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Donald Trump Is Vaccine for Deadly Swamp Virus.

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( It took decades for the politically correct, progressive, and insufferable swamp monsters to establish total control of our universities, our corporations, our special interests groups, Hollywood, our professional sports leagues, and, most importantly, our federal, state and local governments. It will take another four years for President Donald Trump to “drain the swamp,” but he has made incredible progress in his first term. Clearly, President Trump is the vaccine that, for decades, patriotic Americans prayed would emerge and destroy this swamp virus.

The left’s control of our institutions did not happen overnight. It took many years for them to establish total domination. It helped that, for over a quarter of a century, the Republican Party did not offer vigorous opposition to the Democrats. As a result, liberals dominated the courts and our bureaucracies, free speech was squelched at our universities and advocacy of a politically correct “climate change” agenda became mandatory in corporate America.

From the departure of President Ronald Reagan in 1989 until the Republican Party’s nomination of Donald Trump in 2016, the GOP was led by an accommodating moderate wing that wanted to work with Democrats and not defeat them.

The result was that jobs kept leaving under the auspices of “free trade” deals that helped foreign countries much more than the United States. Factories were closed and manufacturing jobs became scarce. Millions of working-class Americans faced poverty and despair due to the loss of jobs and drug addiction thanks to the flood of illegal drugs which poured into the country.

Prior to President Trump, the southern border was never secured, and millions of illegal immigrants flowed into the country. This led to the loss of more jobs and lower wages for those still working.

For establishment Republicans and Democrats, there was more agreement than disagreement. All of that changed with the miraculous nomination of Donald Trump in 2016. Finally, a presidential nominee advocated “America First.” This was chilling to his many enemies which included the GOP establishment, the Democrats, the Deep State bureaucracy, the media, and all the various components of the deadly swamp.

When the swamp is in charge, the Deep State monsters do very well. Thus, their wages continue to rise, their access to power remains in place and their invites to the best parties never stop. In contrast, average Americans are ignored and abandoned.

With the arrival of Trump, Americans had a presidential candidate who finally cared about their plight. He was the first Republican presidential candidate since Reagan to connect with working-class Americans. It is no surprise that he won Rust Belt states in the 2016 election that Republicans had not captured in decades.

This success was not easy for Donald Trump. Along the way, the swamp tried everything to derail his nomination, then his election, and even his inauguration. After he took the office, the swamp did not rest but decided to go into overdrive to force him to exit the presidency.

An illegal spying operation that started during his campaign continued during his presidency. The goal was to uncover supposed “Russian collusion.” Of course, it was all a hoax, but it did not stop a corrupt Department of Justice from launching a Special Counsel investigation led by the incompetent Robert Mueller, who filled his legal team with biased Democratic Party supporters and donors.

Not surprisingly, the President was eventually exonerated, after two years and almost $40 million in expenditures. It was quickly followed by the Ukrainian hoax and a completely partisan impeachment charade.

This was possible because, from the beginning of his tenure, the president was victimized by members of his administration. For example, his conversations with foreign leaders, such as the President of Ukraine, were leaked to the media. This has not happened in previous administrations, but Donald Trump has been treated worse and subjected to more abuse than any President in modern American history.

The swamp attempted a political coup of President Trump. Fortunately, it did not work, but his enemies are continuing to use every possible trick to deny his re-election. From politicizing the coronavirus to trying to force universal mail-in ballots, Trump’s enemies are not resting. They are even promoting books by a disgruntled family member and his lawbreaking former attorney.

From now until November 3, the swamp will use anything and everything to defeat President Trump. They know that their biggest ally is a corrupt media that provides 92 percent negative coverage of President Trump and total support for the incompetent Joe Biden.

Despite this onslaught of horrific treatment, President Trump continues to succeed, which drives his swamp enemies crazy. Even the mention of President Trump’s name will cause some of his opponents to get hysterical. Americans can see evidence of this madness on the streets of the country over the past few months.

No other President could have politically survived this hateful arsenal launched against him by the swamp, but Donald Trump is no ordinary politician. In his 2016 election, then-candidate Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” He had no idea how large and powerful his swamp enemies had become after decades of unchallenged control.

In this election, the President is more aware of his enemies and their power. He also has an impressive record of accomplishment to offer to the voters of America.

The 2020 presidential election will be the most important one in our nation’s history. Our choice is to revert to total Deep State control and elect a politician who has been doing their bidding throughout his 47-year career or re-elect our President.

The Deep State swamp is truly a virus that has infected our country in many ways. Our only effective treatment is re-electing the vaccine that will finally defeat this destructive virus, President Donald Trump.

Written by Jeff Crouere

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