The Rise and fall: The Rich Story of The Cubs.

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Sports memorabilia is a souvenir of remembrance that is linked with sports events. Chicago Cubs sports memorabilia is a story of the rise, fall and finally the recovery of the American sports teams. These are those memorable times that are remembered since the beginning of their sports teams. White stockings were the name of the teams that participated in the national league in Chicago.

Chicago cubs pre-history.

Fall of the Chicago sports;

The Cub was not the team’s name by then. This teams had been created, and they took part in the national league of Chicago. In the year1886, there was drought, and this led to various problems. This draught led to the recruitment of many young players who were not experienced. This was a problem that led to a significant fall of these teams. It took a lot of time for the members of these teams struggling to recover the skills they had as a team.

Recovery of Chicago sports.

In the year 1907, the Chicago sports began again officially. This was after the Chicago Cubs sports memorabilia sewed their uniforms and put their names in their scorecards. The team won their first World Series in the same year. Additionally, they won their second championship in 1908. This was a recommendable record for the Chicago Cubs.

Chicago Cubs sports memorabilia’s years of disaster.

During the years between 1940 and 1979, the baseball memorabilia cub’s logo kept on being changed up to four times. The disaster they encountered during these years was in the form of a bad smelling goat which was referred to as Murphy stuck. The owner of this bad smelling goat declared that the Cubs would win no more. For sure, the Cubs did not win any other game until later in the year 2016.

Cubbie curses

The Cubs faced challenges in 2005 and 2006. Lots of injuries from the players. This resulted to team being sold out in 2007 to investor Sam Zell. Improvement on the team performance was realized to advance to postseason play. In 2008, the team again advanced to postseason play. From 2010 to 2014, the team performed dismally characterized by 100 games loss in 2012 and changes in the front office in 2013.

The curse reverse.

In the year 2015, the Chicago Cubs came up with regenerated strength and won several games in the national league. In the year 2016, the Chicago Cubs won one hundred and three games. From a 3-1 deficit, the team managed to beat Indians in seven games claiming Chicago Cubs World Series for the first time since 1908.


The hard struggle that the Chicago Cubs went through led to the Chicago cub’s sports memorabilia. This enables them together with their fans to have a throwback to the hard experiences they went through. It is sure that they all also remember the owner of Murphy since he is the one who cursed them giving the Chicago Cubs a hard time.

Staff Writer; Harry Moore