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Some Black Americans Act Like White Racists.

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( The same discrimination many black Americans have experienced from Haitians, Cubans, Dominicans, etc. is the same discrimination that I experienced from black Americans even though I’m black American. And it pisses me off to this same day what I went through with black Americans. I went through discrimination from black Americans on quite a few jobs. I was terminated from quite a few jobs by black Americans who had discriminated against me. I’ve been consistently harassed and bullied by black Americans. While dealing with white racism and white micro-aggressive behavior, I received the same treatment from wannabe black racists because black people are just like white people from what I’ve experienced. Black people lynch each other every day! I mean they kill each other just like white supremacists and white identity extremists that exist within the police forces all over America.

What is the difference between black Americans in places like New Orleans who shoot and kill each other versus white police officers in New Orleans who shoot and kill black people whether armed or unarmed? To this day, I have never forgiven what other black Americans have done to ruin my life, and my career as a paralegal. Partly, this is the reason I cannot fully dedicate myself to the liberation of black people. I’m not sacrificing myself or my life for black people just so they can act like white supremacists toward me. I’m not giving these wannabe racist Negroes a pass because they should know better!


Having been historically discriminated against as it relates to jobs, career opportunities, housing, education, etc., no one except black people in America should know how painful that is. And then to turn around and do to other black people what was done to you by white identity extremists and white racists, I can’t forgive that betrayal. I don’t give a flying rat’s ass how hurt you are, how decimated you are, or how emotionally ill you are, you still didn’t have an excuse to turn your hurt and pain onto other black people. To this same day, black people continue to do to each other what white people have done to us. Black Americans know how painful it is to be openly discriminated against by white people and yet continue to openly discriminate against other black people. So, fuck black people. I still don’t like black people, and I think it would be better to go into extinction.

If black people are going to continue to acquiesce to this racist system and don’t want real liberation from the system of white supremacy, then perhaps black people should go into extinction. Liberation does not mean black supremacy. A black supremacist system is the flip side of white supremacy. Black supremacy will do to us what white supremacy already did. I want liberation from white racists and wannabe black racists. I want liberation for women and girls from the patriarchy, which is to blame for the sex trafficking of minors and women all around the world. I want liberation from working for other people. I don’t think we should have to get up and go physically to a job just to make ends meet. We should be free to go do whatever we want with our time and energy without having to ever give our time and energy to jobs where we’re often overworked and underpaid. As Martin Luther King once said, all Americans should have a guaranteed income. Universal basic income or guaranteed income is already a program in countries like South Korea.

I want complete liberation, but the majority of black Americans are either too stupid or too gullible and think the Biden-Harris administration is going to implement programs that will specifically target black Americans. I haven’t seen Joe Biden sign one executive order yet implementing any program to specifically protect and benefit black Americans. Biden-Harris voters will be sadly disappointed because neither Biden nor Harris has a history of doing anything to benefit black Americans throughout their years of business in politics.

The Biden-Harris campaign made all these promises, and even drafted the Biden-Harris plan. But what many black Americans fail to realize is although the Biden-Harris plan has language in it that specifically target the Black community, the plan involves everyone. Black Americans, get ready to not receive one benefit during the Biden-Harris administration.

Staff Writer; Alberta Parish

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6 Responses to “Some Black Americans Act Like White Racists.”
  1. Freo Sells says:

    Hahaha! @Alberta : What makes you think a people whose minds have been destroyed are going to treat themselves or even YOU right?!! That’s Alice-In-Wonderland thinking. Wake up Sis.
    Also know that you hate your people – and thus yourself, as designed by your oppressor. You MUST read more to understand why.
    Finally, that oppressor includes people like @Reality here. What I wanna know from that quarter is why white people are always buzzing around and butting into Black folx business. Always looking to assuage your guilt by trying to wipe your blood stained hands on your victims. Sorry: Evil doesn’t transfer like that. In the end, y’all find you can’t hide from your selves.

  2. 720mmg says:

    This article is coonery at the lowest levels of buffoonery, real talk. These outspokenly ignorant clucking hens are reprehensible. Like cavemen didn’t project a violent legacy upon us. It’s the hate that hate produced, just like Malcom showed—yet not a word from Big Mammy, Bighouse-Cook, plantation-mentality Alberta ON THAT, though!

  3. Alberta says:

    I wrote this essay in response to an associate who asked me to publish his letter. He had a lot to say regarding the many hardships and discrimination he endured and tolerated as a black man born in the 1960s. He remembers the 1965 Detroit riots, the abuse he received from family members (particularly, his sperm donor father), the lack of guidance and care from his relatives He wanted me to publish his story and, in response to that, I wrote about the discrimination and harassment that I received from other black people who reminds me of white supremacists. As I was being harassed and bullied by a light-skinned black woman from New Orleans on my last job, she reminded me so much of how my mother and her family went through a time period in history during which black people were openly and regularly lynched (hanged from trees) following the American Civil War until the late 1980s. Even now, you’ll hear a story every once in a while about a black man who has been found hanged (lynched) from a tree. In 2020, there was a black man in California found in a park lynched. Many white supremacist groups live in California. But also, there are many immigrant groups who live in California that hate black people. Who is to say one of them didn’t lynch the brotha?

    Coming from years of frustration and anger about how black people have mistreated me, bullied, and harassed, and have caused me to lose jobs, and later my career as a paralegal, I have dislike for black people. The only difference myself and others is I’m not going to discriminate against a black person or cause a black person to lose his or her job, or hunt down and murder another black person. Why? I’m not a sociopath. That’s the difference between me and these other groups. These other groups will openly discriminate against black people, not hire black people, unjustly fire black people, deny black people job opportunities, and even lynch black people in parks all over this country. A sociopath has a conscience, but it is a weak conscience. A sociopath will bully and abuse you, and show very little sympathy. If I’d done to other black people what certain individuals have done to try and ruin my life, my reputation among peers, my professional reputation, and even take away financial opportunities from me while undermining and harassing me on jobs and elsewhere, I’d go to my grave with so much guilt. But the sociopath has very little guilt. This is what separates me from a wannabe black racist or the white racist/supremacist.

    I am disappointed in how black people have discriminated against me, harassed and bullied whether on jobs or in society. Who better than black people know just how much it feels to be harassed, abused, mistreated, made to feel worthless, and discriminated against by white people? Then, to turn around and do the same shyt to other black people what has been historically done to the American Negro; that is sociopathic and learned behavior. I can see that there are many black people who wish we lived in a black supremacist society, so they can do to others what has been historically done to the American Negro by white society.

    As a Black American woman, I do not wish to live in either society: black supremacy or white supremacy. Both are opposites of the same coin, as they are both the same cancerous cell growing in our society. I cannot tolerate a wannabe black racist almost as much as if not more than I can a white supremacist or white identity extremist. The black supremacist is no different than the white supremacist. I see them all the same. Neither side has any intention on freeing women and children, which are the most oppressed groups in society…all around the world. If white supremacy no longer existed and black supremacy prevailed, I would fight just as hard against the system of black supremacy as I would white supremacy!

  4. Dogon Priest says:

    This was clearly written by a child, a poorly read child at that. I was raised in the segregated south in memphis during the 1960s. I remember white only signs and true racism. This is regurgitated white progressive dogma.

  5. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    You have never read F. Fanon because if you had you would know your own ego well enough to realize that your ego was born out of brainwashing by centuries of believing in the ownership of humans as property who have been channeled through a pluralistic democracy with a capitalist economic base that awards an unequal distribution of available goods and services based on merit.The American way ( via Americana ) can service the black man just as well as it can the white man.The U.S. Constitution defines the legal mechanics for American citizens black or white. Mimicking pathetic Western European history is not American history.Former President Donald Trump has recently learned that he cannot plagiarize the demented,nihilistic thoughts of Friedrich Nietzsche to destroy the American democracy. Abraham Lincoln had to turn to the black soldier and politicians to defeat southern confederacy during the Civil War and President Biden will turn to black citizens to help defend the U.S. Constitution.Blacks know their American history very well.

  6. Reality says:

    America can’t accept black people ? We’ve been listening to your stories for generations the only history that gets taught is black history. The world is burning itself once again because they believe y’all are being oppressed because that’s the message that the media, schools, scholars and everyone has been telling us. America fought their own several times for black rights. I keep hearing about racist whites but that’s not where I’m hearing the most racist public statements funny how a white man and a black one can say the exact same phrase but only one gets attacked the other gets patted on the back. White men fought each other to free you to give you rights it didn’t even dawn on them that their own women and children deserved rights until decades later but you scream about privileged white women who were property long after you. Women who are currently being bought and sold in the streets but despite being the property of another they can’t even call themselves a slave because that’s not politically correct so it’s relabeled human trafficking and pimp culture or just black culture. There’s trillions of dollars made from music, movies, media and more selling the idea that it’s ok to oppress to oppress women and whoever you want publicly as long as you’re black it’s acceptable you can’t be held responsible for your crimes you commit today but you expect an entire race to pay for crimes they never committed against you. You demand reparations claiming to be oprressed yet claim to former kings black culture is a supremacists mentality it’s you owe me because I am black you deserve whatever happens to you because you are white or you simply speak out against us. Y’all racist are all the same no matter what color you are. Remember it all comes out eventually nobody remains on top forever and there’s a lot of wealthy blacks these days y’all gonna pay restitution to your victims to those you oprress today in a few generations it’ll switch back around and your grandkids will pay for your egos today. Y’all keep this cycle going oppression and racism have one thing in common they don’t know color, religion or any group some people are just predators and others are victims of the predators egos. It’s very obvious that none of you have read the actual census reports from the 1700s until 1860 you don’t know your own history

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