DCPS Elementary Graduates Celebrated for Academic Success During COVID-19.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) William Jackson of My Quest to Teach and Aida Correa of Love Built Life are educators,  business owners, STREAM activists that are honoring graduating 5th grade students from  Crown Point Elementary School and Venetia Elementary School with academic awards and
SWAG from business sponsors of global technology conferences.

William, Aida and Crown Point student Janea Brown honoring the memory of Ms. Norma Andino-Cruz who passed away April 2020, battling cancer since 2015. Celebrating graduating 5th grade students from Crown Point Elementary and Venetia Elementary Schools.

Ms. Norma Andio-Cruz is the grandmother of Janea Brown,  graduating fifth grader from Crown Point and the mother of Aida Correa.  Both are inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of Ms. Cruz. She moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1999 from Brooklyn, New York  working for Verizon then AT&T, retiring she opened a computer store TechnoLogic, LLC where Ms. Cruz built computers and encouraged youth in the community to work to achieve  their dreams.

During that time of the business she may have been the only Latina women that owned and operated a computer store in Jacksonville, Florida. Blazing the trail for other Latina girls and women and women of color to start their own technology businesses and to grow as
entrepreneurs  being influential in their communities. Because of Ms. Cruz pioneering as a business owner, community contributions, volunteering and inspiring others to start their own businesses, Ms. Cruz memory will be honored by celebrating graduating 5th grade students at these two high performing elementary schools.

The Principals, Mrs. Monique Chatman (Venetia) and Mr. Michael Beckstrom (Crown Point) are very appreciative for the recognition of their graduating students. Two high performing students from each elementary school will be honored with a financial award in memory of Ms. Cruz with a certificate and their own SWAG to celebrate their successes in the  2019 – 2020 Academic School Year in Duval County Public Schools.

In addition, each graduating 5th grade student at Crown Point and Venetia Elementary will be provided a decorated old school lunch bag with their own SWAG celebrating their achievement in graduating during such challenging times of COVID19. The international connection allows vendors that support WordCamp and KidsCamp to give back to the communities that encourage academic success. William and Aida offer free STREAM workshops with The Microsoft Store in Jacksonville and hope their contributions inspire youth, teens and young adults to grow in STEM, STEAM and STREAM careers.

Ms. Cruz was a pioneer in STREAM initiatives, before STREAM was even considered as an academic platform.   Congratulations to all the graduates across Duval County.

Staff Writer; William D. Jackson

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