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How to Write an Appeal Letter: An Ultimate Writing Guide.

October 28, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( Do you think that the decision taken about you is wrong? Want to get a second chance? Writing an appeal letter is a good opportunity to provide the facts that may help you to achieve the goal. You should follow the tips on how to write a high-quality appeal letter before sending it. Make sure you have a clear understanding of... [Read more...]

Four Attitudes Strong Men Discover When We Look Within.

October 27, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( In our often acrimonious debates in person and across social media, the discussion of what a good or “strong” man is regularly take center stage and elicit all kinds of hyperbole and innuendo about what such a man looks like and where he can be found. Women especially want to know because so many of them have been bereft... [Read more...]

10 Black Rock Bands You Should Check Out.

October 27, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( When looking up Black rock bands you’ll come across more lists that have a Black lead singer or something rather than the whole or majority of the band being Black. Let’s check out ten Black rock bands you should check out. How many of these bands have you heard of and are there any favorites? Black Death (Cleveland, OH –... [Read more...]

The 10 Greatest Horror Movies.

October 27, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( It’s the Halloween season and that means candy, spooky costumes, and horror films. I mean, it could also mean kids wearing the same costume for the four year in a row but horror films are the main thing. As a matter of fact, one network is running horror movies every day of the month! Here are ten of the best horror films all... [Read more...]

What About His Black Mother.

October 27, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( As I sit here trying to make sense of another black man gone, I realize there was not enough care for the family of the victim. Though we love our parents, if they have their way we will one day bury them verses them having to stand over their children. Judge Tammy Kemp had the audacity to come down from her bench and huge the... [Read more...]

Republican Members Of Congress Storm Hearing Room To Prevent Testimony.

October 27, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( After an unsuccessful attempt to obstruct congress from carrying out its constitutional responsibility of oversight by trying to block his staff from testifying, President Donald Trump urged the GOP to “get tougher and fight”. He said, “Some GOP lawmakers are great fighters. But they have to get tougher and fight because... [Read more...]

How to Grow and Afro Like a Pro and Keep it Top Condition.

October 26, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( Look to grow out your ‘fro? Learn how to grow an afro and keep it in amazing condition with this helpful blog on men’s hair care and grooming tips. The visual history of African-American hair is iconic. Hairstyles in African communities here in the U.S arch from ancestral culture. That history plays a large part in... [Read more...]

The beautiful NFL Draft tradition by the late Willie Brown.

October 26, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( As many sports fans know, the NFL is celebrating its 100th season this NFL season. There has been a season-long celebration of fans, historic players, historic teams, and great moments in NFL history. One of the iconic images for NFL Films is the 75-yard interception return for a touchdown by Oakland Raiders cornerback Willie... [Read more...]

Top 11 Fighting Game Series Across PlayStation.

October 26, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( From the PlayStation to the PlayStation 4 there have been many fighting games. Tons of them, really. For a period in gaming history, PlayStation was the console for fighting games. It was also the console for Japanese RPGs but this is about fireballs, combos, and long-running series. Here are the ten greatest fighting game franchises... [Read more...]

10 Signs You Know You’ve Gotten Too Old For This Shit!!

October 26, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( Time catches up on us all sooner or later. While he can still do many of the things we did when we were younger, sometimes the body isn’t with it and we might be wearier about certain activities. Maybe you’re sore afterwards or you might just be exhausted. You could be ornerier than you used to be or you might have mellowed... [Read more...]

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