3 Safe Ways to Tackle Premature Ejaculation.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) It is a problem that affects millions of men around the globe, yet, those who suffer from it frequently suffer in silence. Whereas Viagra and other similar ED medications have now entered the zeitgeist of public knowledge to a level where adverts, TV segments, and billboards are not uncommon, treatment for premature ejaculation (or PE) remains a far more underground topic.

There is the initial embarrassment factor that no doubt inhibits many men from seeking help or even discussing the problem, but the cold truth of the matter is, that around ? of all men suffer from premature ejaculation at some time in their lives, and as such, it is far from a rare condition. It is also a condition that varies greatly in severity, meaning that where some sufferers consider it to be greatly debilitating, others will take the form simply having sexual encounters last for a shorter period than they or their partner desires.

Whichever version you may suffer from, rest assured that there are ways to last longer in bed. Some remedies are behavioural in nature, while others are medicinal, the key is to see which one suits your particular needs.

Behavioural methods for lasting longer in bed have been tried and tested for decades. While these options may not help the most severe of sufferers, for those men that feel their performance is simply a little short, there are techniques that can take your performance to the next level.

The ‘stop-start’ technique

The ‘stop-start’ technique is quite self-explanatory. Whenever you feel over-stimulated, simply stop any motion, and then carry on once you have regained control of your sensations. With a little practice, this can help you gain control over the severity of the sensations you feel. Quite often, a sufferer of PE will psychologically link those sensations, with always climaxing. This, in turn, becomes a vicious cycle, where the sensations make the sufferer feel as though they cannot control their reactions. However, the more they try this technique of stopping once the sensations get to a certain level, and manage to gain control of the situation, the weaker those psychological bonds between ‘sensation’ and ‘climax’ become. Over time, this technique will allow you to feel climax approaching, calm yourself down, and then continue.

The ‘squeeze’ technique

Another technique that has been known to help men last longer in bed, is called the ‘squeeze technique’. This one involves a slightly more proactive approach, in that you or your partner need to squeeze the tip of the penis for 30 seconds when you feel that you are about to climax. You should then wait 30 seconds before carrying on. This technique works by giving your brain a different feeling to concentrate on, rather than one of sexual stimulation.

Climax delay sprays

Recently, there have also been some rather interesting climax delay sprays released on the market, garnering some great reviews from users and urologists alike (1), (2). Climax delay sprays like Promescent work by numbing the area upon which it is sprayed (namely the tip of the penis), allowing the user to continue feeling stimulation, albeit at a far more muted level. Promescent uses TargetZone™ technology, which is absorbed quickly into the skin, meaning there is less chance of transference to a partner, and also less chance of absorption into the bloodstream (allowing the user to still enjoy pleasurable sensations).

There are of course pills on the market that purport to also delay orgasm, but in comparison to delay sprays, there are some issues associated with them. Firstly, you will often find that these systemic medicines are used to treat depression and the climax delaying facet of the treatment is simply a side-effect. On the subject of side-effects, it is not uncommon to also encounter nausea, headaches, light-headedness, and mild shaking. Because of this, behavioural techniques and topical sprays are looked at as far better options when treating PE.

Above all, anyone suffering from premature ejaculation, or simply wanting to elongate their sexual staying power should rest assured that there are options available that will help. It should also be reiterated that this condition is a common one, and as such, any shame or frustration that you may experience on account of it, should be put into perspective. There is help available, find the option that suits you, and get back to enjoying the sex life you have always wanted.

Staff Writer; Paul Shaw