Politics – Draining the S.W.A.M.P.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) It shouldn’t be too difficult to drain the S.W.A.M.P. I mean, all of their hands are dirty. They were all born in the muck and mire of American racism. And, from what I hear, they all openly advocated and embraced discrimination.

Sessions: He was born in 1946. This is the year where the White Primaries were coming to an end. The white primaries were tactics used to disenfranchised Black voters. Once the White Primaries were finally deemed unconstitutional, white folks used literacy tests plus poll taxes in order to keep poor uneducated Blacks from voting. Therefore, it should surprise no one that Jefferson Sessions inherited a racist attitude toward Blacks. And, this attitude manifested itself in his policies as Attorney General of Alabama. Yes, it was Mr. Sessions who banned same sex marriages; called a white Civil Rights attorney a disgrace to his race; and opposed a bill to end cruel and inhumane punishment.

Wilbur Ross: He was born in 1937.  This was the year of the Scottsboro rapes. While riding on a train in Alabama, a bunch of white boys tried to bully a group of Black boys and toss them off the train. Fortunately, the Black boys defeated the white boys and subsequently chased them from the freight, right along with two of their white girl friends. The girls yelled, “rape!” And, the Black boys were hunted down by a posse and subsequently jailed.

This is the atmosphere in which Wilbur was reared. That said, this billionaire bully use to flunk for the Rothchilds. In fact, when Trump’s Atlantic City casinos went under, Wilbur bailed him out. I guess his appointment, is Trump’s way of saying thank you; despite Wilbur’s history in paying out nearly one hundred millions dollars in settlements and fines, plus a report by Roddy Boyd from the NY Post alleging that Wilbur had been intimately involved with a company where 12 coal miners perished,

Andrew Puzder: Well, he didn’t stay in the swamp long enough. After the world saw his wife crying on Oprah’s shoulder and his undocumented workers being chased out the country by his boss, his ship sank before it left the dock.

Mitch McConnell: He was born in 1942. His birth occurred during the Holocaust. He, too, was born in Alabama. In the beginning of his political career, he was more of a centrist. However, when President Obama came to power, he suddenly became an obstructionist. Now although Trump didn’t appoint him, he jumped, headlong, into the swamp when he refused to allow Senate Warren to orate the words of the late Coretta Scott King.

President Trump: He misspeaks for himself.

Yes, we must drain the SWAMP of this wildlife.

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