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Five Tips to Be a Great Husband.

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( Relationships are beautiful but require a great deal of work. Trust, loyalty, care communication, and compassion are just a few necessary elements. As a married woman I can’t tell a man what would make a good husband from a man’s perspective obviously. However, as a wife there are a few things that make a husband great. He should never be required to be perfect, nor read a mind, but there are simple things he can do that a wife would cherish. I can only imagine the role of a husband is no easy task, and men are deemed trouble in a marriage in ways a woman is not when both parties can be just as hurtful, and abusive. There are men out there that do everything in their power to love and understand their spouse, while having a hands-on active role in parenting. These men deserve to be encouraged and celebrated. Every husband is different, but below are a few tips many great husbands have in common.

1. A person makes a wonderful spouse, and definitely a great husband. It is comforting for a woman to know she can go to her husband when she needs and ear and he’s there. She doesn’t have to wonder if he’s listening…or just tuning her out while giving the appearance of listening. It’s also great when he’s willing to lend an ear for random thoughts as well. When your husband is one of your best friends this can be attributed, in part, to his ability to listen.

2. The ability to communicate respectfully is a characteristic of a great husband. When a man can communicate what’s on his mind truthfully and allow for said communication from his spouse it strengthens the marriage. Talking is a very large part of a marriage. You want to be able to talk about random topics, but you need to be able to discuss serious matters, things that hurt you, your dreams, and even fears without judgement. Just as a man would want a wife that doesn’t silence him…his ability to not do that to her makes him awesome.

3. A husband that will care for his wife with compassion is amazing. There are times your wife will get sick, injured, or she’ll be pregnant, and she will need you to love on and care for her. It’s more than just physically bringing her what she needs…it’s showing a degree of care and concern that helps sooth her in times she’s unwell. Yes, she very well may need gentle bedside manner treatment. Your compassion and gentle touch is what she will remember.

4. A great wife will support his wife when she faces adversity. Honestly, some of the biggest challenges a marriage faces is family. Stand by your wife, and she should do the same, if your family chooses to attack her. When she brings the situation to you put your support behind your wife. She needs to know that you won’t through her under the bus for anyone…that includes your family.

5. Great husbands know the power of “Just Because”. If your wife works hard, she’s a loving mom, and does all she can to be a loving supportive spouse you don’t have to wait until a holiday to show you care. Your showoff appreciation can come in various forms. Helping around the house, taking the kids out so she can catch a nap, getting her what she loves to eat, or even a spa day. Taking the time to show her you see her and appreciate her is something she can cherish.

There are so many things that make husbands great. No two husbands are alike as they bring who they are as individuals to the role of a husband, and they vary according to the person they love.  If you know  great husbands celebrate them. What are some characteristics you find to be great in husbands?

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  1. Trevo Craw says:

    Be the God-given head of your household
    Lead by example
    Set a high standard

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