Can you prove about your personal injury at work?

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( Health and safety in the workplace is a highly serious issue for employers. They have an obligation to provide you with the tools and training to carry out your job safely as mentioned by the Department of Labor (DoL). This also includes issuing safety hats, clothes, gloves and anything else needed to protect you.

Sometimes, however, accidents can occur and it may not always be clear cut as to who was at fault. There should be a record of all accidents and safety related documents held by your company. If you engage with a personal injury lawyer, they may need these documents. Here are some of the things you can use to prove a personal injury at work.

Accident Book

Every firm should hold an accident book in their offices. It should be filled out every time someone suffers an accident at work, no matter how small. It might sound overkill, but even a scratch on a finger should be logged for the records.

If you have suffered an injury, the details should have been recorded in the accident book. It will contain the nature of the injury and any action taken by the first aid person to treat the wound.

Minutes from Meetings

In some cases, if an injury was severe, it may be discussed at the next health and safety meeting by your employers. You should be able to request these minutes either by yourself or through your Atlanta personal injury lawyer. If the case were to go to court, these minutes would be needed to find out if there were any issues regarding the injury.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are documents that your employer should have carried out detailing the risks involved in carrying out a particular task. The role you were doing when you suffered the injury will have a risk assessment completed.

You or your attorney should be able to request a copy of the risk assessment that was in place when the injury occurred. It is important to obtain the one relevant to the time of your injury instead of one that may have been completed subsequently.

Training Records

If the job you were doing required training, then there should be a record of what training was required, and who took that training. No-one should be allowed to do a job if they have not completed the training.

If you have suffered an injury and you were not given the correct training, it should be noted in the records. This will also be evidence that your attorney will need to build your case. In severe cases, there could be further action taken if the employer has failed to complete the right training of its employees.

Personal injuries are often difficult to the victim and their families because of the financial and emotional problems it can cause. Trying to get justice and some financial support can be a good way to put these issues to rest.

Staff Writer; Charles Davis