Does POC Include Black People.

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( People of Color should include everyone that is not a white person. That makes logical sense, especially when this discussion is being had within the United States. Let’s make within the Unites States our framework. It seems POC has become a popular term in the United States, but the truth is the term has always been here. How it is currently used makes it appear to be a newer concept as it is only since the late 20th century that we would see the phrase used as it its now. Prior to this time Person of Color/ People of Color was clearly a black person.

The term as we know it would be a push to move the discussion of race past merely the black and white divide. It would bring everyone together in a unified front to fight racism and discrimination in this country for all for those that live under its oppression. Many of us have heard there is strength in numbers, and where there is common understanding of pain there can be healing. No one believed the movement would be perfect, as no movement is, but as sure as this is the US there are many black people that now question if POC includes them.

This might seem off centered, but the powers that be in this country went to great lengths to present black people to the world in a negative light. While there is racism and brutality that is experienced by all POCs black people in this country have a narrative that goes to the very founding, and before of this nation, and it is a history that stands alone. This doesn’t a battle of whose hardship is worse; it is an acknowledgement of history that is necessary because it effects how blacks have been seen by other people of color. Just as other groups can speak on negative encounters with black people, black people can speak of experiencing negative encounters with other groups. However, in many cases how black people are seen by other POCs mirrors the narrative that has been perpetuated by white America. There are battles black people fight in this country that by in large they fought without the strong presence of other POCs. However, to reciprocate that same behavior would cause black people to come under more fire.

In too many spaces when black people are dealing with black issues, they are asked why they didn’t include other POCs. Basically, we are being asked why we are just speaking of black issues instead of advocating for all that deal with oppression in this country. Well, the laws we have right now that try to address civil rights issues benefit all minorities, and they do so far better than black people. The truth is black people are still fighting the humanity argument. Its not that we are seen as less than, vile, savage, or merely less than…we are not seen as human beings of any kind. How can we advocate for others when this is our fight…and in the process of fighting the ruling oppressor we also end up fighting with other POCs over the same issue? The level of confusion has driven some black people to race hatred. They take out their anger and frustrations on other POCs in the manner by which they receive it. Many black people have become tired of being told to understand, even if it is wrong, why some POCs treat them in a manner that mirrors white oppressors, and they lash out. This is dangerous because in that space those that behave in this manner now perpetuate the same behavior, we are fighting against. The different is the motive.

Amongst some blacks POC is a term they can never except for the past shame associated with the term “colored”. They can’t wrap their minds around this all-inclusive term because they feel blacks in the POC group will be seen a colored in a segregated way. There is much work that will need to be had in all groups that exist under the umbrella of POC so that there can be strength in numbers. It can be successfully argued that right now unity does not exist. It can be argued that black people need to focus on themselves and the issues that affect them directly. There is so much happening in the world, and US due to this pandemic. As always crisis in America brings racial disparity back to the forefront, as if it ever left for those directly affected by it, and there are black people wondering if we are all in this together…or are black folks standing alone? This pandemic as seem many POCs experience abuse by POCs and white people alike. It would be better if we stood together…but that might become an issue of humanity.

Staff Writer; Addonicka Michele