The Trump Cult He Sees As Zombies.

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(ThyBlackMan.comIf you are not a rich or wealthy Caucasian male, you need to pay close attention to this article because what Donald Trump is doing WILL impact you, your safety, your family, your friends, co-workers, job and community. I am not trying to scare you (as he commonly does). I am about to tell you the facts no news agency or politician is ever likely to say. Caucasian people, for example, calling the police on innocent African Americans, is an indirect result of Trump hate rhetoric.

Two African American senior citizens killed outside of a grocery store in Kentucky recently is an indirect result of Trump hate speech.  An African American man killed in a gas station parking lot this year by a Caucasian man challenging him over a parking space is an indirect result of Trump hate speech. Trump zombies are feeling empowered to confront people of color, some cases ending in violence and even death. There is a strong connection between words of a cult leader and the actions of his followers and the field of psychology can prove that all day long

Donald Trump sees his extreme supporters are mindless zombie parrots – and largely he is right. They repeat whatever he says, make the exact same arguments, reject the facts just like he does, deflect, deny, insult and attack just as he does. Anybody who says that he could shoot someone and still have the support of his base actually thinks his base is just that dumb. And sure enough, he probably could and still have them cheering. This fact alone is similar to the brainwashing, mind control and indoctrination of a cult. It is abnormal, problematic and such a cult-like following is dangerous for America. A small portion of these zombies will likely take what Trump says literally and act it out. Did he make them like that? No. Did he feed their hate and make them feel empowered? Yes, definitely.

TRUMP ZOMBIES WOULD ARGUE THAT WORDS DON’T INFLUENCE ACTIONS!  But such a claim has been proven wrong a thousand times over and words backed by ideologies which are constantly repeated actually alter both mindsets and behavior. It is done all the time throughout society from advertising to religion to psychological rehabilitation to deterrence and yes, even to the point of violence. Behavior modification, for good and for bad, is a fact. Cult leaders know this to be true just as much as advertisers, religious leaders, motivational speakers and the music industry are all aware of. And Donald Trump has learned to use words (often repeated) to indoctrinate and control his base and implant false ideas – a base he really cares nothing about. That is a cult.


Another strategy used by cult leaders is to start fights then play the victim. This is classic Donald Trump. He insults everybody all the time but when he gets offended or insulted, suddenly he is “being treated very unfairly”. He quickly assumes the role of “victim” and always with no regard for the fires he in fact started. Trump and his staff make the claim that he pushes or punches back when in fact Donald Trump often threw the first punch then hid his hand. Many cult leaders are in fact paranoid and believe there is someone out to get them around every corner. They claim they are treated unfairly in order to anger their zombies – supporters who will then get angry, rise up, defend the cult leader and make excuses for whatever the cult leader does. Again, classic Donald Trump.

I have spent decades identifying cults, exposing them and de-programming people who have been devastated by them. I recognize a cult and once you know what to look for, as long as you stay outside of the cult, it is very easy to spot. I know exactly what to look for and who is under the spell of the cult. And so many people fall victim because they neither know how to spot a cult nor mind control nor brainwashing nor indoctrination.

Four types of people generally understand when a cult is in place:

1. The cult leader and his or her strategists.

2. Those who have been trained to identify a cult.

3. Those who stumble upon the truth by chance.

4. Those who have been members of a cult but came out of it.

IN A CULT, THE LEADER ALMOST NEVER CARES ABOUT THE FOLLOWERS!  It is all about him. To him they are simply pawns used to accomplish his objective. To them, he is a type of savior. He promotes that he alone can enlighten and protect them. They believe whatever he says. They accept, defend and excuse whatever he does. Many of the more weak-minded followers put his words into action literally. If people realize what the cult leader is doing, he knows how to blame others for his actions or change the subject. And his version of reality is the  only “reality” his zombies will accept. Such was what happened with followers of Adolph Hitler, David Koresh, Jim Jones, Charles Manson and Marshall Applewhite, to name a few. A cult leader will position himself as a type of savior to his zombie supporters and they will believe him.


Now let’s compare these facts to Trump (who is in fact German through his grandfather) and let’s look at the blind acceptance by his followers. He tells his followers not to believe what they hear or see. He redefines reality for them. His truth becomes the only truth they will accept. He repeats himself over and over until they do the same as mindless, parrot-type robots and zombies. He praises violates against journalists and those who don’t support him. The crowds cheer.

There is a huge difference between supporters of a politician and zombie-like followers of a cult leader politician. A supporter stands with his or her political choice but remains honest about the foolish, immature and wrong things the politician does. A zombie defends whatever his or her politician does or says, no matter how wrong it is. Donald Trump is the leader of a cult known as his “base”. And just as cult leader does, Trump must keep his base loyal and separated from the people rooted in reality, truth and facts. Why would a cult leader change anything he does if it got him the presidency, keeps his followers loyal and keeps up his agenda of conflict, chaos and division? Why would he want to?

My only two questions are the following:

1. Who taught Donald Trump how to do this?

2. How did he locate millions of gullible people to convert to zombies?


Those who think Donald Trump has lost his mind simply don’t understand how cults leaders and their cults function in relation to each other. Under normal circumstances a reasonable person cannot make sense of what is happening because the cult leader has customized his approach to confuse those who are not in the cult. There is an unnatural symbiotic-type relationship that sticks like superglue and then some. Cults have a built in element of protection of the cult leader at almost all cost. When people speak the truth of the cult leader, the followers get defensive, angry and sometimes  even violent. And that is dangerous for America on multiple levels.


A cult leader starts a war with whomever he wants. Sometimes as a distraction from what else he is doing. Sometimes to recruit and indoctrinate new zombies. Sometimes to mobilize resistance against those who could expose him and his real agenda. And often for all of the above. Yet again classic Donald Trump who declares any group in opposition to him or when he considers them a personal threat, he declares they are enemies, invaders, killers. Labels that degrade human beings are labels that evoke anger and disrespect towards those human beings. This was done to African throughout slavery and it makes it easier for people to mistreat a group of people without conscience.

TRUMP IS PRACTICING “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” THEN REBUILDING IN HIS OWN IMAGE! First a cult leader must divide groups so they can never unify against him. He can accomplish this by using distraction and building fear, anger, discontentment and blame in his followers to evoke emotion in order to block the follower’s sense of logic and reason. Then the cult leader must tear down their beliefs, reconstruct and redefine them. In doing so he has recreated their perception of reality. This is why facts do not matter to Donald Trump’s base.

Donald Trump has purposely, covertly and overtly (simultaneously) started a war with the media, the Muslim community, the African American community, the Hispanic community, select countries, the caravan and anyone else he considers inferior or able to expose who he is and what he is doing. And Trump zombies will say and do as he says. That is why Trump is responsible for creating and contributing to a climate of violence. He knows a small portion of his base is likely to carry out literally what he says from behind the podium. He knows a portion of his zombies are weak-minded and only need a reason or nudge to do the unspeakable. Trump knows what words to use, what to repeat (in code) and who to say it to. That is extremely dangerous. Such was also true with people close to Hitler such as Goring, Himmler and Goebbels – all who only needed the man in power to justify their evil. Wake up people.

A POLITICAL CULT LEADER DISMANTLES THE REGULATING DOCUMENTS THAT KEEP VALUES IN PLACE! He often reinterprets political or even religious documents in his favor and to suit his agenda. That is why Trump is creating new perceptions of reality for his base on how they see the First Amendment. Now he is going after the 14th Amendment. Section 1 of the 14th Amendment, for example, which guarantees privileges and immunities of American citizens. Click the link below and see for yourself what Donald Trump is doing. He is going after LEGAL immigrants. And yet again, this is what Hitler did towards the Jews. This is not coincidence.

The Trump rhetoric is strikingly similar to the propaganda used by Adolph Hitler. Trump knows that words persuade, empower and motivate people. He is not dumb, to the contrary. He knows exactly what he is doing – dividing a country, creating and fueling hatred based on religion, ethnicity, media and political affiliation.


My most difficult class in college was called Rhetorical Theory and Criticism and it was part of my major. We studied the rhetoric of Hitler and how he took a generally poor and peaceful people to the point of hatred, violence and murder of millions of Jews. But here is what American Trump supporters are forgetting.

  1. Everything Hitler did was done legally.
  2. It started with hateful rhetoric that divided Germany (Aryans and Jews).

3.Hitler showed no remorse, no regret and no accountability for the damage his words caused.

  1. Many in the German government did not see what was coming until Hitler had gained so much power on the backs of division, confusion and hate that he disbanded the arms of government that could hold him accountable. Then he seized absolute power. WAKE UP AMERICA!

President Donald Trump calls the media “the enemy of the people” but what is implied that one would do to their enemy? He is developing hatred towards the media with the carefully selected inflammatory terms he uses. And Donald Trump knows exactly what he is doing. His wife says the media is not the enemy of the people. His daughter says the same. Even Kellyanne Conway says the media is not the enemy. So what does Donald Trump do? Repeat his hate rhetoric again and again and again. CNN, CNBC etc are not the “liberal media” and while Trump calls them fake, he never presents evidence as to what they faked. Their bias is against lies, misrepresentations and violence.

On the other hand, FOX News is a mouthpiece of the zombie-creator. FOX has clear bias, inaccurate reporting and actual hostility. Every once in a while one or two of them tell the truth about Donald Trump’s actions, speech and attitude, but not often. Ironically FOX represents pseudo-journalism and actual FAKE NEWS. But watch the Trump misdirection as he directs you away from the actual fake news and against those like CNN which tells the truth. People the truth is not determined by whether or not it favors Donald Trump.


In this country there are laws against inciting violence. There are laws against “opprobrious” language,  better known as “fighting words”. You cannot make terroristic threats. You cannot use hate speech. In fact even cursing at the police can get you a ticket for disorderly conduct or a ride to jail. Enter Donald Trump, who does most of the above and gets away with it, is defended by his zombie cult followers and a bunch of Republicans who want to use him to advance their agenda. IS ANYBODY AWAKE?

TRUMP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HIS SUPPORTERS                                                                                            FOOD FOR THOUGHT: WHAT IF TRUMP IS FOLLOWING ORDERS?

Donald Trump has no loyalty to anybody close to him but his daughter and a select few. Not even his wife. Trump  values bullies, strength, aggression and power – not gullibility. So why would any Trump zombie think he gives a …. about any of them? Because he said so, lol. And that has been one of his 5,000 plus lies since he got in office. Pinocchio watch out! Trump sees his zombies as gullible and he considers gullibility as weakness. But strong delusion blocks his zombies from seeing that at all.

If it were not so dangerous, I would find it funny that Trump zombie followers (blind supporters) actually think Trump cares about them, believing whatever he says – no matter how many of his statements are proven lies. Women watch him treat his wife like a nanny, cheat with a porn “star”, cheat with a playmate, fail to use protection with either, pay off both of them, insult women, admit he sexually forces himself on women, admit he goes after married women and yet women for Trump still defend him. That is the brainwashed loyalty behavior of cult members.


Speaking the facts that President Trump does not like is not fake news. But to his base, he has redefined it that way – regardless of real definitions. Telling lie after lie after lie while never even attempting to offer evidence to support your point is not alternative facts. But Trump has redefined that for his base as well. Promoting, praising and condoning violence against journalists, the media and those who are not for Trump is causing a problem of violence but Trump tells his followers he is squeaky clean and they believe him. Personal insults and stereotypes on women, people of color, Africa, Hispanics, caravans, Muslims and political opponents is a lack of maturity and morality.

Trump has defined all of the above as OK and his brainwashed zombies cheer him on or worse. The morality of about half the country is in the toilet and Trump has managed to locate, persuade and heavily indoctrinate most of them. Then again many of these people agreed with what Trump said before he ever said it. They were just undercover, with no idea of how many people thought like them. Mass Hate has been unified under President Donald Trump, but fortunately, also exposed.

Donald Trump would like you to believe that it is only deceived Democrats, liberals and the unfavorable news media who disagree with him. That allows him to create bad guys where ever he wants, blame any of those groups, use them to distract his zombies and detract from the real issues, create the concept of “fake news”, hijack the narrative, control and direct the animosity of his base. Watch the sleight of hand and magician-like misdirection closely or you will miss what Donald Trump is doing.

Trump is testing the waters to see just how much control he has over the minds, attitudes, perceptions and actions of his base – and that type of manipulative power is very dangerous. That is yet again exactly what Adolph Hitler did. But the truth is that many Republicans and conservatives (like me) disagree with and have spoken out against President Trump’s words, attitude, approach and behavior. None would even travel with him to Pittsburgh for the Jewish memorial services. Some politicians only appear to support Trump because it allows them to advance their own agendas and keep their congressional seats, other are intimidated and still in shock, others are simply riding on the bandwagon and a likely small percentage generally support Donald Trump. One need simply look at all of the people who have quit the Trump administration and the leaks to verify what I say is true.

No matter what Trump says, no matter how immature he acts, Trump is comforted by the thought that his zombies will defend him, make excuses, change the subject and blame the Democrats and the media. He is not crazy, he is smart. Trump has embedded poison in the brains of many of his zombies, lit the match in the brains of others and he knows they will comply. Yet it is not likely that President Trump would even accept a meeting with any of them because he considers them mentally weak, easily manipulated and tools of his trade of deception. The Trump zombies are lost and deceived but if they ever realize how they have been manipulated, they will (as some have) feel like fools.

This country needs to wake up to what is happening. Donald Trump has hijacked the entire Republican party and thrown it in a spin, but not for the better. The swamp has become quicksand for those who do not support Donald Trump. America was laughed at by the nations of the UN. Our allies are scratching their heads and our enemies are laughing as they are respected and praised by Donald Trump. Our standards for a president in America have dropped to the bottom of the barrel. And so many people are trading morality for hollow promises given by a man who is a proven serial liar. Trump zombies believe he is doing what he promised without realizing

(1) he is not in many cases


(2) some of the promises were wrong from the beginning.

Donald Trump’s America is a loaner, a maverick being restructured by Trump to reflect his character, his image and his agenda. Yet people are still looking toward a man for guidance who has set the worse example as a president in modern American history. These are all real facts.

Trump knows what his zombies want to here and that is exactly what he tells them, rally after rally after rally. He has the support of half the country and history reminds us that was the case when the civil war happened in America. Many of his tactics are the same as those used by Adolph Hitler, like it or not. And many Jews who perished in Germany never saw it coming, though people tried to tell them.

I quote Jordan Golin, CEO of Jewish Family Community Services as he said on CNN October 30, 2018, responding to the Pittsburgh massacre:

“People believe it can never happen here. Just to echo that, we really never believed it would happen in this neighborhood”. This sounds eerily familiar to what the Jews in Germany thought and believed when Hitler was in power. They were wrong. Ironically Hitler was neither German nor did he care about the German people.. He simply used them to accomplish his agenda. And what do you think would have happened to the Germans who supported him if he had completed the “master race”? The Germans would have been next on the target list and they would never have seen it coming.

If Adolph Trump (opps I meant Hitler) thought the Germans at the time were the “master race”, he would not have tried to create another. And Hitler said he wanted to make Germany great again. Sound familiar?  I suggest you watch the movie Valkyrie starring to Cruise. Wake up people.

We are facing much more of a danger than political differences and it is creeping up on America by race, ethnic group and religion. Donald Trump did not create the hate in Pandora’s box but somehow he found the key, unlocked and opened it. Then he found out how to use it. Wake up people. Wake up.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw