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How to fix a bald spot or lack of hair. Tips for men.

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( Bald patches on the head are a characteristic sign that indicates a tendency for hair loss, which will lead to complete baldness. Such misfortune can happen not only in adulthood but also in youth. At best, recovery is possible but will take years and return only up to 50-70% of lost hair. Below, you will find ways to correct this defect that doesn’t require expensive treatment.

Causes of the occurrence of full or partial baldness

Trichologists identify several main causes of androgenetic alopecia (the technical name of a common ailment when hair loss begins from the frontotemporal part and reaches the crown eventually):

  • genetic predisposition;

  • hormonal imbalance;

  • age-related changes;

  • impaired blood circulation;

  • deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body;

  • constant emotional stress;

  • abuse of alcohol and cigarettes.

If you have just started noticing regular hair loss, consult a doctor since the problem may be related to your health. Also, consider quitting bad habits.

Styling to hide a lack of hair

Proper hairstyle and styling will help you make your bald spots less noticeable or even hide it. For example, the classic half-box is the simplest and most versatile option. It doesn’t require special care and you can change the length and direction of the hair.

In general, all haircuts to mask bald spots are based on short hair at the temples and long at the top. An important detail of a successful look is proper styling. For example, David Beckham compensates for a small amount of hair with a volume of hairstyles with slightly putting them back. Use gels and mousses to fix the hairstyle. The time it takes to create your look daily may increase by 2-3 times, but it’s worth it.

Also, coloring your hair in natural light shades can help you make your bald spot less noticeable. This is a good way out for adult men who don’t want to go gray-haired and at the same time try to distract attention from baldness.

Removing bald spots in photos

Many men begin to notice that they are becoming bald in the photographs because in life we don’t see ourselves from the outside and friends rarely dare to point out this. Also, it’s worth saying that photos always treacherously emphasize our shortcomings. If you are concerned about your appearance in the pictures, don’t worry, it’s very easy to fix.

Photoshop is the most popular photo editing program where you can do everything including change your hairstyle and remove defects. However, you will have to delve into its study in order to discreetly hide bald spots on your head. There are much simpler applications like RetouchMe. This is a simple service that suits both professional photographers and people who just want to edit photos for social networks.

Just follow the link and you can get the perfect volume and amount of hair in 5 minutes. You will be pleasantly surprised with the final photo.

Cover your bald spots with camouflage hair dye

Thickeners or camouflage hair dye is a professional cosmetic product that allows you to mask small foci of baldness or sparse hair all over the head. Celebrities who also suffer from hair loss use this trick. There are many types of such remedies in various forms from lotion to powder. Choose what is convenient for you and apply it every day as it’s absolutely safe. Camouflages suits for use during treatment for alopecia.


The problem of hair loss and baldness affects 40% of men around the world and sometimes it’s impossible to cure. But remember that this is not a sentence, but only an excuse to start caring for your appearance. New hair color, hairstyle, and additional products will help you to believe in yourself again.

Staff Writer; Carl Poole

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