Wow! Playing These 3 Sports Can Drastically Improve Your Health & Fitness.

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(ThyBlackMan.comLots of people make the new year’s resolution to get fit and improve their health. Most of the time, they think this involves going to a gym. However, there are plenty of sports you can play that will help improve your health and fitness in no time. Here are three of the best:


Many people look at golf as something of a lazy sport. However, if you’ve ever seen Rory Mcilroy or Tiger Woods with their shirt off, you’ll know there’s a lot of physical effort that goes into the sport. Playing golf correctly relies a lot on having good posture. If you’re not stood in the right posture, your shots are going to be terrible. As such, playing golf gets you thinking about, and improving your posture. In turn, this can help you become a lot more physically healthy. Good posture prevents injuries, and can also help you exercise more efficiently. Plus, there’s a lot of walking in golf, which is so good for your body.

To get started playing this sport you need a few things, firstly, get yourself a set of golf clubs. Then, find a club you can join – there are loads around the country, and membership is fairly affordable. For beginners, there are lots of golf gadgets that you can see on sites like Golf Gear Geeks that will help you get started and progress. Now, you’re ready to play a sport that will help improve your health.


Tennis is widely considered to be the toughest sport in the world, which is why it has plenty of passionate fans. There have been many tennis matches that last over five hours, with limited rest times! It’s a sport that gets you working on all of your body. There’s loads of legwork involved, along with plenty of upper body strength too. It can also improve your cardiovascular endurance, and make you much fitter. There’s no doubt that tennis will improve your health if you play it regularly.

Taking up this sport is very easy, all you need is a racket, some balls, and a playing partner. There are tonnes of free tennis courts over the country that you can play in whenever you please. Fancy being more serious and playing on better courts? Then you can always join your local club.

Water Polo

Another really great sport is water polo, and it’s one that often goes under the radar. The thing about this sport is that it involves swimming, which is so good for your overall health. Swimming helps you avoid injuries, makes you fitter, and keeps you in good physical condition. Combine that with throwing a ball around, and you have all these benefits and more.

If you want to get started in this sport, your best bet is looking for local swimming pools and enquiring about local teams. A quick search online will show you the options in your area.

Try any of these sports if you want to improve your health and get a lot fitter. You’ll be amazed at the results you see, and the speed in which you see them.

Staff Writer; Greg Love