African American Self-Sabotage.

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( With the government, the courts and the local law enforcement of this country painting targets on the foreheads of African Americans, are we aware of what is happening and how? A better question is how are African Americans contributing to our own demise as a people? Those who seek to oppress and destroy us realize they can sit back in many cases and watch us do it to ourselves. That is the worse tragedy of all.

Why do you think they allow the crime in Chicago to continue? Because they hope as many of “us” will wipe out as many of “us” as possible. All this country had to do is plant the seeds of suspicion, division, individualism and self-hatred into the African American community, water them then stand back and watch them grow. And for far too many unsuspecting African Americans, that is exactly what has happened.

Many of you like Herman Cain, Steve Harvey, Omarosa, Ben Carson or Jesse Lee Peterson are dumb enough to overtly participate in the degradation and demise of your own kind in exchange for a few extra turkey necks from your master’s table and the pseudo-respect he gives you. But Massah has no real respect for those who turn on their own because he knows they can never really be trusted.

African Americans far too often play into the stereotypes set for us as traps. We promote modern day Babylon type whores on stage like Beyoncé and Nikki Minaj then allow our daughters to emulate them. We commit so much crime against each other that the police and Caucasian people can now follow our examples and use our playbook. We allow the degradation of our women and the emasculation of our men and laugh at it. That includes Tyler Perry, Chris Rock, Martin, Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Chris Tucker, Terry Kruse and the list goes on. Character, morals, spirituality and values should never be for sell or we lose ourselves.

We don’t check our kids homework, participate at their schools or monitor their music and video games. We allow them to be raised by the music, the media and the hellevision while we abdicate our responsibilities as their teachers, disciplinarians and role models. Too many African Americans are either so full of weed or too busy to be real parents. Our role models are athletes, unfaithful comedians, entertainers and talk show hosts. Give me a break.

As a whole, our people pay more attention to Beyonce’s pregnancy or the Super bowl than the election that will impact our health, our finances, our jobs and our safety. We expect the government to do for us what we should be doing for ourselves and we continue to ignore the fact that the government does not care about us. When has it ever been of the people, by the people and for the people – especially our people? Wake up and know than millionaire Hillary does not care about you any more that billionaire Donald Trump does. Your success has always been up to you, your family, your support system and your God – not the pastor, not the President and not your employer. The African American community wants to scapegoat the blame for our problems on everyone else when our people are often at least partially to blame. The rest of the blame should be placed on the judicial system, the racist agendas of this country, the politicians at every level, the corporate greed, the bad police officers and departments and district attorneys who lack balance, focus and fairness, to name a few.

If you want to argue with me or flex your intellect, stop reading now!

Sadly, African Americans (not all but most) only work together when it furthers personal agendas, when we can profit from it or when we can take credit for it. And even then we half step and make excuses for accountability Umar Johnson. We think marches and rallies will fix things but what are they fixing today? Those who oppress our people have learned how to neutralize our approaches of the past but our civil rights leaders keep using the same old methods anyway. What is being accomplished?

Many of our so called leaders (esp radio personalities like Rashad Richey) are opportunists, using our suffering to make a name for themselves in the media. And far too many of our churches are filled with homosexual pastors who lives contradict the Bible they preach from, pedophiles and materialistic pulpit pimps with their own agendas. We make excuses for them and drink the Kool-Aid gallons at a time. You want names? Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Juanita Bynum, T.D. Jakes, Dale Bronner and Carlton Pearson, to name a few. You buy their books, attend their conferences and hear their sermons while they get rich from selling you the very hope and knowledge that was available for free in your Bible all along. Wake up! Don’t be so gullible.

Then there is the issue of COLOR. It is ironic that we so readily accept “Black History Month” when our color has never been black. Look at your hand and overstand that it is powerful brainwashing to get you to deny what your eyes see. It is powerful indoctrination to get you to call yourself something you are not, something that others defined you to be and a label that has negatives like dismal, gloomy, evil and devoid of moral character. All you have to do is look up “black” in the Oxford, Webster’s or Merriam Webster’s dictionary and see for yourself. Perception creates reality for most people even more that the truth does. And how you are perceived determines how you are treated (Hint: Police Brutality). Yet some of you will still argue against what you just read and dispute what your own eyes see because you do not realized you have been brainwashed.

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Any time we allow a racist group with negative agendas to define us, there is a problem. Any time we readily accept labels that are derogatory, there is a problem. Terms like “hoe, my nigga, my dog, beyatch, diva and my boy” have been tossed around our communities like they are positive terms of endearment but they are not. Any time we accept or participate in disgraceful, inaccurate labeling, there is a problem. Any time we believe identity is found in color (any color), there is a problem. The deceptive wiping away or clouding of one’s identity is a very subtle action, so subtle that most people do not even detect it. Ask any informed African, Asian or Hispanic and he/she will tell you identity is found in tribe, genetic bloodlines, nationality and geographic area – not in color. You are not the same “color” as your car tires or a tuxedo. And if these things do not seem like problems to you, then you are in fact part of the problem. Wake up!

One more area we need to tackle right now is the issue of your dreams and visions. If you are riding on someone else’s dream or vision, either you do not have one or you are afraid to step out and make it happen. It’s not about having the money because you can start somewhere instead of doing nothing. It’s not about the knowledge because there are millions of sources for that on the internet. But it should not be about fear and excuses either. Every year I watch our people commemorate and celebrate the King dream as if we have arrived. But King was not the only person with a dream.

You need to be making yours happen and pushing your children to do the same. Yet far too many African Americans seem content on fulfilling King’s dream and using the busywork to camouflage laziness towards their own. Write that book. Start that business. Launch that non-profit. Build that activist group. Find that relationship you deserve. Get that degree, Move up in your job. Raise your own wage. Stop waiting for the government that does not care about you to step up and help you.

As a family and relationship counselor, mediator, life coach and de-programmer, I specialize in de-programming people from self-sabotage and deception. I overstand how mind control, brainwashing and indoctrination work – and how they can be reversed. Let me give you an example. Planned parenthood was created by Margaret Sanger, a racist female who believed African Americans were “weeds” who needed to be exterminated (and yes I have proof). Her efforts had nothing to do with women’s rights and she even supported the sterilization of African American women without their knowledge.

She strategically placed planned parenthood in the African American communities to increase abortions and it worked. She used the support of African American pastors and some clever marketing to get our people to accept her agenda. Today abortions kill more African Americans than AIDS, Cancer, black on black crime and police brutality combined. And yet today many African Americans have no clue about what I just said.

So what about solutions to self-sabotage?

Step 1 is realize you are asleep, bewitched, zombies or the like. No excuses and do not get offended.

Step 2 is making the decision that you want to wake up.

Step 3 is refusing to fear the truth. Ignorance is not bliss, it is simply ignorance.

Step 4 is to look the truth and the facts in the face and admit them (like the fact that you are not black). You will not search for real identity as long as you are trapped by a fake one.

Step 5 is to identify what has been programming you with error, self-sabotage and deception.

Step 6 is to cut the error, self-sabotage and deception conduits off at the source. That means you will have to learn to see things differently, place some people at a distance and change what you watch, listen to or support. I know I sound more philosophical than logistical, but freedom starts with the mind before we move to the activities.

Remember this quote: Our people often want to make a little noise but not too much. Our people want to bring a little change but not where it costs us too much. Our people often want to believe something different, but just a little, not too much as to challenge their comfort zone of ignorance. Our people often want to be free but not completely because too many of our people do not know what total freedom feels like. So they fear it. And that fear is what forever binds them.

Trevo Craw

You are capable of so much more than you know. But it won’t matter if you don’t know it. You, your family, your support system and your circle of influence have to re-program yourselves to resist self-sabotage. What I am telling you builds strong, independent minds – not to be confused with selfish “all about me” individualistic thinking. You cannot expect to see this type of approach in church, from your job or in school because all of those institutions have their own agendas accompanied by programming to push those agendas. And even if the psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists in our universities know what I am saying is true, do not expect them to replace their curriculum with one that is mentally liberating. WAKE UP!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw