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Uncle Joe Biden and Democrat Contempt for Black Americans.

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( Isn’t it obvious that Joe Biden and most white Democrats hold black Americans in absolute contempt? It is easy to understand why, human nature being as it is. It was the Democratic Party that enslaved, lynched and raped black Americans. They said that black people were inferior, unwanted and hated. Nevertheless, black Americans fought to integrate with these oppressors and when they violently resisted, called on the federal government to force the matter. Since the Democrats could no longer keep blacks out, they decided to control the black vote. All abusers must have enablers so they activated the Iron Triangle (most black preachers, black politicians and black civic organizers) to assist in this effort. To weed out all resistance they conducted a cultural genocide. They disarmed them, flooded their communities with drugs, imprisoned their men, destroyed their families, economies and schools. And most black people loved them for it. Thus, the contempt.

Like their plantation owning forebears, Democrats said that they loved black people and were looking out for their interest. But like all hustlers and conmen, sooner or later their words betray them. This law of nature was on full display last week when former Democrat Vice President and now presumed Democratic Party Presidential nominee Joe Biden stated, in one of those rare times of levity and honesty, exactly how he and his Democrat colleagues view black Americans. During an interview on the urban radio show “The Breakfast Club,” when challenged about his plans for Black America, he not only bragged about his record of death and mayhem in the black community but retorted “if you have a problem deciding between me and Trump you ain’t black.”

Some believe Biden will pay a political price for his honesty. It saddens me to admit, the price that Joe Biden will pay among black Democrats will be small, if any. Joe has done this before and much worse. He has never lost a federal election even though he: wrote the1994 Clinton Crime Bill that imprisoned millions of young black men for petty crimes; supports murder, which is government-funded abortion during birth; keeping poor black children locked in failing government schools; legalizing drugs, violating freedom of religion; government-funded transgender operations and disarming the population.

Let’s contrast him with President Trump who is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-school choice and pro-religion. He provided more jobs to black Americans, more economic opportunities, more money to HBCU’s than any other president and started a program to release the black men that Joe Biden locked up.

Like Celie in the movie “The Color Purple” and Tina Turner in the movie “What’s Love Got to Do With It” black Democrats are exhibiting the trauma forced upon them from an abusive relationship. But instead of Mister and Ike, blacks have the Democratic Party as the abuser. And it has been beating them for over 225 years. Very few have the bravery and valor needed to break away from such a violent and controlling relationship without an intervention. Celie and Tina’s lives improved significantly only when they confronted, fought and freed themselves from their abusers. Most black Democrats have yet to show that courage.

Like a chapter taken from “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” all of America and the whole world is witnessing this abuse. Sadly, the abused person defending the abuser is perhaps the most troubling sign of all. Immediately the Iron Triangle came to their abusers defense. TIME Magazine reported that Symone Sanders, a black Biden adviser, said his comment was “made in jest.” CNN reported that Howard University’s Ravi Perry said, “It would be stupid for African Americans to support Donald Trump” and claimed his comments were taken “out of context.” Fox News reported Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee also claimed that the statement was “in jest.” It’s like the abused wife saying, “he was just kidding when he hit me.”

Let’s cut through the chase. Black people are abused and mistreated by Democrats because they allow it. In his Second Treatise of Government, John Locke wrote: “If I do harm, I must look to suffer, there being no reason that others should show greater measure of love to me than they have by me shewed unto them.” Therefore black Americans have a right to retaliate. Jewish, Asian and most white Americans violently reject this mistreatment from Democrats. Conversely, they largely live in safe neighborhoods, with great schools, good jobs and their sons are not over-represented in prison. Conversely, like an abusive husband in a home or an abusive dictator of a nation, Democrats have no incentive to change their behavior toward an accepting black people.

Most black Americans do not know their value. The primary goal of an abuser is to make sure that they never know it. The abuser therefore, will flood their victims with negative imagery and information about themselves. Blacks are the only people in the world who are constantly told by their “leaders” in the Iron Triangle that they are victims, inferior, cannot compete and can’t be trusted with firearms. The Democratic media portray blacks as dangerous, whorish, lazy, and uncouth. Democrats consistently bombard our children with positive images of gratuitous sex, violence, materialism and drug abuse.

Democrats know the power of the black vote. It tilts the balance of power in the most powerful country in the world, which means blacks have the power to influence the world. But like Esau, we have sold this birthright for a bowl of pottage. And like Esau our people suffer.

After defeating his master in hand to hand combat, a 16-year-old Fredrick Douglass wrote in My Bondage My Freedom: “A man without force is without the essential dignity of humanity. Human nature is so construed, that it cannot honor a helpless man, although it can pity him; and that it cannot do long, if the signs of power do not arise.”  Voluntarily and happily accepting the aforementioned abuse from a man that has publicly harmed the black community as often as Joe Biden, vividly illustrate this premise. Until black Democrats arise and show the signs of power that only come from the convictions of free people and retaliate against those that kill their children, imprison their men and separate them from their GOD, no one will or should come to their defense.

Written by Vince Everett Ellison

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