Effective Ways For Women To Succeed In A Male Dominated World.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) In as much as many voices call for change in matters like gender-inequality, we still live in a male-dominated world. There is a need for change in nearly all sectors and industries in our economy.

The best way in which, we as women will succeed, is by reclaiming our power, owning who we are and doing what is expected of us.

Below are a few steps to take to make this necessary change.

  • Take on a leadership role

Of late I have seen a rise in women speakers that do motivational talks to inspire others. These are women who have risen into leadership roles in a male-dominated field.

In your office, you do not have to be a manager or chief executive officer to be considered a leader. There are a lot of leadership roles that can be taken up. For instance, you could take the initiative at community service or at resolving conflict. Do it to the best of your ability until you are the go-to person when such situations arise.

  • Become a person of value

You cannot just sit around waiting for someone to recognize the values you bring in the workplace. If you do, you will wait forever.

If you feel you are capable to perform a certain task at the workplace, speak up. If you feel you are a natural-born leader and can take a leadership role in a certain project, speak up. Unless you are strong enough to recognize your strengths and contributions, no one will.

  • Let your voice be heard

It is a proven fact that men are more likely to speak up and voice their thoughts in a meeting as compared to women. Additionally, when they speak up, they do not take charge and are easily interrupted.

Women should believe that they are worthy to voice their opinions. Otherwise, no one will believe in them.

  • Speak with confidence

Naturally, women have a softer voice so they may be unheard amidst a congregation where everyone is trying to share their thoughts.

However, in an office setup, women have to be confident when they speak to command attention. Sometimes, this might mean being assertive for your workmates to see you as an authority.

Know what you want to put across and say it with confidence.

  • Stop being a people-pleaser

Most often than not, women will try to please everyone in their workplace in a bid to get noticed. If paperwork is not part of your responsibility, let the appropriate person handle their job. It is ok to be nice but always trying to be a people-pleaser will get you nowhere. Instead of getting credit, you will give them an impression of a woman who does not know what they are doing.

  • Learn how to handle conflict

Women are naturally very emotional creatures. However, these emotions should be left out of the office; especially during conflicts.

When conflict occurs, avoid engaging or retaliating. At least be mature about it, recognize the part you played and ask for ways you could move past it.

Avoid grudges and once the conflict has been resolved, shake hands and move on.

Staff Writer; Paul Ford