Donald Trump: Buyer’s Remorse Paves Way For Democrats In 2018.

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( Having taught a class at a local University with a discourse on the subject of Business and Political Ethics; I find it difficult to hold my peace when faced with the political/business upheaval in the land today, based upon the first 100 hundred days of President Donald Trump’s administration. The fact of the matter is that the political pendulum is always swinging back and forth. Fickle voters often react to what they have by voting for the opposite of the current situation and hoping it will get better. In November 2016, the voters in America, especially throughout the Rust Belt of Middle America, decided to usher in a change from President Barack Obama era by electing to office a political novice, Donald Trump. As so often comes after the big decisions in life are made, buyer’s remorse settles in, and regrets replace the excitement of change.

As the nation passes the first 100 days of the Trump administration, President Trump is already setting the stage for a major shift in the political landscape. Voters who wanted to give a political outsider an opportunity now realize the risks involved and will swing the political pendulum back and elect a Democratic majority House of Representatives and Senate in 2018. Though many reasons may exist for this impending about-face in the political realm, the biggest responsibility falls squarely on the President who has proven that the job is too big for him to handle. Having recently lamented to a Reuter’s writer: “I thought the job [the presidency] would be easier”. Conventional wisdom says the majority party will switch in the midterm election because of what President Trump hasn’t done and what he has done.

What President Trump Hasn’t Done

The main thing President Trump hasn’t done is that he failed to accomplish what he promised to achieve in his first 100 days in office. Of the 10 legislative promises that Trump guaranteed to do at the dawn of his presidency, exactly ZERO has been passed. The only achievements that can be cited are those accomplished through Executive Orders (28 as of this writing), compared to 12 at the same time in Barack Obamas administration. Please, also bear in mind that executive orders do not require the presidents to work with Congress.

Everything that requires negotiating, working with Republicans and Democrats, and finding common ground with foreign governments has fallen flat and left undone. Can it be that the “great negotiator” has met his match and is not as good at the art of the deal as his book boasted him to be?

Those achievements that have not been realized are quite easy to list: all of them. Democrats will find an easier path back to being the majority party simply because President Trump has not been able to get done what he said he could. There is no reason to expect the next 100 days, or even the next year and a half until the midterm elections to be any different.

What President Trump Has Done

Along with what President Trump has not done, those actions that President Trump has done will also grease the skids of a Democratic resurgence. Every chance he gets, President Trump takes to Twitter to rant about something or someone with whom he disagrees. Some of them are petty, like his remarks about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Celebrity Apprentice. Nothing was more shameful than the mother of all Donald Trump tweets: Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism! Others are unforgivable, like the way he attacks judges who make decisions with which he disagrees. For a sitting president to undermine the entire judicial branch of the government is unthinkable and unacceptable. The nightly news is covered by actions of President Trump that make the nation, Democrats and Republicans, cringe.

As a result of what President Donald Trump has done and what he has not done, the Democrats will find it possible, and even probable, to overtake the Republican Party by winning back the majority in the House and Senate after the 2018 midterm elections. When it happens, Trump will find many to blame. However, the actual cause will only be found in the mirror that President Trump looks at to primp his hair. November’s startling election results took the entire nation by surprise, as nobody – even many of the most fanatic supporters on the Alt-Right – actually thought that Donald J. Trump would emerge victorious in arguably the most vicious and contentious vote in living memory.

Trump’s victory – largely acquired by winning over working-class Whites

In areas of the country that had been Democratic bastions for decades – mainly depended on his promises grounded in basic Nationalist/Populist ideology, and his assurances to the people that he would never forget the poor and downtrodden citizens of America.

And for the first sixty days or so of the new Administration, many believed that the dream had truly become a reality, with policies and Executive Orders blossoming like spring flowers, and the opposition relegated to hysterical cries of outrage and random acts of violence in several large cities.

However, this all began to unravel somewhere during the first week of April – maybe a bit earlier if you count the healthcare fiasco that humiliated the Republican-dominated Congress.

Suddenly, you had a President that seemed at the mercy of his advisers and generals (mainly Neo-Conservatives and Globalists of the first degree), with his previously brash personality now a relic of the past.

From a bombing raid against Syria to threats against the Russians to a refusal to seek funding for the border wall that had been the main focus on the campaign trail, to even ignoring the continuing influx of Middle Eastern refugees, folks got to see it all; a betrayal of all that they had sought while choosing to vote for the outsider with no political history.

Now, at one-hundred days into the new Presidency, Americans are still staring in an almost-shell-shocked manner at what has unfolded.
Nearly two years of rhetoric and not a single promise fulfilled aside from the scrapping of the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal during the first days of the new regime – rumors actually indicate that TPP may be somewhat resurrected in the future if advisers, such as Jared Kushner, Gary Cohn, and the darling of the alt-right: Steve Bannon, get their way.

As referenced earlier, because of this great stab in the back, many are now already thinking ahead to the 2018 Congressional Elections, and the likelihood that Republicans are setting themselves up for one of the most brutal beatings in modern American history. Lest we forget that Donald Trump lost the popular vote by about 3 million strong; add to that the Green Party and Libertarians and one quickly sees that his margin of loss was closer to 10 million people that wanted another candidate.

Democrats, to be honest, despite having a leadership still attempting to bring together moderate and extreme-Left/Marxist elements, have the potential to break apart the GOP control of both houses and set up the decisive Rust Belt states for a sweep in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Because one has to remember that Trump capitalized on Independent and moderate Democratic support in these states in order to win – men and women that, by and large, voted for President Barack Obama and John Kerry in the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Elections, and who have no attachment to the traditional issues favored by the Republican Party in years past.

And sadly for the Republicans, they only have themselves to blame, as the people hoped, prayed, and voted for them based on the understanding that they would be listened to and aided through these difficult times, but were instead tossed aside once their support was no longer needed in the immediate moment in mainstream America.

Call it buyer’s remorse, if you will; a feeling that can destroy political parties if present in a large segment of the population. What America needs now is a president for all its people, not just the privileged, influential and well to do.

Staff Writer; Stanley G. Buford

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