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What’s Next? Mr. #45.

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( What’s next? One of the first things I heard about this week was a group of high schoolers in New Hampshire feeling okay with joining the nastiness of the person living in the White House. I guess their music was inspired by #45’s crude behavior and his entertaining a ‘gangsta’ rapper in the White House by the name of Kanye West who sings a crude song called “I Love It.” (Look online for the song and you’ll understand why our “Respect Us” campaign is critical.) It’s directed at Black women, so I guess those students thought it was okay for them to sing, “Let’s kill all the blacks” in a racist rendition of Jingle Bells. #45 sets such a low standard!

I thought we’d heard just about everything there was about #45 and his criminal cohorts. This week alone, we’ve saw Michael Cohn get 3 years of jail time for his activities with #45 who would like to have us believe he hardly knew Mr. Cohen. He has been claiming Cohen did very little work for him. Of course, now he would have us believe Cohen did lots of stuff for him or on his behalf, which he apparently allowed and directed Cohen to handle.

He says he was thinking that as a lawyer Cohen knew what he was doing. He followed that up saying even if he did those things for which Cohen has now been sentenced to 3 years in jail, that was not a violation. First, he told us he knew nothing about the payments to Stormy Daniels, and we’d have to ask Cohen about that. Guess he’s figured out he can have it both ways!

We just learned that the Cohen raid spurs a new criminal probe on #45’s inauguration spending. All that money has raised questions about how big those parties were! Until now, #45 must have been awfully proud that he’d raised about twice as much as President Barack Obama’s committee raised. Now, he’s probably asking himself why he raised so much because there is a mighty big question that’s probably giving him grief. The question being from whom did all of that money come and what did he promise to do in exchange for all of that money! The answer just might lie in that raid on Michael Cohen’s home and office. There was a lot of smoke in that raid. Now, we may soon see a lot of fire!

The past week has been a nightmare for #45 because Cohen has promised to give even more information that may not sound too good to #45. It’s hard to keep up with all of the criminal and alleged criminal activity of #45 and his cohorts.

It didn’t help that Maria Butina, the Russian woman who Vladimir Putin claims to have no idea who she is, has agreed to talk AND cooperate in the investigation. She admits to trying to infiltrate the NRA and from what we now know, her cooperation may be about the direct involvement of the NRA in #45’s campaign in an effort to help #45 win the election in 2016.

She admits to engaging in a conspiracy against our nation by trying to influence our politics. She admitted working closely with a U.S. citizen—member of the Republican Party. There goes that lie about Republicans loving America more than any of the rest of us! Add to that the group of high schoolers appearing to give the Nazi salute at their high school prom a short time ago and the group in Charlottesville, VA that #45 thought consisted of good people!

I think we are going to find out what’s next soon!

Written By Dr. E. Faye Williams

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One Response to “What’s Next? Mr. #45.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    President Trump wants to build a wall on our southern border. A wall serves two functions: ( 1 )To keep others out; ( 2 )To keep people in. America has a natural wall of water in the west ( i.e. The Pacific Ocean ), a natural wall of water to the east ( i.e. the Atlantic Ocean),and Canada, a foreign country, to the north. Trump doesn’t care if Congress is out. Congress not being in session leaves the Executive Branch in charge. Trump is the Executive Branch,thus Congress is cancelled by its own collective will leaving the care of this nation to President Donald Trump:
    Existentialism is a philosophical theory or approach that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will. Will is an appetite or desire determined by the sum total experiences of the being. Donald Trump’s vision for America is very intriguing. There has only been a few times in America’s history when this kind of thought has interrupted America’s pragmatic consistency. One such time was the Revolutionary War when men thought to shake off Britain’s influences and control; another was the Civil War when Abraham Lincoln had to take a look at America and make a determination as to whether to act to remake it, or leave it as it is. Lincoln was the artist then, as Trump is the artist now. For Trump America is a capitalistic “Tabula Rasa “, a blank page upon which he intends to write using the pen of capitalism. This is an astounding view of our total political structure. Trump intends to re-coin all coins. His campaign for the presidency now forces the question which is; who told you that good is good, and bad is bad? If you cannot tell me who told you that good is good, and bad is bad, I now tell you that bad is now good, and good is now bad thereby laying the logical foundation to question the political status quo, and he does this at every turn. He declares to the people that the political system as it is, is crooked, and must be changed. Trump disputes several aspects of the Constitution of the United States of America relative to how its political figures are elected. However complicated the U.S. Constitution really is, Trump is succeeding because he has demonstrated a mastery of a kind of simplicity that enables him to communicate with the common man. His hypnotic, attention grabbing mantra is “We Will Make America Great Again “, and there has been a meeting of the minds despite any clear definition of any of the words. The phrase conjures up different things in different minds but is most assuredly related to how America once was. America’s history reflects that full greatness is in privation when it comes to its red, yellow, brown, and black citizens. So-called “Minorities “must assuredly read between the lines. Quid pro quo” will be the order of the day for our global allies. This kind of thinking now causes those nations existing under America’s protective umbrella to wonder. What does he want? Under a Trump Regime, America will protect its allies, but only after a deal more beneficial to America has been made

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