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Ten Weird Things Almost All Men Think About.

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( What are the weird things men think about the most? Well, the list is never-ending. Every day, hundreds of random thoughts cross our mind and men are no exception. Almost everyone is intrigued by the way people of opposite sex think. It’s true that both men and women are from earth and don’t belong to the Mars or Venus, but there are differences between their thought process.

Here we have listed ten weird thoughts almost all men get sometimes in life.

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  1. The secret dream of becoming a gangster

The human instinct to be different, influential, and above the rules plays its part. Some men put themselves in the place of a tragic hero who moves to a big city with dreams and even though his character is outstanding and his skills are matchless, he tries to buy things including real estate, cars, sex, and even the government through his power and influence. As a self-made man, he has a tragic yet inspirational rags-to-riches story that’s full of emotions.

  1. No strings attached

Dreaming about a happy marriage or waking up next to the same person for the rest of the life are thoughts that creep and crawl in everyone’s mind. But men always have a desire, buried deep down inside the heart, to have a no strings attached relationship. It’s not because men want sex or they want to run away from their responsibilities, but they imagine a world full of self-reliant people. They don’t want to live like a puppet and that’s the reason they find such relationships a real source of complete freedom.

  1. How’s this going to end?

Men want answers – direct and clear. Whether it’s their first date, a meeting, party, a movie, video game, sex or parents’ lectures on life. Men want to know how something’s going to end. On their first date, even before meeting the person, almost all men think about how the girl is going to say bye when she leaves. Is she going to end the date with a hug or she will surprise with a kiss before she steps out of the car? Is she the type of person who won’t mind spending the night with you? Men want to ask, but they don’t do it.

  1. Is she a ho?

Before they go and wife themselves up in a hurry, almost all men observe girls’ behavior and appearance. Men understand that women also have a right to do anything they want and men don’t intentionally call any woman a ho, but there are certain things men consider as red flags. According to men, a woman offering sex on the first date and a woman that is ready to stay with you even when she knows about your marriage or other relationships is not a wife material. Many such incidents encourage men to ask serious questions about women’s character and these are some of the things men think about women but never say.

  1. Surviving a zombie apocalypse

What’s your strategy? Because almost all men think about making a solid survival plan for the zombie apocalypse. Sadly, none of them will ever come up with a good plan. No matter if they have any real survival skills or not, they still think of heroic ways to protect their loved ones from zombies. Not many people consider zombie apocalypse a real possibility. It’s just a popular scenario that’s fun if you think about it more.

  1. Fighting

Fighting is a natural part of the life of men. They fight because it’s thrilling and it feels so good. Humans have always been battle lovers and the reasons are both biological and revolutionary. Men compete for food, territory, money, and females. Fighting is a way to show dominance and strength and that’s why men rarely miss a chance of getting into fights. Some men, in fact, fight over the silly things. Shows like WWE and action movies are the major source of weird thoughts about fighting.

  1. Why women don’t make the first move

Even the most courageous men don’t like to get their feelings hurt by facing a direct rejection. Men don’t hate chasing but there should be a limit. Men try to initiate a chat but they need hints before they initiate an interaction. Any gesture or a small hint from women is enough and men would be happy to strike up a chat. Why don’t women understand that a man is not a dog with the sole purpose of following them around?

  1. How discrimination actually works

People talk about equality and the prevention of discrimination, but they don’t see the real world problems. Men often think about how the whole discrimination thing actually works. Thousands of women march for equal rights everywhere in the world. Despite having separate women-only spaces almost everywhere, they are flooding streets, and surprisingly, people are coming out to support their hypocrisy just because they need more female-only space among all of us. Will they accept men-only spaces?

  1. It’d be cool if we all were naked

This is one of the random thoughts men get sometimes. It would be funny and sad to deal with. In all seriousness, most people will end up getting diseases and some of them will die from hypothermia. Some people would be laughed at for obvious reasons, most of us would be fighting. Riots will break out. Clothes are fine because it’s better to picture what others have underneath rather than seeing things that can make anyone feel uncomfortable.

  1. How much time would it take to learn guitar?

Not just guitar, men think of learning many things in life, but they never actually learn. They promise that they are going to learn it soon and then they brainstorm ideas and read more about guitar and music online. It’s hard to decide between learning from a professional teacher or from the internet, but 90 percent of men choose the easiest and the cheapest way of learning – the internet. With an aim to learn basics in a week and mastering the guitar in a month, they begin but fail to maintain the enthusiasm. A few days, months or years after quitting their dream, you will see them repeating the same.

It’s good that men and women are different otherwise the world would be nothing but chaos. Some people may not agree to the points mentioned above, so please feel free to comment. If you have an alternative point of view, feel free to share.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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One Response to “Ten Weird Things Almost All Men Think About.”
  1. Elaine M Ingram says:

    I would not have called those things weird, just thoughts from “men” who have not become a man. A man has moved from thoughts such as those.

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