Know thy Black History.

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( Homo sapiens, otherwise known as humans, are the most complex beings on the entire Earth. The word homo sapiens literally means wise men and that’s why we are called the most developed species on Earth. Beings of our kind were originated in Africa, somewhere around two million years ago. After that we moved to different parts of the world and created our own empires. The first genome of humans came from a hairball which was frozen in the soil of Greenland around 4000 years ago. Although studies show that we were originated from Africa, the genome is not available due to its unforgiving climate zones. Since technology and science has vastly advanced in recent years, humans have uncovered a lot of secrets about our origin.

African DNA is the most important DNA’s we have as this is where our species began. We will learn more about ourselves by studying our origin. As every species always evolve from time to time, it is important to know the earlier versions of our species for a positive and successful evolution furthermore. It is difficult to research since the continent itself is humongous and its DNA preservation is difficult.  Its climate is hot and humid which makes it difficult to preserve DNA. Human remains are the direct link to our past and we have few skeletons to study from that era. The main reason is the climate. In today’s scientific methods, it is impossible to identify which areas have the DNA preserved and which do not. This makes the genetic projects more difficult.

As we evolve, we undergo a number of changes in our body which also makes it harder to know our origin. There are many genetic projects going on mainly with African ancestral DNA as it is considered our primary DNA since we evolved from there. But if you want to know where you came from, there are multiple tests available to know your origin. These tests cannot be 100% valid as the study of human DNA continues on. These tests do show results based on either your DNA, family tree or history.

If a DNA test is used, it is either tested by your mitochondrial DNA, which is the Mt DNA you inherited from your mother or the Y chromosome that was inherited from your father to predict the possible two origins. It’s not just the DNA that they taste, but also your family tree since that information is unchanged for generations unless a mutation has occurred which can change things.

These tests are completely legal and certified by the government. It is a great and interesting way to know your origin as people have migrated to different places since we came into existence. We were nomads and used to hunt for food and shelter until we discovered fire and learned to cook our own food. We also learned about agriculture and grew and cooked our food. We don’t know where we actually came from since we always moved from one place to another for some reason or another until we found the right location to settle down. With this DNA test we can find out where we originated from.

The test does not work solely based on your DNA, but your family history. We come to a conclusion by thoroughly studying both your DNA and family history for an accurate result. Knowing your roots is a very emotional experience. It gives you joy and a reason to live.It solves the question of our existence and connects us with more people.Knowing our roots is an emotional experience, but knowing people with the same origin as ours is altogether a different feeling. It makes you feel safe and you feel you are a part of a new community. We help to connect people belonging to the same origin by providing them with a platform. On this platform, they can bond with each other and their details are also kept confidential. No personal information is shared with a third party. The concept of a tribe or a group creates a feeling of a haven in our minds. It stimulates a feeling of comfort in us. By this African ancestry DNA test, we connect many people and help them to know their origin. Our focus is to answer questions from our origins and connect people for positive experiences.

By combining all these methods, it is possible to know your possible origin. Although we were born in Africa, our species is of the greatest and most complex one of them all. We have traveled the whole Earth and conquered it. Therefore, there are many possible origins that we may have due to colonization. The question of where we belonged to currently remains a question and will remain one for several years to come.

Staff Writer; Steve Gold