of many people even before the pandemic.

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4. All three vaccines are worse than Covid-19 itself. You just have not seen much of the science they hid from you. Therefore many of you never bothered to ask what was in these vaccines.

5. Yes the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines tamper with your DNA and infect you with the virus that causes Covid-19. To hide this fact, Madonna used clever wording on their website that says this is true. They call “encoding your system with new instructions using their operating system and software of life”.

If you can add 2+2, you already know this is just them saying in a different way that they are reprogramming your DNA.

6. So while you MAY NOT get Covid-19 from the vaccine, people ARE getting Covid-19 from the vaccine (5,800 people recently) and it could happen to you.

More and more people are getting COVID-19 just after taking the vaccines and this is not coincidence. But they are not getting tested after taking the vaccine so they don’t realize they are infected and contagious.

7. Just because a person feels fine now, that does not mean they will be feeling fine a year from now. That is why real vaccine trials go on for about 3 years, with the vaccine companies monitoring the health of the recipients. Certain conditions from the vaccines build up over a longer. of time or make pre-existing conditions worse.

8. Scientific research shows even if you had gotten Covid-19, according to Johns Hopkins University, 98.2% of Americans survive it anyway, without a vaccine

9. Science also shows that if you had gotten Covid-19, the antibodies in your system from Covid-19 would likely have caused stronger and longer protection against the strains, variants and/or mutations than the vaccine.

10. In Georgia only 10% of the population tested has been infected with Covid-19 in a whole year. So you may not have you ever gotten it anyway. That number is according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

11. According to the Johns Hopkins University, only 10% of America over more than a year’s time has been infected with Covid-19. That means that 90% of the United States has not been infected.

And while this number is based on estimates and testing, none of the medical agencies you trust have complained about nor discredited the numbers from Johns Hopkins University. So if you trust the news media, the FDA, CDC and HHS, you might as well trust the numbers that Johns Hopkins University is giving out because these agencies trust them.

12. In Georgia, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health, the black community has almost never been at the highest risk of death nor the highest number infected from Covid-19. Check the numbers for yourself on their website.

Most of you were deceived by the subtle and effective propaganda machine of lies sent through the media to you. Others of you took the vaccine out of fear. And others of you never bothered to ask what was in the vaccine they gave you nor to verify what they was saying as true.

13. If the vaccines were working like they said, the Covid-19 numbers would not be reaching the highest level since the pandemic began. If what the FDA, CDC and vaccine manufacturers said had been true, then the numbers should be going down instead of up. So you have been deceived.

14. The vaccines are neither guaranteed to prevent infection nor re-infection. In fact, in many cases that leaked out, quite the opposite happened and people got COVID-19 after being vaccinated. Stop and think.

15. If you had gotten Covid-19, there are and have been various treatments available from medical doctors all around the country who helped their patients recover. All without a vaccine. These were available before the vaccines and even now. In Georgia Piedmont Hospital, for example, has such treatments.

When we haphazardly let others think for us or react out of fear, we let other people think and decide for us. But they will go on about their lives and some people who have taken the vaccines will have to deal with the decisions they let other people make them. And remember, sometimes Kool-Aid comes in a needle.

Every claim you have just read can be proven within the data of the very regulatory agencies that have been pushing the vaccine. And if you want the proof, go to www.covid19exposed.net then click the red triangle. Email us for any specific evidence.

Wise people are going to get tested twice to see if they developed Covid-19 after taking the vaccine. So while people are getting the vaccine and going on vacation, thinking everything is fine, it would be smart to get tested and see if if the virus inside the vaccine you took actually reproduced Covid-19 in you; www.covid19exposed.net.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


3 Responses to “If You Took The Covid-19 Vaccine.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    If you have taken the Covid-19 Vaccine, your chances of becoming seriously ill, or dying from this disease have been significantly lessened. Taking this vaccination is a good thing, not a bad thing.

  2. Trevo Craw says:

    I had my assistant message you through your site. You can email us at sarscov2exposed@gmail.com with your contact number so I can call you and set that up.

  3. Wayne Rohde says:

    To Trevo

    I am the host of podcast, Right On Point. http://www.rightonpoint.online

    Had the great pleasure of interviewing Curtis Cost, a producer of movie, Medical Racism.

    Would like to know if you would be interested in promoting the link to the interview.
    email me privately.

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